true victims

It Gets Better … For Bullies. Just You Wait And See

Will nobody think of the bullies? They’re the real victims in this radical It Gets Better movement that has even President Obamabot bullying innocent young people who just want to call kids “faggots” and shove them in the hallways. How come Kevin Jennings isn’t coming to their defense? I mean, really.

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  • James

    Hahahaha this was great! Someone should give this guy a hand.

  • SteveAtlanta

    Very clever, very creative and so poignant! Loved this.

  • Jim Hlavac

    I don’t know if I want to hug him or slug him. If tongue in cheek satire, good. If serious, a little warped. Oh well, at least he’s talking about it.

  • flan205

    It’s always The Gays fault. If they are open about it its because they are open about it and having unprotected sex and using drugs. Then there’s the repressed gays who are the ones bullying and passing anti gay legislation, in the end there’s no straight people in the equation. What a great way to belittle the bullies, they are the gay ones…

  • Will


  • jed

    …now THIS inspires hope in me! Love it –

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    *died from laughing*

  • Daez

    @flan205: I think its quite obvious, that truth hurts in this case. Do some research!

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