It Took 1 Day For A Dutch Music Festival To Drop Snoop Dogg’s Anti-Gay Replacement Beenie Man

The Dutch music festival Parkpop decided to drop Snoop Dogg from their June 27th lineup because “there were reportedly fears his fans could instigate violence at the event.” Um, do they know his fans’ drug of choice? They’re more liable to attack a bag of Funyuns than anything else. So to replace Snoop they hired anti-gay reggae musician Beenie Man (sample lyric: “I’m dreaming of a new Jamaica, come to execute all the gays”). Less than 24 hours after they booked the hater, Parkpop decided to drop him. Wait, why? Were they afraid of what his fans might instigate violence at the event?

The crappy translation from the Dutch Parkpop site says:

DUCOS Productions, organizer of Parkpop, decided today the artist Beenie Man to withdraw from the program by June 27. The reggae star was originally the empty place of the previously canceled Snoop Dogg fit, but DUCOS Productions sees after internal reflection from.

Beenie Man is in the past been repeatedly discredited by his gay-unfriendly lyrics in his songs. Beenie Man DUCOS stresses that a statement issued to the organization in which he promises to not gay-unfriendly songs to play on Parkpop. Despite this statement by the artist cancels DUCOS but his performance on June 27, 2010. The different information flows DUCOS currently accessible on Beenie Man are so messy that the organization is insufficient to judge which information is correct. That risk is DUCOS on the 30th anniversary of the free pop festival not take.

See? It makes perfect sense. In short, the festival wanted to avoid bad press so they dropped Beenie. Granted, Snoop’s no angel; even he’s been banned from several countries for his past criminal activities. But will they re-instate him now that Beenie’s gone?

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  • Erick

    Seriously Queerty, a copy/paste job from Google Translate? Was that just lazy or simply unprofessional, Im guessing both.

    You know, you are allowed to give the correct grammatical structure and context to fit the language you are translating to, and still make keep it valid for journalistic purposes, translators do it all the time and I dont mean the electronic kind.

  • El Brucio

    @Erick: I suspect it’s not a matter of laziness, it’s more that Queerty doesn’t have the budget to hire translators.

    I imagine the amount of money they pull in through their ads minus the amount they pay their writers makes their margins pretty slim.

    As to Beenie Man, I don’t imagine his career is going to improve in the western world all that much. I suppose he could always try apologizing again to the gay community, but I don’t think anyone would believe him at this point.


    Snoop Dogg’s “criminal activities” are that he smokes weeders nonstop……….in a Dutch festival, I really can’t see that presenting too much of a problem………

    Beenie Man: You hateful scumbag, Welcome to Gay Karma……..

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