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It Took The GOP Exactly 0 Days To Break Its Promises To America

It was only a few hours after the 112th Congress was seated, when: “After calling for bills to go through a regular committee process, the bill that would repeal the health care law will not go through a single committee. Despite promising a more open amendment process for bills, amendments for the health care repeal will be all but shut down. After calling for a strict committee attendance list to be posted online, Republicans backpedaled and ditched that from the rules. They promised constitutional citations for every bill but have yet to add that language to early bills.” OKAY, BUT WE’RE STILL TAKING ON MICHELLE OBAMA’S NO DESSERTS AGENDA, RIGHT?!

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  • Sarah!

    how could one amend a bill on repeal of a bill or need to cite the Constitution to retract it. do you even think, or do you just print demwit talking points? political morons as usual

  • Rick Gold

    Both political parties are wholly owned subsidiaries of big business.

    We should rename them the Corporate Party.

  • CJ

    24 hours is about how long it took Obama to start failing as a president. A few months later it was clear he had no clue how to be a Commander in Chief.

    Where was the CSpan coverage of the healthcare debates?
    What about having bills online 5 days before the president signs them?
    How about closing Gitmo?
    How about changing the culture in Washington?
    How about being a fierce advocate to the LGBT community?
    How about Pelosi’s promise to “drain the swamp”?
    As we know, the list goes on.

    Republican… Democrat… the same political excuses, secrets, scandals and broken promises.

  • reason

    The GOP is going about business as usually, they trick the ignorant into fighting for them then leave them in the dust. Chant a few bigoted slurs and all is well in GOP tent. The GOP has been the primary reason for the bulging deficit, and has never been fiscally responsible. Bush Sr. made an attempt at getting more responsible and look what happened to him. Regan was nothing more than a lower taxes, borrow form foreigners, and spend wildly conservative: it is telling that Regan is the golden child of the GOP. Bohner basically lives on the golf course rubbing elbows with the elite of the business world, he doesn’t even try to hide that he is doing their bidding.

  • tjr101

    Already the fools are wasting tax payers time and money by citing the constitution. The repeal of healthcare reform will add 230 billion to the federal deficit and is largely a foolhardy attempt with zero chance of success in playing to their ignorant base. The Republicans are nothing but grandstanding douchebags bent on pushing their right-wing corporate agenda on Americans.

  • Andy

    Rick has it right: they’re both corporate whores.

  • Benjamin

    I get tired of people who say both Democrats and Republicans are equally evil. Wake up. Republicans are miles and miles ahead in that department.

  • Blackjack44

    @Benjamin: absolutely right. Amazing how people dont see the difference.

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