It’s A PFOX Versus PFLAG Pamphlet-Off Outside Ritzy Maryland High Schools

Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) has apparently not let up with handing out their idiotic fliers at high schools in affluent Montgomery County, Maryland.

So Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PLAG), their redemptive counterpart, has been fighting back by blanketing schools with their own fliers.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a pamphlet-off!

According to the Washington Post, the problem is so bad that schools administrators are considering banning nonprofits from distributing fliers outside schools:

Montgomery school officials say the flier wars could soon be over. A policy committee for the Board of Education is recommending a ban on flier distribution by outside groups in middle and high schools starting the next academic year.

“I find it concerning that nonprofits have come to believe that it’s our responsibility to get their message out,” said board member Patricia O’Neill (Bethesda-Potomac), the committee chairwoman.

What do you think—should it be a battle of the fliers, or should PFOX’s message of self-loathing be censored alongside PFLAG’s one of self-love?

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  • Curtis

    Its not a question of whether or not non-profit organizations should or shouldn’t be allowed to distribute their fliers at high schools.
    Keep in mind this is a public school.
    Its a matter of who’s right and who’s wrong; one is a hate group, and the other is a group dedicated to tolerance and civil rights.
    Its simple, one should be banned and the other shouldn’t.

  • Bernie

    These Fundamentalist Christians. They should come right out and say where their homophobic beliefs come from ie. a literal and hypocritical interpretation of their bible, and not anything scientific or realistic.

    You know, I understand why some people believe in God; it’s comforting to know you’re taken care of, and you are loved unconditionally.

    But when you believe that you can only go to heaven if you’re “Righteous”, or “a Christian Soldier”, and you have to make everyone else believe what you do, forcibly, that’s just hatred and ignorance. A belief system that you can be happy only if everyone believes in your God, that’s just crazy.

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