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  • L.

    Wow. I *liked* that. It was funny, yet entertainingly political.

  • L.

    (Although I’m disconcerted, to say the least, about many gays’ insistence that Rep. Schock be a big ‘mo. Why? Just because he looks like he jumped out straight, so to speak, off BlueBoy magazine’s pages, is it enough to make this right-wing nut a valuable – or desirable – addition to the community?)

  • richardporter

    I wish homosexuals would get over their perversion to out everyone. It’s no one’s gd business, and I don’t care if they’re Republican or Democrat or Rich or Poor. It’s no body’s gd business but their own. If you feel you must, then out your gd mother. I believe sexuality is too complex to put labels on it like straight or gay.

  • concernedcitizen

    @L.: It’s not just how he looks its his vibe have you watched or listened to any of his interviews? Not only that but it has been said, (not by me) the way he dresses is also telling?
    This alone isn’t evidence but couple it with what many in Peoria say is an open secret and this is what you end up with!

  • Sceth

    He’s hot, and therefore, gay. (?!?!?!?!) Straight out of Margaret Cho.

  • L.

    @richardporter: Outing is a touchy subject, but I believe it is a necessary evil in the very limited cases when someone closeted is actively working against LGBT people. Otherwise, yes, I fully agree with you it’s no-one’s business indeed.

  • L.

    @concernedcitizen: But how it is any different to label him gay because of his speech or clothes to us being called faggots when we were kids on account of the same? (Angelina’s having to defend her daughter’s sartorial choices is in the same league, by the way.)

    Again, as stated before, the only valid reason to out anyone is if they’re actively acting against us, and in his case, it would appear to be somewhat justified.

    But no – what mesmerizes me is that many gay people seem hell-bent on having him on our “side”, as if that sort of person would somehow add to the community.

  • Zach


    “I wish homosexuals would get over their perversion to out everyone.”

    LGBT people who work to restrict the rights of other LGBTs should and will be outed. Want to remain in the closet? Don’t work for a political party that wants to throw gays in jail.

  • Toby

    Now can we do one about Matt Drudge?

  • Revemupman

    “LGBT people who work to restrict the rights of other LGBTs should and will be outed”.

    Who the hell are you to judge when someone gets outed. Outing is wrong no matter how you put it. You are suppose to look for vocal people who speak up for the LGBT community. Not out politicians in order to gain political control. YES PEOPLE, THERE ARE GAY PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL CLOSETED AND WANT TO REMAIN THERE. Not every gay person has the same heart to come out and speak up.

    People have so many different avenues in their lives. And for you to decide when they reveal secrets is just beyond me. It does not matter if they vote contrary to gay rights. You still have others who don’t approve of gay rights, and never will. You need to be able to accept their opinion and change the ideals of the future. LGBT community needs to seek out those who ARE READY TO SPEAK UP FOR THE GAY COMMUNITY. Outing closet cases does nothing at all. You may think its damaging the conservatives but its not. These people will share those ideals till their very last breath.

  • L.

    @Revemupman: I don’t think anyone actually disputes your opinion that people who wish to remain in the closet should be let free to do however they wish.

    Zach’s, mine, and others’ earlier point is this should be qualified – that people who wish to remain in the closet AND do not actively hurt the LGBT community should be let free to do however they wish.

    Active and acting enemies of the community, on the other hand, can arguably considered valid target. That’s one very big distinction.

  • Mo

    Love Sherry Vine! She performed at “Pride” this year along with the shirtless dude at the beginning, DJ David Serrano. “Sherrylicious” is my favorite song of hers. Link below:

  • Sam

    Aaron Schock is an “R” not an “I.”

  • That Bitch Téa Delgado

    I liked it better than the original!

  • Reason

    @Sam: I kept thinking the same thing! I even went to research whether he had switched affiliation but couldn’t find anything about that.

  • MissLaWandalicious

    this is so racist.

  • L.

    @Sam @Reason: Mind you, Liebermann ran as an I, sits as a D, and votes like an R, so I can see why it can all be confusing at times.

  • L.

    (Or maybe they just meant Incertain, with regards to his sexual orientation :))

  • randy

    “And for you to decide when they reveal secrets is just beyond me.”

    But when a closeted gay politician decides to vote against same sex marriage, doens’t want to repeal DOMA or DADT, or votes for legislation that punishes gays, then he is perpetuating the closet for many other gays. As long as he (or she) keeps saying that being gay is shameful and a scourge on our society, then he is telling all other gays that they SHOULD remain in the closet.

    In other words, it is HE who is trying to force gays back into the closet. And in every case of a gay politician outed, he has either stopped with the anti-gay votes, or has been neutralized as an anti-gay voice.

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