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It’s About Time: Glee’s Finn (and Other Men) are Straight But Not Narrow

Rock the F on. The movement to encourage straight men to be comfortable around gay men is a desperately needed element in the fight against homophobia. The self-proclaimed group of men who talk to men about men liking men is called We Are SBNN (which stands for Straight But Not Narrow).

The website declares:

There have been a number of great campaigns and charities that have recently emerged to show support to gay youth & teens. However, we noticed one significant niche missing in the efforts…. the message to the young, straight male. It’s an unfortunate reality that most of the bullying and harassment that gay teens face comes from them. It is for this reason that we are building a campaign that is primarily directed to the young, straight male by using comedy and their peers to positively influence their views on LGBT teens.

The man behind We Are SBNN is actor Avan Jogia (the hottie who blew up the train in the beginning of Caprica for all of you SciFi nerds out there). We are SBNN is focusing their energies on making more videos to spread their message and developing a “Street Team” of straight men in their local communities talking to other straight men… about men who like men.

Bravo to this We Are SBNN. You are so welcome, wanted, and needed in this fight. From all of us here at Queerty… THANK YOU. WE LOVE YOU.

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  • christopher di spirito

    Cory Monteith is adorable. I hope he never graduates from William McKinley High School.

  • Jeffree

    Thank you to they guys of We Are SBNN for having the courage to stand up & speak out for what’s right. Keep up the good work, & know that what you do & say is appreciated.

  • M.

    @Jeffree: but pseudo-bisexual female sluts you like more=)))

  • Jeffree

    Sad troll M. forgot to comment on the article. Silly pseudo-Russian understands not the text, he therefore a troll is. (or maybe Yoda he is?).

  • Spike

    Err, last I checked, Hal Sparks took the lead on being the str8t but not narrow guy A LONG TIME AGO. And still is, str8t, and very outspoken and intelligent in his support of the LGBT communities. Nice that Cory M. is doing this now, wonder how str8t but not narrow he will be after his run on GLEE???

  • alan Balehead

    nice to know the drug addicts are telling us what to do…

  • Mike

    Cory Monteith is a great guy.

    He was actually hanging out with Mark Salling at Rain in Austin (popular gay bar).

    While not gay himself he was enjoying his time, and I was informed Salling was checking out my ass by a friend. Stupid me didn’t make a move. He later had his tongue down the throat of some other character.

  • Rainfish

    @Jeffree: Ha! Ha! What you wrote is wicked funny! … or should that read… “Funny wicked it is. …Yes?” [said the Jedi Master as he slowly stroked wispy chin-hairs with his long gray-green fingers while simultaneously gyrating and giving a slow lap-dance to Luke Skywalker who was visiting Yoda’s at his tree house in the swamp one wet and horny afternoon].

    …but I digress. Back to the topic.

    Gay/Straight harmonious social relationships are an ideal which everyone of us should encourage. Most of us were raised in “straight” families with heterosexual parents and siblings, so most often we know how to deal with them. But as we evolved into our GLBT identities, some of us bought into the “it’s them against us” mentality, when all along it was just some of “them”.

    We have a lot to teach our straight male friends about defying self-destructive and socially negative gender role expectations which associates dominance and violence with culturally ascribed rites of passage into manhood. Many gay men and women are very successful in their careers without having to first undergo the “beat someone to a pulp who doesn’t conform to artificially imposed societal norms” stage of development in high school.

    The old saying is that “women have a civilizing affect on men”. Well, I believe that meaningful social intercourse with some in our GLBT community can have a liberating affect on a straight man’s need to stand out as an individual and not as just simply a compliant member of a herd forced to adhere to soul-strangling codes of enforced group-think conduct.

    Straight women may help straight men find their hearts, but having gay friends may help straight men find the wings to their souls. Just maybe. Who knows? It’s worth a try anyway.

  • M.

    @Jeffree: shut up, silly anti-gay conformist pig=))

  • Non-conformist

    It’s all in vain. What is necessary to overcome the homophobia is to eliminate its cause – the taboo for homo-eroticism, male bisexuality, a tendency which has most of the guys. It is necessary to make a sex and relationships between men a routine, as it was everywhere before abrahamic religions. Guys have been bisexual. And now women’s bisexuality is imposed and male bisexuality is suppressed. And gay people are actively involved in this dangerous process, through which homophobia exists!

  • meego

    @alan Balehead: The retard has spoken!

  • Cam


    Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah…..

  • M.

    @Cam: bla bla bla yourself, stupid anti-gay conformist

  • M.

    Majority of men are bisexuals!

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