It’s In The Details

Details ain’t gay, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get a little top left inspiration from the homos at The Advocate. Ryan Seacrest headline does look a whole lot like that Lance Bass teaser, except for girth and length.

On a related note, we can’t help but wonder if, by the glossy transitive property, Details is also looked toward US Open’s Tennis, which The Advocate emulated last September.

What a world! What a world!

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  • Maverick69

    Lance was at “Sammy’s Noodle Shop” on Saturday having lunch with a big time producer. A really old guy. I did not know it was him until he opened his mouth. Never really paid any attention to his voice until then. Very soft voice. He seems pretty cool too.

  • tracy johnson

    If ryan seacrest knew what we thought of him, he’d have the decency to retire.

  • Matt

    Damn he looks old in that pic. Props to the make up team on AI.

  • Woof

    He’s straight right? (Elephant sitting quitely in the corner of the room)

  • fredo777

    I happen to dig Ryan, aside from his I’m-not-gay-you-are banter with Simon.

    He looks good there.

    Lance makes a cute cover, too.

  • GoodBuddy

    I think Ryan Seacrest is too ambitious to be gay. I expect he is celibate.

  • Tonic

    No, I won’t visit Madame Tassaud’s just because they now have a wax figure of Seacrest. $20 is waaay too much to get in.

  • Rsquared

    I agree with No. 6 – Seacrest is celibate due to schedule constraints; he’s on the air at 5 a.m. He’s probably tortured in his closet.

  • Dom

    I think Ryan Seacrest should be put in a room alone with Kathy Griffin for one hour. She’ll tear that plastic wannabe a new one. How can someone as annoying as Seacrest have a sexlife anyway? And how does he get all these jobs when he has no talent? He used to be kind of cute but now he just looks played out. He actually was not bad looking for a guy who’s only 3’7″ tall.


    I am so sick of this guy. I would also like to know how he gets all these gigs he does. He is annoying

  • Instyleer

    Why would anyone take direction from a publication that is bankrupt, for sale and about to be out of business?

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