Powerful women in politics are often branded as lesbians, because “schrew” is an un-P.C. term they cannot use on the cable news shows. Condi. Hillary. And yes, Janet Napolitano have all been awarded the Big L, for acting badass or masculine or unforgiving in their career ascents. But when it comes to Napolitano, our Homeland Security secretary and ex-Arizona governor, those rumors are being fueled by the lady herself.

So is she a gay? In “In 2002, during your gubernatorial campaign, you publicly denied rumors that you were a lesbian,” Deborah Soloman asks Napolitano.

So came the response: “I just happen not to be married.”

But is she seeing anybody? “Yes, my staff.”

See what she did there? She allowed herself an out (*groan*) when it comes to her past sexuality; maybe she didn’t realize she was gay back then. But now, she just happens not to be married. And given the state of marriage equality in this country, if Napolitano is a gay, she won’t be getting married for quite some time.

Now, if she is straight, she’s having too much fun playing these mind games with us. Not fair, Janet! But also: Loving you!

And if she is gay? Then come out, lady! Because what the world needs now is a (fearless) butch girl keeping this country safe. Yes, seriously.

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