I’ve Got A Secret: Queerty Editor Is Bitter

wwwIveGot_AllTalent_01.jpgMake sure you tune in this week to The Game Show Network’s new program I’ve Got A Secret, featuring ex-major league ball player Billy Bean and gay pride festival regular Suzanne Westenhoefer as panelists. The show premieres at 11:30 PM Eastern on Monday, April 17, and the last time we saw a show premiere at 11:30 PM on the day tax returns are due…well, we’ve never seen a program debut in such a horrendous slot. Things certainly don’t bode well.

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I’ve Got A Secret features panelists who ask questions and try to guess a “secret” that a contestant is hiding. If the panelists never figure it out, the contestant wins a prize. The show first appeared in teh 1950’s, and during its heyday I’ve Got A Secret was absolutely hysterical, the game itself being far less important than the off-color impromptu remarks from the panelists, thanks to the copious amounts of liquor backstage.

One of the “secrets” of this incarnation is that all the panelists are gay, although they’re not playing up that angle. Producers just hope it adds an edge to the show. While we don’t fully comprehend the logic, the panelists’ gayness doesn’t really need to be discussed anyway, since the fact that they’re all gay is about as obvious as the “secret” that the panelists during the 1970’s versions were all drunks.

It should be noted that a certain member of the Queerty editorial staff was a semi-finalists for a spot on the I’ve Got A Secret panel, and after seeing what the show’s producers have in store, he thinks the show is going to be totally terrible. Although had they picked him, it would have been the most brilliant thing you’ve ever seen. So watch, if you dare.

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