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J-Elijah Is Our New Favorite Ex-Homosexual. Because He Really Has Found the Cure

J-Elijah, the evangelical hip-hop artist who raps about leaving homosexuality, is giving Megan Phelps a run for her sanity. And while Megan will probably always operate in a deeper end of the lunacy pool, J-Elijah scores by mixing the ex-gay movement with religious fundamentalism that needs to be read to be believed. Or dismissed.

You’ll remember J-Elijah from this post, where he eviscerates The Downlow and talks about how, through Christ, he overcame his homosexuality. Which is great news for him. But for all of earth’s other Christians, he’s got bad news: Until we conquer this gay thing, Jesus is never going to resurrect himself. Again.

“I believe homosexuality is one of the last strongholds the Lord wants to break before the return of Jesus Christ,” says J-Elijah in an interview with Gay Christian Movement Watch, a website as awesome as its sounds. “It is a sensitive issue because we know people who deal with the issue, whether it’s us, or someone in our family, our church, our community. There is so much pain with homosexuality. Either we minister from a place of condemnation or compromise. Condemnation nor compromise is not the answer but compassion. Love, compassion, and truth emphasizing the mercy and grace of God through Jesus Christ will deliver brothers and sisters from homosexuality and all of it’s shame. Everyone is not anointed to minister in this area.”

But J-Elijah is!

And thank god, because we didn’t know where else to turn to find out how to leave this terrible lifestyle. What do we need to do?!

The best way to leave the lifestyle behind is to finally become dissatisfied and fed up, like, “I can’t live like this anymore. I’ve got to get out of this. I’ve got to stop this.” You’ve got to be like, “Nah, I can’t do this anymore.” Leave your partners. Don’t answer their late night phone calls, emails, etc. Refuse them and refuse yourself. Want more out of life. Know that the Lord has more for you. He’s got a purpose that is beyond your fleshly desires. The internet is a powerful resource. Look up websites and books about repenting from homosexuality. Join a support group, which I highly recommend, become part of a network that will pray for you and love you through.

Craigslist.org, we are told, does not qualify.

(And in case you’re wondering how J-Elijah got his name, he explains: “J-Elijah is my pseudonym for rap and poetry. When I chose my name as a lyricist, emcee, poet, I wanted to make sure it was spiritually significant. J-Elijah is based on the scriptures of Jeremiah 1:4-10 and Luke 1:13-17. God chose Jeremiah to be His mouthpiece. Before John the Baptist was born, the angel told Zachariah, his father, that John would go forward in the spirit and power of Elijah. J is short for Jeremiah and John the Baptist. Jeremiah, John the Baptist, and Elijah were chosen by The Lord of Hosts to minister repentance to their generation.”)

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