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  • Alexander

    He is SO f*****g hot! :)

  • Michael

    And the gold medals went to…who?

  • counterpoll

    Thanks, Patrick for the link!

    This is a blog, not a newspaper, but does that journalistic device of who, what, where, when, and why —- or with whom — no longer apply? Mr Mackenroth is posed in front of a swimming basin, but does that mean he is a diver, a swimmer, a triathlete or a lifeguard? His nationality is of no importance — or is it?

    No matter. We’ll leave those minor details to Wikipedia to sort out.
    He looks happy!

    Congrats Jack!
    Savour the moment.
    This is how international bonds are formed.


  • alan brickman

    a positive role model for gays….no pun intended….


    @alan brickman: Absloute Rim Shot! (and you could have intended the pun :-p)

    He really must give a lot of + persons hope being able to look so good despite being + for a number of years now…….*Yay Jack*

  • YeahRight

    Hot, but total gay face. Next step: Porn.

  • ROB

    Totally hot…

    And he’s forty-bloody-one!!

  • jimstoic

    Mackenroth is a HILARIOUS tweeter. Follow him!

  • Enron

    Man, I would love to be at this just to see the abs and pecs.

  • NateB79

    @Alexander: Agreed.

  • Bubba

    Why the need for a “gay games”? Do we really need to keep segregating ourselves more? What hogwash.

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