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Jack Price Wanted His Gay Bashers To ‘Rot In Jail.’ Daniel Rodriguez’s 12-Years Will Do It

I know there’s been a lot of jail sentencing posts going on around these parts lately, but some good news from Lady Justice: Daniel Rodriguez (pictured), 22, one of two suspects who plead guilty to gay bashing Queens man Jack Price in 2009 (the brutality of which was caught on tape), has been sentenced to 12 years in prison. His cohort Daniel Aleman, 27, received an eight-year sentence last month. The men, who called Price a “faggot” while beating him, sent their victim into ICU (and a medically induced coma) and left him with permanent vision loss and a prescription pain regimen.

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  • GetBalance

    I wonder if gay bashersbecome prime meat targets when they hit prison. Some say the raging phobe really just wants his ass pounded. Guess some guys just have to go the distance to get what they didn’t know they really wanted.

  • Zzee

    @GetBalance: It’s an interesting idea; however, I think those who commit matricide and child molesters still rank at the top of the “guys I’m gonna prison pound” list for most burly inmates. Man-on-man crime is not what makes you a target in most penal systems, no matter what the circumstances.

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