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Jay Leno Steals From Homosexuals 100X Funnier Than He Is

Rich Juzwiak, the VH1 blogger and fourfour author who makes me piss my pants, was happy to lend Jay Leno’s writers some of his material to use during Taylor Swift’s guest appearance. They contacted him to request permission to broadcast his montage of clips showing Taylor reacting with surprise to winning all her music awards. Then The Tonight Show up and robbed him of proper credit, and issued some lame ass excuse about why Leno presented Swift with a clip mash-up that Rich had created — without crediting Rich.

Ya know, Jay, if you’re going to make gays the butt of your jokes, then you sure as hell better give us credit for the laughs when you lift ’em.

FWIW, Leno’s show now says it will credit Rich. I suspect a sneaky Twitter campaign orchestrated by Team Coco!