Jay-Z Pops Up In Marriage-Equality Ad From The Four 2012

Hip-hop mogul Jay-Z Rocker is the latest celebrity to appear in a social-media ad by the same-sex-marriage campaign The Four 2012. The group—dedicated to defending marriage equality in the four battleground states of Washington, Maryland, Maine and Minnesota—recently featured Bruce Springsteen.

Mr. Beyoncé originally made his comments in May, when speaking about President Obama’s gay-marriage announcement on CNN:

 “I’ve always thought it as something that was still, um, holding the country back. What people do in their own homes is their business and you can choose to love whoever you love. That’s their business. [Discriminating against gays] is no different than discriminating against blacks. It’s discrimination plain and simple.”

Now that we look at it in print, it’s not exactly a ringing endorsement. Kinda sounds like he’s saying it’s a choice. Well, it’s something—um, right?


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  • EquesNiger

    Finally minorities are starting to wake up and seriously take notice that bigotry transcends ethnicity, and that intolerance of any minority is intolerable.
    Coretta Scott King made comments to the effect here way back in 2000.

    “Homophobia is like racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity and personhood.” – Coretta Scott King, November 9, 2000

    (the full content of her speech can be found here: http://lbgtrc.msu.edu/docs/csk-ngltfcc.htm)

  • Eban

    @EquesNiger: What are you talking about that “finally minorities are starting to wake up”?

    Minorities is such a big lump of people. They include: blacks, asians, latinos, GLBTs, women, etc. So could you be more specific.

    Also, last I checked Queerty just posted a report showing that 60% of Latinos are in support of gay marriage. Obama, our president who is a “minority,” repealed don’t ask don’t tell and came out in favor of gay marriage. No other president who were all old white me (let the record show) has ever done that.

    Another case in point is that most politicians are still old white men not willing to change or repeal policies on discrimination. We still have problems getting blacks and other minorities to the polls come election time. We are having problems getting transgender people to the polls.

    Minorities, or in this case people of color, have always been a part of the movement for equal rights for GLBTs. Look at the works of Harlem Renassaince writer James Baldwin. Study the history of the Stonewall riots, yes, lead by mostly poor people of color. Educate yourself on the diversity within the “minority” community, we’re not just this homogenous group that “finally woke up.” We’ve been awake and were waiting on you to get where we’re at.

  • EquesNiger

    That “Minorities is such a big lump of people” is kind of my point, and the point CSK was making back in 2000. She has notoriously admonished the “black” community in regards to its unwillingness to involve itself in the pursuits of civil liberties by other minorities (including, but not limited to, asians, women, latinos, L, G, B and T).
    Yes, there was a recent and much referred to report saying 60% of Latinos supported gay marriage – sadly, that was somewhat erroneous, which is easily verified by reading the report itself. 60% of latinos who voted in the 2008 election now (2012) support gay marriage – but only 54% support it from the overall latino community. This is up from 39% in 2000. Hence, an excellent example of “finally minorities are starting to wake up”.
    Additionally, there are statements in 2011 by Rev. Keith Ratliff Sr of NAACP calling on the gay community to “stop hijacking the civil rights movement”, adding “Deviant behavior is not the same as being denied your right to vote,” and calling any parallel between the African-American civil rights movement and the gay civil rights movement an “insult.” An excellent indication that minorities have not “been awake and were waiting on you to get where we’re at”.
    And while it would be very heartwarming were the Stonewall riots led by mostly “poor people of color”, this is simply not verifiably the case. Poor colorful people, yes – at least on the first night. To say the Stonewall events were led by, or even showed disproportionate membership of, ethnic minorities is a “hijack” in and of itself.
    But nice try.

  • demetreus

    @EquesNiger: Be grateful that someone, regardless of their race, took the time to use their celebrity to help fight in the battle of marriage equality.
    Get your smarta$$ head out of your a$$ and take a moment to be grateful. Geez..

  • Eban

    @EquesNiger: Oh Mary,

    Maybe you haven’t heard the NAACP’s stance on gay marriage and issues so here’s this: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/20/us/politics/naacp-endorses-same-sex-marriage.html?_r=0

    This references the fact that Black support of gay marriage (59%) is higher than the national average (53%). I also like how the article references the lack of work the gay community has made in working with the Black community and how these statistics are changing that. http://www.autostraddle.com/new-poll-shows-latinoa-voters-largely-support-gay-marriage-unfortunately-for-gop-147352/

    Also, check out the FBI’s website on hate crimes. Most committed by white men.

    Read Martin Duberman’s book Stonewall. You may be surprised what you find.

    Have you ever heard of Fred Phelps, Ted Haggert, Fox News? Seems like they need some waking up to do, eh? Seems like you do too. The books have been read and the library is closed.

  • demetreus

    @Eban: NICE JOB!!!

  • Avenger

    I officially dislike Jay-Z. It’s sad that even rappers are being leftist tools for the gay agenda. I hope it ends with him and that Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre don’t suddenly start waving rainbow flags…but then again, none of them are married to a female pop star with a queeny gay male fan base, so thankfully that probably won’t happen.

  • erics

    Why does Queerty have to actively undermine and dismiss the support that any black person gives to gay people? Plenty of gay and queer people don’t hold onto this HRC dogma of “but its not a choice,” so I don’t see why Queerty polices it so obsessively.

    I chose to come out as gay, and I’m proud of my choice. I hate that all of the rhetoric around gay rights revolves around “but its not a choice.” It makes it sounds like gay is some horrible thing that we’re forced to deal with. I think its a wonderful thing that I chose to define myself as because it makes me happy and complete.

  • Eban

    @demetreus: Thanks man. It frustrates me that people use coded words like “minority” and “urban” to mean Black or poor, but then try to play it off like that wasn’t what they mean. If you’re gay, sorry to tell you but you are a minority too.

    And then minorities dogging other minorities for lack of support. I know the Black community isn’t perfect, but neither is yours. and You’re right detreus, why can’t we just give Jay Z his praise without the backhand on how homophobic the Black community is and what Coretta Scot King said a while ago (because she is the sole voice for civil rights and the Black community next to that other guy she was married to)?

  • Mjl-428

    @Avenger: You Never liked him in the first place so stop lying. You don’t follow Snoop Dogg or Ice Cube and I bet the only last time you’ve listened to a Dr. Dre song was the one he had with Eminem and Skylar Grey and it was only because of Skylar Grey and the song was catchy and popular on the radio. you are no fan of hip-hop and you need to stop lying like you are. and seriously, Change the name because the Avengers, actually stand for the world, and ALL of it’s people.

    Queerty: Seriously. Why are you letting this guy and Sozei and others like them hang around? I thought you made this new system to keep them out?

    also back on topic. the Fact that Jay-Z supports us is all that matters. Thank you Jay-Z and Beyonce, for once again, being in the front

  • EquesNiger

    @Eban: Since it’s now clear you’re not interested in what was written, factual responses, and only emotive and specious claims, this is likely pointless, but:
    Wow, so much racism, from one who sounds like he should know better. Do you stay up on that cross because it enables you, or is it simply comfortable because it is so familiar? Make room for people who actually are suffering due to prejudice, and not because they’ve given up and find life easier to face as a victim.
    Seriously, this tendency for folks to try to out-victim each other is simply divisive and only serves to inject political correctness into prejudice and racism. You’ve had a tough life. What has it made you? Strong in bitterness, or strong in resolve?
    If the latter, read what I wrote again. You’ll see we are in more agreement than not.
    If the former, counseling could benefit.

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