Jeff Stryker: They Used A Stunt Penis In My First Movies

jeff stryker

I got to the set and here I was a young guy from the Midwest. And I just said “I cannot do it. I cannot do it.” And they said we will double the money. And I am like “I can do it. I can do it.’

So then I got there. Then, we got down to [the sex and I said] — “Wow, oh God, I cannot do it.” [And Catalina said again] “We will double it.” [And I said] “I can do it! I can do it!” Then, my first three movies I became most famous [but] the close-ups weren´t my dick. They used a thing called a stunt dick…

But in those days, once I got my amount up so high because I couldn’t do it, then they said all we do is use — and this was John Travis — “We will just use your face and your body, and it won´t be your dick.” I am like “people will think it is my dick, won´t they?” “Yeah, of course they will.” But that is how it worked. … Here I was being made a porn star and I wasn´t doing porn. I couldn’t. Couldn’t function.

Three movies later, I got where I could.”

— Porn legend Jeff Stryker, discussing his early days shooting movies like Bigger than Life and In Hot Pursuit for Catalina Video, to Gay Porn Blog.  Below, Jeff Stryker today.