Jeff Stryker: They Used A Stunt Penis In My First Movies

jeff stryker

I got to the set and here I was a young guy from the Midwest. And I just said “I cannot do it. I cannot do it.” And they said we will double the money. And I am like “I can do it. I can do it.’

So then I got there. Then, we got down to [the sex and I said] — “Wow, oh God, I cannot do it.” [And Catalina said again] “We will double it.” [And I said] “I can do it! I can do it!” Then, my first three movies I became most famous [but] the close-ups weren´t my dick. They used a thing called a stunt dick…

But in those days, once I got my amount up so high because I couldn’t do it, then they said all we do is use — and this was John Travis — “We will just use your face and your body, and it won´t be your dick.” I am like “people will think it is my dick, won´t they?” “Yeah, of course they will.” But that is how it worked. … Here I was being made a porn star and I wasn´t doing porn. I couldn’t. Couldn’t function.

Three movies later, I got where I could.”

— Porn legend Jeff Stryker, discussing his early days shooting movies like Bigger than Life and In Hot Pursuit for Catalina Video, to Gay Porn Blog.  Below, Jeff Stryker today.



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  • JoeWatchesTV

    The last time I saw “Jeff” was during his heyday. I was bounding into a Wells Fargo Bank across from CBS on Fairfax and he was the last person on line so I ended up right behind him. I’m 6-4, he is decidedly NOT that tall. I kept thinking about that critical hand to penis ratio that helps people decide how big you look on screen. He had small hands.

  • Gigi Gee

    “Below, Jeff Stryker today.” Ya. We all get old. I met him once. He was very nice and about the same height as Tom Cruise.

  • DickGreenleaf

    Once on CNN they had a style show and Jeff was one of the runway models in a Milan fashion show.

  • Taliaferro

    If you ever looked closely at his hands, you saw how short and stubby his fingers were and it was apparent that he was not at all tall. He also had a rather monotomous vocal style of a few repeated phrases. I much preferred Jeff Quinn – whatever happened to him?

  • rarecargo

    is that a suitcase by his feet? he is moving?
    does he keep his extra large penis in that suitcast for traveling?
    does he still have his rentboy ad?

  • rarecargo

    is that a suitcase by his feet? he is moving?
    does he keep his extra large penis in that suitcase for traveling?
    does he still have his rentboy ad?

  • DarkZephyr

    I don’t care what anyone else says, I still adore this guy.

  • Stache1

    Yeah, you like that big c*ck don’t ya boy:)

  • streeteditions

    Those of us who saw his live performances in NYC were not impressed! He was not the most developed or intelligent of porn “stars,” but then again, that’s not why we were there. There’s a reason they have fluffers!

  • dvlaries

    I never got on that train and Stryker’s not the only one. Many that they tried to build into monument stars like Ryan Idol and Lex Baldwin too, I was jush ‘meh’ about. I’d end up with their movies because I liked the co-stars that were in other scenes, men who went at one another with unfakeable gusto, stealing the films from the “legends” on the box covers. Matt Gunther & Buck Tanner’s dock-side flip-flop in “Idol Eyes” and Tom Brock’s only bottoming to Jim Pulver in Stryker’s “Bigger Than Life,” being prime examples.

  • Bob LaBlah

    Nice to see he is still around. This brings back bitter sweet memories of VHS and friends who are no longer here with us, or me I should say. Does anyone know what Tony Davis is up to these days?

  • NormdePlume

    This is how old I am!! I remember him as a bartender at the Brass Rail in Hillcrest…..yikes.

  • Cubearl

    Jeff who? Film?

  • boring

    Jeff Stryker just might be the greatest shit-talker in the porn business, gay, bi or straight. The garbage that would come out of his mouth in that weird drugged drawl were guaranteed 100% hysterical.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @boring: You too remember the exchange between him and Chi-Chi Larue on tv right after Joey Stefano’s death? That was a riot. Chi made him look just like what you called him.

  • DJPerezMA

    No one’s taken a guess on Jeff’s stand – in? Okay, I’ll go in on this one….I just revisited some of the scenes from “Powertool” and “Stryker Force”, and “In Hot Pursuit”, which were probably the three first films he made, as he mentioned above. In looking at the close up shots involving penetration, one performer comes remarkably close to matching Jeff’s physique and appendage enough to stand in for him. That would be “Powertool” and “In Hot Pursuit” co-star Jim Davenport, also a dedicated top man of that period.

    Anyone else have a suggested candidate?

  • DJPerezMA

    What I just posted does not take away from the fact that once Jeff hit the live promotional circuit, as one of the first of his time to tour live, he was able to back up the presentation of his girth and legnth. I attended one of his appearances at a now -defunct Boston, MA men’s play space, the Safari Club, in the early ’90’s. Jeff definitely put to rest any questions about his size. It’s a “Powertool”, indeed!

    Jeff still ranks as a Porn Icon, in my book!

  • DJPerezMA

    Having read the source article, I’ll definitely add another suggestion from a commenter there. A workhorses staple of the industry at that time, David Ashfield, could have been a very likely candidate, as he was a “go to” person by all of the studios of the time. He had the capability, dependability, and stamina to do the job.

    As David Ashfield started porn performing in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s when performers had less of a marketing ethic about their careers, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did the “stunting” work as much for hot sex (admittedly, within a porn shoot framework) with hot partners as for the cash and career development. David definitely looked like he enjoyed all his credited scenes!

  • dvlaries

    @DJPerezMA: I don’t know about for Stryker, but Ashfield very definitely stunted the final scene in “Idol Eyes” when Ryan couldn’t quite bring himself to fully do the job with Joey Stefano.
    It was so obvious that in the follow-up film, “Score 10,” Matt Sterling made sure there were enough pulled-back shots to assure all viewers Ryan had gotten passed his previous hesitation.

  • Crankycub

    I saw Jeff in a play and during it he ran around the audience naked waving his member in everyones faces. Let’s just say it was BIG and REAL no matter what he’s saying now.

  • unreligious

    Never thought he was hot back then even less so now in his current now picture. That Midwest-California look is just bland no matter how big your dick is.

  • Raquel Santiago

    @JoeWatchesTV: Im glad this rule doesnt apply to everyone, although with Jeff its apparent. Ive met many men (dont judge:p) who had small hands but HUGE ASSETS.

  • leepers64

    @dvlaries: I also wasn’t a fan of Stryker. I purchased, “Bigger Than Life” in which Stryker stars, but the only reason I purchased it, because of Tom Brock bottoming….soooo hot! and the pairing of Joe Gibbons and Mark Gray.
    You can tell that Jim Pulver really enjoyed his scene with Tom Brock….:-)

  • MrsPatrickCampbell

    Please post photos of Jeff presenting bung-hole!

  • enlightenone

    @DarkZephyr: Me too! He seem to have aged well. He can wrap his arms around me any day!

  • enlightenone

    @Raquel Santiago: Don’t tell, can’t judge! Lol

  • myloginname

    I met Jeff a few times. Actually he was always very friendly. I didn’t know what the hell to talk to him about but he made an effort, was friendly and as genuine as you could be in Los Angeles. I am now singing in my head “Pop You in the Pooper” his erm hit single in the 90s?

  • Maude

    I first saw Jeff in a Catalina VHS as a Native American making it with a Civil War blue solider in a cave.
    I think the soldier was the aggressor, but Jeff was the top.

    What a shame, all those vhs cassets just sitting there collecting dust.

  • Rob91316

    @Maude: And that same scene is where Jeff uttered possibly the greatest line in all of gay porn history: “Suck on that totem pole, white man!”

  • bender1955

    @DJPerezMA: Hello there DJPerez: I hardly ever post comments on any of these types of sites . But I being and oldie from the throw back yrs of the vhs era when they first started coming out ; oops almost giving away my age ha ha
    well I totally agree with you .He was at the time one of the most requested gay person in gay porn. and as for him not being able to “do it” well he wasn’t the first person ever to come up against that problem and as for his size in height ; well never believe all those old comparisons to the size of a mans equipment; to others who might read this as well . i am just a 5’6″ guy 140#s and i was blessed in the family genes having 10″ so you never can tell by a persons feet or hands etc etc.
    and as for our man Jeff well I to can attest to what you saw on that appearence he did in Boston MA. oh so many yrs ago . i used to live in Boston in the 80’s and 90’s and i can’t tell you all the old places there that have become de-funked over the yrs . I am old enough DJPerez to remember when they had the old combat zone in Boston ; The Old buddies (where you went down the stairs to get to the club) the 1270 club; Playland; and some older gaymen’s piano bar in some old run down hotel near Copley square ; which i don’t remember the name of .

    But getting back to the early days of porn of Jeff Stryker and many other iconic men of that era got me through a many boring nite when i needed it . plus back then everyone was not some cookie cutter clone as most are today. and as for some in the comments that have mentioned the old vhs tapes; well i have more than i care to count in my vast huge porn library last count was over 1,000 but did purchase a type of machine i can copy them onto a DVD some are classic films that are very hard to find now and some no longer in publication anymore . hell if i really gave it some thought i could start my own store of old vintage classic videos .
    Now as for not being able to do it back then as some were not able to do so they also didn’t have all these dick drugs as they do today to help these newer guys get the job done . I have a very dear friend that i know on a person to person basis that helps me out when i need him for events that my organization i belong to . that person is another iconic gay actor from the Jeff Stryker era is Michael Brandon and he and i have had many many conversations over a few drinks about the biz and some of the problems that have happened and he has said and seen his fair share of just this type of problem of guys wanting to get into the bizz back then and having the same problem that Jeff had ; so it is not all as glamorous and fantastic as everyone may think ; even Michael said he in his career have at times had his problem with this as well . (and for all the ones reading this are wondering if he and i ever did it NO we didn’t) the events were very professional ; but that is not to say i haven’t sen his goods .
    so in closing some may or may not like Jeff Stryker but back in the day hw did do it for alot of men . and sure he does now with his current pic .
    thanks for anyone and DJPerez for reading this very long comment .
    oh and as foot note to you DJPereze if you ever want to chat about the old places/things back in the days on Boston MA look me up on skype as minnie55steve if you want

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