Jeremy-Irons--004How wrong we were thinking Beautiful Creatures would be the biggest regret of Jeremy Irons’ year. In the story that just won’t die, a group called Gay USA has announced plans to protest the premiere of a new documentary over his remarks that same-sex marriage might lead to incest.

Members of the group plan to show up tonight in New York at the premiere of Trashed, Irons’ new documentary about the effects of global waste, and released a statement declaring their reason.

“Jeremy Irons wants us to take him seriously when it comes to addressing the trash crisis. From all indications, he is right. But lately he has undermined his credibility and his right to be taken seriously through bigoted and offensive statements questioning the right of gay couples to marry, saying that it would ‘debase’ marriage and would lead to fathers marrying their sons for tax benefits — even though no such thing has happened anywhere in the world where same-sex marriage is legal.”

No doubt the actor who became famous with the homoerotic British miniseries Brideshead Revisited, wishes he’d not only kept his lips buttoned up, but sealed with duct tape, as well.

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