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JetBlue’s Steven Slater Avoids Jail Time In Exchange For Admitting He’s a Bit ‘Touched’

American transportation hero and former flight attendant Steven Slater today is copping a plea deal to one felony count and will serve no prison time stemming from his August escape of a JetBlue plane. He’ll simply join a counseling program, and all charges will be dismissed if he completes it.

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  • B

    Sounds like the judge was in the same position as the judge in “Miracle on 34th Street” during Kris Kringle’s insanity trial. As his political advisor tells him, “Sure Henry. Say there’s no Santa Claus. Then people stop buying presents. The department stores will really love that. And they stop manufacturing and shipping presents, so a lot of people end up out of work. Now you got the AFL and CIO mad at you. But go ahead. The only votes you’ll get are yours and the district attorney’s.” Judge: “I won’t even get his vote. He’s a Republican.”

    (If anyone can find a video clip of this scene please post it: the scene – actually the whole trial – is hilarious.)

  • Black Pegasus

    So this Queen can endanger the security and harmony of an airplane and get to go on talk shows and act like a hero?

    Hmmm, I wonder what wouldn’t happened to him if he were an Arab or Black flight attendant?

  • DR

    Don’t forget the $10K he owes the company for discharging the slide, damaging the plane, delaying the flight and putting others at risk.

    I think this is appropriate.

  • slobone

    He’s not a hero to me. I don’t want to have to worry about mentally unstable flight attendants when I get on a plane…

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