Jim Neal Explains It All

North Carolina native Jim Neal just may be the most controversial queer candidate this political season. The 51-year old entered the race to rival Republican Elizabeth Dole. One would expect resounding praise for a man with such balls – Bob excluded – but Neal’s senatorial candidacy became a scandalous affair.

Most people believed that Brad Miller would run as the Democratic candidate, but the Congressman ended up eschewing the race. Democratic Senate Campaign Committee chair Chuck Schumer attempted to persuade two other candidates – Sen. Kay Hagan and state Rep. Grier Martin – but both refused. Thus, Neal entered the raise, without Schumer’s blessing. In fact, it’s been widely reported that Schumer initially ignored Neal’s calls, leading many to believe Schumer had little faith in a gay candidate.

Neal recently gave our editor some of his time to discuss the Schumer scandal. But, before we get into the present day political debates, we’re going to take a trip back to see how former finance executive Jim Neal became a Democratic Senatorial candidate.

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  • faghag

    The new layout sucks,I’m not coming back till you bring the old one back.

  • l

    Can’t say I like the layout either. The server is dragging also.

  • Charley

    I like the new intellectual layout. Makes you think about serious political issues changing our lives today. Not just the ho hum (yawn)Entertainment Tonight celebrity fucks.

  • chandler in lasvegas

    The new layout is OK but the serious stuff is so small and all the PORNY ADS ARE SO BIG. It’s like…serious…serious…serious…BIG FUCKING NIPPLE…HUGE CROTCH…serious…serious…serious…

  • justin bright

    huh. i wonder if that repuglican homophobe from alabama us senator jeff sessions knows his re-election ads are appearing on queerty. maybe i’ll start some trouble and send him some screen shots. it’ll probably give him at least a little indigestion.

    anyway, neal has about a snowball’s chance in hell to win north carolina but its nice to see glbt candidates run for office.

  • Leo

    If Neal can get his supporters to go to the polls, he does stand a chance to win. Our NC primary is in May and by then the presidential contenders will aleady be decided. So, voter turnout will be low, which can work in Neal’s favor. Dole is joined at the hip to George Bush, and suffers his unpopularity. She also has minimal support in her own Republican party. I expect it will be a ho-hum election, so if Neal can get his folks to go vote, he does have a chance. (Be productive. Wrap your snowball around a $100 and send it to Jim.)

  • Tim Bonham

    “They hang out at bus stations and bathrooms and pray on young kids,”

    No, that’s evangelical ministers. The libel against gays is that they prey on kids.

    Learn to spell!

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