Jim Neal Explains It All

North Carolina native Jim Neal just may be the most controversial queer candidate this political season. The 51-year old entered the race to rival Republican Elizabeth Dole. One would expect resounding praise for a man with such balls – Bob excluded – but Neal’s senatorial candidacy became a scandalous affair.

Most people believed that Brad Miller would run as the Democratic candidate, but the Congressman ended up eschewing the race. Democratic Senate Campaign Committee chair Chuck Schumer attempted to persuade two other candidates – Sen. Kay Hagan and state Rep. Grier Martin – but both refused. Thus, Neal entered the raise, without Schumer’s blessing. In fact, it’s been widely reported that Schumer initially ignored Neal’s calls, leading many to believe Schumer had little faith in a gay candidate.

Neal recently gave our editor some of his time to discuss the Schumer scandal. But, before we get into the present day political debates, we’re going to take a trip back to see how former finance executive Jim Neal became a Democratic Senatorial candidate.