Joan Rivers Insults Blacks, Gays And Everyone In Between In Support Of Alec Baldwin

joan-tmzAmerica’s original sweetheart, Joan Rivers, responded to the news of MSNBC firing noted diva-best-believa Alec Baldwin the only way Joan Rivers could: by openly insulting every racial and ethnic group she could possibly think of in under 30 seconds.

Joan’s an old hat at this so when TMZ caught up with her, the legendary harridan was able to fire off six epithets, slandering the Italians, the Blacks, the Jews, the Chinese, the gays and of course, the Irish. That’s nothing compared to her glory days — women have gained the right to vote since then — but still an admirable number. You know, in a comically racist way:

Joan: What do I think about Alec [Baldwin]? Everybody just relax. Everybody’s either a w*p, a n###a, a k!ke, a ch%nk, a f@iry, a m$ck — everybody’s something so why don’t we all just. Calm. Down.

TMZ: And we should be thankful for you.

Joan : Be thankful that we’re all living in America and stop everybody getting so damn uptight! And this goes for the Indians — both dot and feather!

Before they part, the TMZ guy and Joan wish each other a Happy Chanukah, which is a nice, warm ending to this profanity-laden lesson in understanding. Sure she was making a point, albeit in an extreme way, but when Joan Rivers calls you a c^cksucking f&g, you know it’s coming from a place of love. Happy Chanukah everybody.

h/t: TMZ

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