John Boehner Will Never, Ever Allow The House To Vote On ENDA. Ever.

BoehnerNow that the Senate has approved it, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid thinks there are enough votes to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in the House. But Speaker John Boehner will make sure we will never know. Once again, Boehner has restated his adamant opposition to bringing the bill to a vote, while embracing every falsehood about the bill that he can find.

“I think this legislation…is unnecessary and would provide a basis for frivolous lawsuits,” said Boehner, as if people who are canned from their jobs get their jollies suing employers. “People are already protected in the workplace. I am opposed to continuing this.”

If by people, you mean Republicans in gerrymandered districts, the statement is correct. Otherwise, not so much in 29 states on the basis of sexual orientation and 33 states on the basis of gender identity.

“Listen, I understand people have different opinions on this issue, and I respect those opinions,” Boehner said. But respect doesn’t mean letting people express them in a vote. That might rile the base, and we couldn’t afford to have that happen, could we?


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  • avesraggiana

    Would he just stop with the tangerine-tinted tanning regimen already?!

  • litper

    A good republican is dead republican.

  • MJS

    I’m sure John Boehner is who Kate Nash had in mind when she wrote “Dickhead”.

  • GymJockTX

    Ahhh, yes,1/3 of the Three Stooges, Boehner, Cruz and Cantor. Boehner is a worthless TURD. Will somebody please show this Pile of Poop to the Exit Door?

  • GymJockTX

    @litper: Preferably after being Tarred & Feathered on the White House lawn!

  • Teleny

    I hope we NEVER forget that Republicans hate us and have fought tooth & nail to deny us Civil & Human rights!

  • LadyL

    First his craven cowardice during the government shutdown, now this. Seriously. I hate this man.

  • Alan down in Florida

    The Constitution needs to be rewritten to ensure that any legislation passed in one house of the legislature must be brought to a floor vote in the other house. It should be criminal that one man can bring the legislative process to a stop on his/her whim.

  • Scribe38

    @Teleny: YOU are the reason queerty needs a like button! Could not agree more.

  • Polaro

    Shame…it actually would be the smart thing for the republicans to throw in the towel on this issue and prove they are not Neanderthals and hypocrites.

  • Redpalacebulleaglesox

    Of all the House Speakers during my life, Boehner is the weakest of them all. He is a slave to the basest faction of his party, the likes of Bachmann and her hateful ilk. His greatest fear is not losing his majority to the Democrats but losing his speakership to backstabbers like Cantor and Ryan. This is the reason he is blocking ENDA. Anyone who aspires to and then occupies a leadership position needs to lead, not follow fearfully those who would dump him at the earliest possible opportunity. This is the legacy of John Boehner, a weak-willed servant of those who are leading his party to wreck and ruin. This is no longer the party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Millicent Fenwick, John Lindsay and Jacob Javits. This is a party driven by fear that the power they so desperately crave will be lost forever and they will bleed themselves white, eat their young and hang on by the tips of their fingernails in order to keep what little they can. This elephant is on life support, one good shove in 2014 and the whole house of cards will come tumbling down.

  • Cam

    1. I am surprised that people think his appearance is because of tanning or spray tanning. It is obvious that it is an alcoholic flush.

    2. Remember that according to Boehner, the GOP does not feel that gays should have the right to work.

  • EGO

    Boehner should be either impeached or expelled for blocking the House responsibility to vote on this and other issues. He is the most despicable congressman that I can remember.

  • Caleb in SC

    Worst Speaker of the House . . . EVER!

  • Kieran

    Apparently, the only thing that doesn’t make our emotional Speaker of the House cry is somebody losing their job for being gay.

  • Saralikesyarr

    Has anybody ever noticed, that Boehner seems to wear mascara and eye liner?

    Take a look at the closeups of some of his pictures. ; )

  • EGO

    @Saralikesyarr: Maybe we should edit his photo and add some drag and submit it on Facebook and Twitter1 :>)

  • bolloxok

    @MJS: LMAO…perfection

  • EGO

    We need to impeach John Boehner or have a way to make him step down.

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