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John McCain Willing To Back DADT Repeal Now That Everyone Showed Him He’s a Giant Prick

Just when Jon Stewart announces he’s going to terrorize John McCain for the foreseeable future, the Arizona senator says he’s going to stop fighting the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. What a brave thing for a war veteran to say! Now that the problem is over.

“I think I have to do everything I can to make sure that the impact on the morale, retention, recruitment and battle effectiveness of the military is minimized as much as possible,” McCain says on Fox Business Network. “It is a law and I have to do whatever I can to help the men and women who are serving, particularly in combat, cope with this new situation. I will do everything I can to make it work.”

So now that repeal is underway through “a law,” McCain suddenly has the backs of America’s servicemembers. To say this is a sudden turn of events would be an understatement. To say McCain’s new stance is useful to LGBT soldiers, however, would be a gross overstatement. Yes, groups like FRC now have one fewer lawmaker to point to who endorses their anti-gay positions. And whatever loser was still basing his political views on McCain’s thinking must now readjust. But the very reason the sham “debate” over repealing the law was so contentious was because of John McCain.

As McCain himself admitted, he is not a maverick. He is, however, a giant flip-flopper of the most obnoxious degree.

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  • Pitou

    He can die already. I do wholly wish he would be decapitated by a Mexican drug cartel, and his life-less 130 yr old body dragged through the streets to be pissed & shat on.
    Wishful thinking.

  • Screaming Queen


    I hates him too, but my contempt of that man doesn’t compromise my values and conduct. I’m sorry you’re so zealoty, don’t worry too much about that old fool, IT GETS BETTER! (LMAOROTF)

    BTW: Bigotted much? “Mexican Drug Cartel”?

  • jack e jett

    Pitou…………..Can I be the one who shits on him?

    McCain doesn’t deserve my piss but I could give him a turd or two.

  • Stenar

    I don’t see anything in his comments that says or implies that he now supports the DADT repeal nor is any less anti-gay. I read his remarks to mean that he’s going to do everything in his power to help the poor, downtrodden heterosexuals in the military to adjust to life dealing with out homosexuals in their midst. A big difference.

  • Cam

    Why should he have the backs of the soldiers now? He never has before. He never voted to bring benefits back up to where they simply were back in the 1940’s, he argued against increasing the GI bill because he thought if there were any attractive options like college after the military it would hurt retention, and the list goes on.

    McCain has never helped out the soldiers, and he keeps thinking that by constantly reminding people he was in the military that he can pretend like he does. This is why, when he ran against Bush in South Carolina he didn’t get the Vet vote. They know who their friends are.

  • Joetx

    ITA Stenar’s comment (#4).

  • Pitou

    @Screaming Queen: What State does he live in? Does it not border Mexico? Does Mexico not have a problem with “Mexican Drug Cartels” in their country AND with said cartels killing people?? Right… So STFU. Sorry you didn’t pay attn in Geography in the 3rd grade baby-cakes.

    He deserves to be offed by the people he would just as fast off himself, LGBT’s, and his first wife included.

  • Gil

    John McCain is mentally ill. He has demonstrated that since he was a kid in high school. He’s a rotten, spoiled brat, just lived many years. He has absolutely no anchor in his thought, philosophy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s politics, sex, marriage, or any other behavior. the guy is a walking textbook of mental illness. What’s really scary is that so many people like him pass as normal, heroes, leaders, what have you, and the only thing they really have going for them is their brazen boldness to defy all standards in public and get away with it. The fact that they get away with it has a great deal to say about the public, the electorate. The voters of this country are illiterate and apathetic. That’s a polite way of saying they are stupid and lazy. That’s why people like John McCain continue to get away with their madness, their pretenses as being mavericks. They are actually nothing.

  • john

    He opposed the repeal of DADT and so he fought it. The law was repealed anyway and despite disagreeing with that, he wants to work to create an effective military regardless of who it consists of. He accepts the decision’s authority even though he might not support its implementation. I think there is a difference between a flip-flopper and someone who knows how to move on after they’ve lost the battle.

  • Spike

    The old fart makes it sound like str8t people need to go through some pretty heavy shit before they can be expected to work side by side with gays and lesbians. Huh, who knew str8ts are so difficult to adapt.

  • Yuriy

    If ya all just think about it …
    he just didn’t want Obama to get all the praise for repealing DADT
    … i mean John McCain wanted to be the president too … back then :D
    I surely think that he is a biggot … but maybe there is more the sense of competition stuck in him-still after the election…

  • reason

    @john: John has not moved on, the media is notorious for getting things wrong. The way it is being reported on other sites is just wrong, I think what McCain is saying is that he is going to do everything he can to protect the men and women especially those in combat meaning that he is going to do everything to make the military drag out implementation; you don’t need the ears of a dog to here that whistle. I can here him now harping to the military to not allow open service at least until the military is out of combat, no open service until separate facilities are in place, monitoring of LBGT soldiers…

  • Mack Robertson

    Thank God McCain is not President. One who flip-flops so quickly on such an important issue, might do the same on a matter of extreme national security. We could never really be certain where he stands on any domestic or international issue of importance. One day he might say one thing, then the next day change his mind leaving everyone uncertain of what his true positions are.

  • Bubba

    I’m encouraged most of you are so candid with your scatological (and other death culture) pathologies. And you wonder why we who serve(d) in the military oppose your integration? Pssst… This is the cue to respond with the tried and true bromides of homophobia, hate, discrimination, love of country and whatever useful phrases you’d like to gin up “for the cause”.

    Your comments, with the exception of a couple folks here, align with having my life threatened for turning one of your own in to the USAF OSI. Thankfully he was dismissed, but it didn’t stop me from sleeping with a hunting knife for a few weeks while he was out-processed. Small price to pay to keep this predator – on more than one level – out of our midst.

    Keep up the “good” fight, as if gay ethics even allow calling an act intrinsically good or bad, implicating a God who might care… but that is another topic altogether. If true, it entails that you will stand accountable for your life.

    PS: You also might wanna pick up “The Pink Swastika,” that is if you can stomach doing so before finding some article defaming its contents. Hint: there was no ban for members of the SA and the upper echelons of the Wehrmacht.

  • Mack Robertson

    @Bubba: Such a Southern name. Being from Texas, two of my friends were ‘Bubbas’. They, however, are compassionate, tolerant, educated, and intelligent guys. Not one ounce of hate in them for people who were born naturally as GLBT humans. They realize there is a difference between normal and natural.

    Your tirade spewed hate. I wonder how many gay service men probably served next to you, and even might have saved your life at one time or another? Your religious beliefs, being gay is a sin, screams you are a conservative bigot. I have loved my life, and I have lived it to the fullest. There is no fear in my heart or mind regarding being held “accountable” for something natural. Being an Atheist, I am living my life without a fear of being judged unlike you and other people of faith. Maybe someone should have used friendly fire on you.

  • Mack Robertson

    A quick apology to people named Bubba other than #14Bubba.
    Unfortunately, I have heard the name Bubba used in a negative way at times. Being from the South, it was not a compliment. #14, even though his vocabulary is used to ‘impress’ us, he fits the very prejudiced criteria for the Bubba’s of the South. The two friends of mine from Texas who were called Bubba in their youth, have changed their names to their given adult names. Never, in either’s life, were they prejudiced, hateful, bigoted, etc. I’m certain there are a number of adult Bubbas who fit this profile.

  • Mack Robertson

    @Bubba: Bubba, I am ashamed of the statement I made, “Maybe someone should have used friendly fire on you.” It was uncalled for, and it only adds to the insidious climate of hate and violence existing in our country today. After the tragedy in Tuscon today, I realized that there is no place for me to make such a statement. My deepest apology. Mack

  • ewe

    McCain belongs in a dementia unit. I do not think he is emotionally fit with his hateful flipflopping rhetoric.

  • Queer Supremacist

    It must suck to be John McCain. Defender of an unconstitutional law, co-author of another unconstitutional law, and rejected by the American people for president twice in favor of, of all people, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. The right doesn’t like him either. He’s basically the Scrappy Doo of the GOP: an annoying pest who won’t go away.

    I normally hate communism, but I’m glad the Viet Cong tortured this breeder hypocrite. He got what he deserved, like terrorists who get tortured. Anyone who doesn’t support 100% equality for gays is not much better than a terrorist in my book.

  • Bubba

    Mack, thank you for the apology and the remorse – I’ll assume good intent though I do wonder whether the apology would have occurred had the Tuscon shooting not occurred in proximity, though? I forgave you, even before you issued it.

    Now, I realize that by saying that, it will most likely make a ton of folks here ticked off, because philosophically, that means there was some sin that needed to be forgiven. Forgiveness entails some form of evil which has been committed – and when we are honest, we all know we need it on some primary, existential level. Something to think about – often called the axiological argument in favor of God’s existence.

    Then again, if you recall, my post referenced the “death culture” that I am convinced is endemic to homosexuality. I don’t expect you to look at it from a point of view that accepts God, really, but look if nothing else to your conscience and see whether you think ANYTHING is wrong in itself. I think you know, based on your apology, that “non-cruelty is not equal to cruelty.” And before jumping to an example of what you think is cruelty, such as DADT, think through the moral implications of this statement… if there is no such thing as an objective morality on any level, and man is not created in God’s image, you will not be able to say there was any difference between Nazi Germany murdering 11-12 million of its own citizens vs. killing 11-12 million head of livestock.

    Secondly, I’m not from the south but always like to see the response that elicits from those purporting to be fair minded liberals. The statement “he fits the very prejudiced criteria for the Bubba’s of the South” is itself a prejudice, yes? Also, look at the # of times you guys use the word “hate” in just a couple posts… don’t you just grow tired of it at some point?

    Third, that I had to sleep with a hunting knife is not even a slight exaggeration. My life was on the line as far as I knew it, even though he never tried to attack me. A predator, and a liar to boot – incompatible on both levels with military service – and flowed from his worldview that rejected objective, external morality. THESE EXAMPLES WILL INCREASE DRAMATICALLY ONCE DADT IS LIFTED.

    Finally, I can’t help but thank #19 Queer Supremacist for making my case for a taste of all-too-often gay pathology… “I’m glad the Viet Cong tortured this breeder hypocrite. He got what he deserved, like terrorists who get tortured.” Really? This is ironic on several levels, but it is altogether consistent, too.

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