John Paulus Apologizes To Clay Aiken


After telling the Enquirer about his alleged 90 minute bareback love session with Clay Aiken and then posting photos of the alleged cum rag on his blog, the suddenly-not-that-famous John Paulus is now pretending to be sorry about the whole thing. In a long-winded apology on his blog, Paulus claims to have seen the light about his actions not recently, but immediately after selling the info to the Enquirer, and his blog was not a tool to hurt Clay’s career, but rather to fight back against his fans, which is something we don’t entirely understand, especially in light of all the fame-mongering Mr. Paulus has done in the past several months.

We wonder if his feelings of contrition got in the way of his performance in the porno he shot for Michael Lucas. Rather they probably helped him get in the mood for being punished.

It’s been five months- My apology. [John Paulus Blog via Towleroad]