John Townsend Didn’t Violate Pastor Brock’s Privacy Because It Wasn’t a Meeting For the Sick

Get this straight. Homosexuality and lesbianism are not addictions, nor are they illnesses. Faith In Action participants are required to refer to their same sex attraction as a ‘disorder’. They are made to believe that unrepentant homosexual activity damns them to an eternity of hell fire and damnation. The 1973 declassification of homosexuality as a mental illness is fully rejected. [Star Tribune reporter Jeff] Strickler mistakenly describes the group as a ‘therapy group’. In the weeks I was there I encountered no therapist.

—John Townsend, the Lavender magazine reporter who outed Luther pastor Tom Brock, defending his reporting that had him going undercover at a 12-step-esque program for recovering homos [via]