John Travolta Screwing His Way Through ‘Secret Gay Spa Subculture,’ Apparently

We’ve heard the stories of John Travola being afraid of the Church Of Scientology’s threats to expose his sexuality if he ever tries leaving the church. But what if the National Enquirer does it first? Except after the incessant years-long rumormongering about his sexuality, the scandal has a new turn: Not only is Travolta gay, but his wife doesn’t know about his gay flings. That, to me, really, is the shocking part. Thy lady is in denial?


This is actually at least the second time in recent memory the Enquirer busted open Travolta’s closet; last time they ran a photo of him smooching his pal (aka the family’s nanny) on the steps of a private jet. This time around it’s a cover story alleging Travolta — who’s already been outed by former Scientologist Michael Pattinson, who claims Travolta and porn star Paul Barresi got it on — has been involved in “lewd sex acts with other men” as part of a “secret gay spa subculture.” [Ed: The only “secret” about “gay spa subculture” is that everybody is doing it. SECRET BLOWN!]

The piece, “John Travolta Caught In Cheating Scandal!,” quotes You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again (!) memoir author Robert Randolph: “I met John in 1998, after he had married Kelly. I believe the marriage is a total fraud because John is totally into guys and has been having sex with them behind Kelly’s back for years … John Travolta has been cheating on Kelly for years! And when the details emerge, he’s gonna make Tiger Woods look like a boy scout.”

Throw in the kid factor (John and Kelly are expecting their third kid this year, following Jett’s death in 2009), and Randolph could be on to something — except the reason Tiger’s story went big is there was plenty of evidence (how many women came forward) and a public apology. Unless we can expect that from Johnny Boy, this story is mostly a non-starter outside the Enquirer (and blog) world.

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  • Nickadoo

    I’m not John Travolta. I’m not his lover. I’m not his wife. I’m not one of his kids. Explain to me why I should care?

    Would it be nice to have someone as high-profile as Travolta be openly gay? Of course.

    He’s made every conceivable effort to do everything in his power NOT to be openly gay. If he actually is gay, he’s a positive role model to no one.

    Outing him will accomplish nothing but destroying him and his family. He’s ultimately responsible for causing any undo and unnecessary his family. But I feel no desire to take any comfort and joy out of it.

    If you feel strongly he should come out and you see him in a spa, don’t fuck him.

  • Jack E. Jett

    He was great in Saturday Night Fever.

  • randy

    Well, I certainly care, and only because he is a high profile member of a “church” that is vehemently anti-gay. Exposing him will discredit Scientology, which in my opinion is a good thing, and will at least show their hypocracy, another good thing.

    Will that destroy his family? Too bad. Too many gay kids have been destroyed because of the filth these so-called religions spew, and my sympathy lies with them, not the people who try to marginalize us.

    And furthermore, I know a journalist who years ago interviewed a fading broadway star. When he asked her about John Travolta, who was on a touring broadway musical back in the 70s, she volunteered that she didn’t think much of him as an actor, and that he slept with all the guys on the show.

  • scallywag

    I don’t know about you kids, but I for one had no idea that Johnny was cruising them locker rooms. Had I known I would have kept mine halfway open with a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon. Seriously, would you gents turn down an opportunity to have Johnny’s saliva drifting amiably at the back of your mouth?

    Next time I hit the gym I’m going to lay myself double satin sheets in my locker and hope Johnny notices…


  • Nickadoo

    @randy: I’m sure we can agree on the merits of Scientology. There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s a sham and a destructive force in the lives of its members.

    However, suggesting that outing Travolta will discredit Scientology is as naive as suggesting that the outing of the laundry list of anti-gay conservative pastors and politicians (not to mention the longer laundry list of Catholic priests) has done anything to discredit Christianity and any of its multitude of sects.

    The only major distinction between the two that I can see is that anti-gay pastors, politicians and priests actually seek to do harm to the civil liberties of the GLBT community.

    If Travolta is gay and closeted, it’s sad and pathetic and he should come out of the closet for the sake of himself and his family.

    If he doesn’t, that’s his burden. And as long as he’s not personally coming out against myself, my friends, my family and my loved ones, I don’t care.

    He’s built his own prison cell. Let him live in it.

  • Dame Helga von Ornstein

    @randy: Thank you. You said it all.

    I do wonder if any has considered that maybe Kelly does know and doesn’t care. They just might LOVE each other and don’t care as long as he doesn’t bring them home. I feel sorry for the guy.

    To be in his shoes and then kiss a friend on the lips while he is getting on a plane is not a crime the last time I heard and at this point I will close with a big SO WHAT.

    Now if you want a story let’s go with Prince William blowing a footman or grabbing the ass (or vis-versa) of a water-polo teammate. Imagine what a photograph would get to keep that quiet!

  • Michael

    Lord Queerty. Did you bother to check out this “memoir author” Robert Randolph? From his site, we learn:

    About the Author: Robert Randolph was born and raised in Inglewood, California. A product of a studio family, he thought it was normal to grow up and be around movie stars in L.A. or at my local spas. What’s not normal is to do it and then write a book about it. I’m breaking the code of ethics. I’m writing about the stars that have shared deep secrets with me. I am no longer in the circle, but I am confident that after you read my story, you’ll understand my reasoning and motivation behind the book, “You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again.”“This is a story about a guy who was a member of one of Los Angeles’s most elite men’s spa – City Spa – for over 15 years. The Author was brutally beaten and left for dead on the footsteps of City Spa, one of the favorite secret LA gay spa hangouts. This spa was home away from home to many of the world’s most famous movie and television stars. My beloved spa had slammed their doors on me and had subjected me to life-threatening situations without so much as a “we’re sorry” or anything.

    I think more than the beating and the brain damage the way City Spa treated me hurt the most. It would be years of retraining my brain before I would get the idea for You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again. I figure if that’s how they treat me, I’ll treat them the same. I’ll share every dirty secret I learned in the 15 years I was a member there. Every thing all the masseurs would share with me all the shocking stuff only an insider could see and I saw it all. Read about how Robert Randolph went from being a starry-eyed fan of John Travolta to a disgusted seer of many perverted acts and extremely bad behavior, coupled with Travolta’s ignorance and mistreatment of his autistic, now deceased son Jett. Vladimir, John Travolta’s masseur of 25 years, shares with the author what he thinks really happened the night Jett Travolta died.”

    For the gay version of “You’ll Never Eat Lunch In This Town Again”, contact “Robert Randolph” or visit http://www.youllneverspainthistownagain.com. The book was set to be released January 15, 2009, but due to the untimely passing of Jett Travolta just days earlier, out of respect to the family, the author postponed the release for one year. It will be released in the Fall of 2010 online at my web site and in local bookstores.

  • Carl

    It’s obvious that Travolta is a great guy and very lovable. Is he gay? Well the stories will never cease but his wife surely knew this going into the relationship. it would be hard to pass up a intimate session in the spa if I ran into him. He seems very passionate.

  • Enron

    If this happened in the 80’s when he was hot maybe I would care. That frontpage photo on the Enquirer is more than enough reason to stop with the speculation right there. Its the same way I feel about Tom Cruise too and George Michael and so many others.

  • Martin Murray

    “If this happened in the 80’s when he was hot maybe I would care. ”

    Travolta’s career was dead in the 1980’s. It was the 90’s when his career was resurrected.

    Quite franky this story will surprise no-one. Travolta gets outed every couple of years.

    It’s perfectly fine to out Travolta by the way. It’s QUITE obvious that his wife knows and doesn’t care.

    I didn’t notice people getting all defensive and protective when Tiger Woods was outed as a he-whore.

    If it’s acceptable to put a straight cheat, then equally it’s acceptable to out a gay cheat!

  • tallskin2

    I think the mistake we all make, even me sometimes, is to assume a film star is the character in the films he/she plays. Whereas in fact they are utterly stupid. (Only rock/pop stars are even more stupid.)

    There are of course exceptions: Ian McKellan seems an intelligent man.

    But who else but an utter moron would join up to a religion as so obviously idiotic as scientology!

  • L.

    Queerty editorial meeting:

    Editor 1: “This story is a non-starter.”
    Editor 2: “Let’s run it then.”

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    How come guys like me who made weekly spa-ing a sporting event NEVER, NOT ONCE, ran into Travolta (or Cruise or Clooney or any other true “A” list Hollywooder or even any “B” or “C” lister)?

    From the late 1970s through the 80s and 90s, there were always bathhouses for a little “this and that” in LA/Hollywood, San Francisco, New York, and everywhere from Dallas to Chicago and Atlanta. Most all of my adventures were in California and included spas, bathhouses, sex clubs and private sex clubs, including City Spa. Yet in my 30+ years of attending, at least 1000 times, not one time EVER did I cross paths with these so-called “secret gays.”

    I’ll also point out that in the past 5-10 years, not even the camera shy “listers” can avoid the advent of digital cameras and the proliferation of cellphone cameras and security cameras. As in, that’s how some unknown creep like George Renkers got caught; but how does a Hollywood star avoid such traps? Maybe its just as simple that they were never there in the first place.


    Gee wonder if him and the crazed supposdly Gay scientology midget ever hooked up?

    I have zero syompathy for someone like him. To be atached to a cult like that which is so anti Gay is pathetic. There have been rumors of him being Gay forever. That is one thing to deny your Gay and be associated with a group who spews venon towards them. What I find most distrubing about Travolta is that his son had autism and because scientology will not accept a mental disorder they denied for years that Jett actually had autism. He suffered multiple seizures on a daily basis. Instead of having his son take medication to prevent the seizures they had a scientologist minder watch over him 24/7. There was speculation after Jett died that had he been on the meds he would still be alive.,,,,,,,,,,

  • David Ehrenstein

    @Martin Murray: Travolta has been outed for trolling health club steam rooms more times than I care to remember. Back in the day everyone thought this meant he was on the verge of coming out. Never happened. This is his sex life. His “real lfie” has been constructed for him by Miscaivage and Company.

    I don’t think of him as a gay man at all. In 2010 a gay man is Neil Patrick Harris, John Barrowman, and a host of others. Travolta is a sad artifact of the past. Nothing more.

  • Cam

    Everybody mocks the Enquierer when they break a story. I remember Clay Aiken’s publicist saying something like Oh, they say that Clay is gay? Oh yeah, and he’s also a two headed alien running around with Bat Boy…well that story was true.

    The mainstream news mocked or ignored them when they broke the John Edwards story, they ended up getting nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for excellence for that story. This is why none of these people sue them, because they knew the stories were true. They have too much to lose to print a false story that they could lose a lawsuit over. If they are running this story then they most likely have souces that will hold up in court.

  • jason

    You really have to be careful when cruising for sex in these saunas. There are air-borne spores all over the place. These mutate and become unusually resistant strains. The humidity and lack of fresh air contribute to the unique environment which selects for such unusual strains.

    Also, some of the men in there are international whores. They travel the world seeking out sex with men. Goodness knows what they’re carrying! They’ve been to far-flung corners of the globe picking up all sorts of diseases through their promiscuous behavior. You’d be better off staying far away from them.

  • Dame Helga von Ornstein

    @jason: Based on your analysis it sounds like one should do nothing but stay home and whack off to internet porn.

    When you have sex with someone for the first time you have to keep in mind you have no idea where this person has been. The hot trade pick up at a bar could be a back-alley street whore who happened in for a drink and you two hooked up.

    I have been hitting the bathhouses for years because I refuse to do internet hookups and do not pick up strays and bring them home. A bathhouse has the same risk as any pickup on the street or bar.

  • MakeItNotBeTrue

    Travolta is revolting.

  • romeo

    This is old news going back decades and well documented. He even had to go to court one time to give testimony when a gay man sued the scientologists over their failed and abusive (and expensive) attempt to turn him straight. Apparently Travolta used to aid and abet in those days. This publicity is nasty, but overdue and well-deserved. Also, it’s important in that it highlights how fraudulent, hypocritical, and abusive the scientologists claims are.

  • Gregger

    Oh come on now. His sausage smoking is legendary. Like his sham marriage, his wife has a sham pregnancy. Rubber belly anyone?? Someone else is carrying a baby and will hand it off to the troll and his beard.

  • Jaroslaw

    I can only speak for myself and claim no inside information but I always got the feeling he was Gay (or as another said, a sad ‘closeted’ artifact of the past).

    My Gaydar is about 80% correct for what that is worth! :)

  • Ms. Jimmi

    Well, this has been an open secret for a while now. So many stars have hidden behind the fact that they are untouchable. Truth is, you aren’t.

  • RomanHans

    I believe this — I mean, I was convinced back in the Paul Barressi days — but if Travolta is “screwing his way through ‘secret gay spa subculture,'” shouldn’t he eventually run into a dude with a cellphone camera?

  • Craig

    He is so revolting I prefer he remain semi-closeted!We don’t want him!

  • Roger Rabbit

    Pretty simple. Stars on this level have handlers with them in public who ensure that hidden phones and cameras are stopped or “negotiated”.

    I have gay friends who have been approached by him in the steam rooms who said “No thanks”. Even my str8 friends who have worked on the sets with him confirmed his stream of men to his trailer. Yawn.

    The real funny part here is Kelly denying knowledge of this. Plueeezeee… He’s even said that he’s awake at night flying around in his jet while she’s awake during the day.

    Reminds me of the stories of all of the boys on Merv Griffen’s plane. One of his pilots told me those stories. And they hushed up and flushed that obituary AFTER it was printed.

    Like Craig said, we don’t want him!!!

  • Drake

    Sorry guys. He was so HOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT in Saturday Night Fever, why can’t we be more forgiving about his current status of having acres of flesh?

    At least he is not as big as Kirstie Alley, his sister in Scientology. If they give just another million bucks each to Scientology, they will be awarded their own zip codes, they’re so huge. Yes, they are BIGGGGGGG Scientologists.

    No one in Travolta’s generation who was trying to make it in movies could come out. What is someone of his generation supposed to do, once they figure out that they are gay? It’s his life, and he seems able to impregnate the MRS periodically. He has evidently found “his way”, and we don’t at all know that his wife is not going along with the arrangement.

  • mmm

    I believe his damage to the human society, not only to the gay community was: “The Battlefields.”

    That movie was the enough reason not to forgive him forever.

  • mmm

    I meant “Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000”

  • Joe

    While I will not cry a river when some actor gets ‘outed’, we should really focus our attention on outing to the politicians who can really seriously influence our civil rights, as well as the clergy and religious leaders who influence the politicians. Actors give us entertainment (or not) nothing more, nothing less.

  • jason

    I think Travolta is bisexually oriented, not gay. Italian men – and men in general – are mostly bisexually oriented.

    Nevertheless, it should not give him the right to have sex with others behind his wife’s back. Regardless of your sexual orientation, you need to remain faithful to the person you’ve made your vow to.

  • ChristopherM

    I think of this less as an outing than it is the Enquirer treating a celebrity man who has sex with men the same way they treat the strayt celebrities…they report about the trashy aspects of their lives, particularly if they are having an affair. Not reporting on him having an affair would actually be homophobic on their part given their other reporting.

  • Mike

    “you need to remain faithful to the person you’ve made your vow to”

    Well that’s not true in this case. Kelly Preston is clearly aware of her husband’s sexual orientation and has been for years. She obviously has no problem with it.

    Good luck to them.

    But if he thinks that it won’t be discussed and acknowledged by others then he’s deluded.

  • Mike

    The discussion of John Travolta’s sex life in the Enquirer is no better or no worse than the Enquirer’s discussion of Tiger Woods’ sex life.

  • Queer Supremacist


    In the 1970s, yes.

    In the 21st century, aw Hell no. Even after he sheds the pounds he gained for Primary Colors

    @jason: Bisexuality is a lie because heterosexuality is a lie.

  • Michelle*lollipop*

    wow what a load of bullsh*t, they are not even kissing in that photo, they seem to be doing nothing but hugging and greeting one another, if you look closely you can see in the picture that they are not kissing. If you zoom in you can also see his arm and shirt in the background all the way up which shows their lips are not touching if they was you wouldn’t see his arm where their lips should be joined, but you clearly see the shirt and the strip in the shirt from the nose down and if they was kissing you wouldn’t be able to see the shirt if the lips was touching, but you can clearly see their lips are still quite a distant apart from one another and they are doing nothing but going in for a hug otherwise national enquirer would have a much better shot, and would have one of them actually kissing. they need to be sued over this because it’s nothing but a lie (this picture is anyway). National Enquirer is nothing but a scandalous paper that tries anyway they can to make some money even if it is nothing but lies and destroys the lives of everyone they know.

  • Derek Washington

    I gotta agree with CAM, don’t discount the Enquirer anymore. I’m DYING to interview the author of this book! Hint. Hint.

  • Nightstalker

    He’s a voracious fisting bottom. I have the crusty surgical glove to prove it.

  • randy

    The A list stars are extremely careful to not do anything that will be caught on tape or camera. This is exactly why places like this Spa cater to the top — they insure that the celebs can relax without worry. It’s why they kicked out the author, for pete’s sake. When you have millions of dollars of future roles riding on your bankability, not to mention a few dozen career people, you make sure nothing is left to chance that will spoil it.

    Outing Travalta is nothing worse than outing any celeb caught cheating on his wife. It’s the risk you take, and you KNOW that is the risk. Don’t want to get caught? Then don’t cheat! Is that unfair? Sorry, but those are the rules of celebrityhood. If you don’t like these rules, then go in to another profession where cheating or being closeted isn’t news. LIke plumbing.

  • Mike

    He’s BI people, not gay, bi people have sex with both men and women. Why can’t straight, and even gay people get it in their heads that bisexuality exists and it’s not a phase, as you put it. Am bi, i like both but that doesn’t mean i’ll cheat all the time. Being bi for a guy is harder than it is for a gal, I mean, Xtina or GaGa can kiss a girl in one of their videos and it’s no big deal, a guy does the same and WHAM! Talk about double standards!

  • Sassy Gay Friend

    Oh My….

    *clutches pearls*

  • Tackle

    #41 Mike:
    Hey Jason!

  • axos

    You mean there is a religion that’s not utterly idiotic?

  • axos

    I have no opinion about this whatsoever, but this is a gay site. How come no one who has actually had sex with Travolta himself has come forward? Is he paying every single guy half a million and having him sign a confidentiality contract? Sounds pretty expensive over the years and somewhat impractical in spas and bathhouses.

  • The Artist

    “Drugs and crime spreading on the street, people can’t find enough to eat. Kids can’t go out and play, that’s the State of The World today.” Janet said is so good! So let’s all focus our energy on who John is zooming, because this of course is more important than kids dying in Pakistan flooding or people in New Orleans still without homes after Katrina. PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • ossurworld

    This was news in 1980 unless you are Rip Van Winkle.

  • Lexxvs

    America has a big big trouble learning the word BISEXUAL.
    No, bisexual doesn’t mean a gay with a beard. Or a gay in denial.
    Bisexuals exist. They are the last closet apparently.

  • Soupy

    If Scientology can cure gayness, can’t it help with a weight problem?

  • Ms. Jimmi

    Just call her “Maid of the Mists

  • nineinchnail

    @Lexxvs: Im gay but bisexuality means you’d never find it difficult getting a date! ;)

  • Dean-O

    Rumors may be true, or may be false. Travolta’s never sucked my dick, so I don’t know myself.

    I am sure Scientology f*cked with Travolta’s head. I mean, that’s their m.o. They are quite evil (and it is my sincere that they will fade away and/or collapse). If Travolta is in fact gay, I can imagine Scientology doing all kinds of evil things with that information, including threatening Travolta with all manner of harm.

  • ewe

    He is a closet case. He is a scumbag and he is not an ally of any gay person. Everyone already knows he is a self hating fag. Fuck John Travolta and his double life of inflicting shame.

  • ewe

    @Lexxvs: Screwing a pussy does not make a gay man bisexual.

  • ewe

    @Lexxvs: wow, i did not know Queerty censors the P word. OY. But fyi: being bisexual is not about where you put your body parts. He is kissing a man on the lips. I don’t need to say anything further. Get a grip. This is not a relative of his.

  • ewe

    The legal wife is a front.

  • ewe

    If i had known that lesbian Johnson and Johnson heir was in need, she would still be alive and i would be sitting pretty. Any takers?

  • Chile

    Why people coming from a country as USA what is the king of pornography, homo population, prostitution, care about the sexual life of an actor or actress..who care?. For me is most importan him like actor than his sexual life.

    Regards from Chile

  • The Truth

    John Travolta IS NOT GAY.
    This asshole and National Enquirer report is not news,
    it’s Bullshit !
    Don’t beleive a word of it.
    The Man is a Normal , Happily Married Hetrosexual Man,
    who is an Actor and a Pilot.
    Drop the Bullshit.
    The man is NOT GAY !

  • Russell

    I don´t mind if he´s gay,straight or bisexual. It´s he and his wife´s business. I´d like more actors/actresses to come out and continue their career successfully. It would be a positive model. I don´t blame them for being closeted. It´s their agents and publicists´ fault, making them believe that if they don´t pretend to be straight, people won´t go to see their movies or producers will refuse to hire them. It´s not so long ago when in the first big Hollywood positive film about homosexuality “Making love” (1982), no male stars wanted to perform the leading roles.

  • Russell

    And about Travolta, I shall always remember him in Grease singing “You´re the one that I want UH UH UH,honey”. That song is part of my memories and always cheers me up.

  • juliejvargas

    Sexual addiction, as defined by psychologists, is a ‘progressive intimacy disorder characterize by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts. if you want to learn more then visit this blog http://bit.ly/94feq5

  • Mike

    @ewe: screwing an ass does not make a straight man gay!!!

  • Jack

    @ Michelle #37: that is one passionate air kiss if you ask me! And those arms, all over each other. Words can deceive, but the body language in the photo says hunny-bunnies.

  • Harvey Lipshitz

    Like to give Kelly a ride !!!

  • Skeptical Cicada

    Actually, after the incessant years-long rumormongering about his sexuality, nobody cares anymore.

  • Rob Hole

    I fucked him one…


  • steve

    What’s the possibility that his wife Kelly doesn’t already know and that is how they live their life.. Closeted bisexual with and understanding wife…..

  • TH

    @randy: It really annoys me that he shows up on talk shows and appears to be this sweet “I can do nothing wrong” personality – that is the arrogance of these people who follow Scientology. Tom Cruise is another. He also has a ‘reputation’ of being gay.

    It’s OK to be gay, just be honest about it and don’t be dishonest to all those around you. It will always catch up with you.

    I wonder how Oprah is taking this – one who reveres him so highly and isn’t he taking a plane of her contestants to Australia? Oprah like honesty and she didn’t get it from him.

  • Derek Washington

    The Sausage Factory interview with Robert Randolph (2nd interview)

  • tee zuback

    Who cares that John is a butt pirate, pillow biting homo. I am SO sick of people coming out of the closet as is the rest of society. Stay in the %&^&^ closet, we don’t give a damn!!!!

  • ewe

    @Mike: I know and the religious right would recommend to straight peole that is the only allowable natural contraception while demonizing men who do the same thing.

  • jckfmsincty

    If his wife doesn’t care that he’s gay, why should anyone else?

  • Debbie

    :-O (Yawn). Find me someone from the Hollywood scene who doesn’t overindulge, use alcohol like water, do drugs, falls in “love” with every person they date, isn’t a closet something-or-other, doesn’t know what birth control is for, doesn’t name their child after a fruit, and has been in a totally monogamous, honest, happy, committed relationship for longer than five years (and I’m stretching it there – more like five months), and THEN I might care!

  • Spike

    While it’s entirely believable, I’m thinking if Travolta has been in a s.club/bathhouse in recent years, there would be pics/videos all over the net. You really think every last gay wouldn’t run to their locker and grab their camera phone if they say his fat ass walking around in a towel?!!? Hello, cha-ching



  • JoJo

    “Stay in the %&^&^ closet, we don’t give a damn!!!!”

    Really? Then why do homophobes like you go out of your way to attack gays.

  • JoJo

    “How come no one who has actually had sex with Travolta himself has come forward?”

    Duh, because idiots like you wouldn’t believe them.

  • leah

    Jonh T. is not gay im 14 and I have seen all his moves and i think he is great attor and a loveing father he needs some one to saport him in this time and thats me he is my faveorite attor in the would and my famly thinks hes gay but he NOT I seen all hi moves and I have not seen not a love or a look in his eyes that teels me hes gay my name is leah and JONH T. is the best and you all no it you all are mean to this por hard working man when most of you have no job.ok thank you

  • Harvey Lipshitz

    Bisexuals are just GREEDY !

  • Mykey

    @Harvey Lipshitz: Bisexuals just never run out of dates!

  • Kojack 10 4

    Gay actors & artists already have an advantage of transcending any stereotypical prejudices just by having any success at all. Actors are in the business of pretending, and artists create beauty.

  • eddie

    John Travolta is a good man regardless of what his sexual orientation is. why are people so obsessed with a person’s sexuality? Let him be who is and let’s celebrate the kindness, generosity, and caring that characterize this wonderful man.

  • BB

    Well, Mrs. Preston probably would rather her husband sleep with other men than with other women. It’s when your husband is having sex with a hot, younger woman that really makes you feel threatened. This mess doesn’t need to aired in public; it only hurts the family. Who knows and who cares? I think most men are bi-sexual, if they would only admit it.

  • justauntb

    WELL…If I had known he was gay I would haven’t watched and enjoyed all of his fabulous movies…..NOT!!!!
    Who the fuck cares??????

  • john jeffs

    Well, if he likes men…he likes men…then again Kelly must have a little something down there he likes because obviously she keeps getting pregnant.

  • ben dover

    at least have the decency to dump the chick mann.



  • vincent cummings

    Don’t do this when you are married with children! I am transgendered and have entertained many men who claim to be straight, yet they consult me for services. Many are upper income and maintain an image of “family values”. But they come to get their freak on with me?

  • Treuj

    what a well articulated post!!!!

  • hope

    Gay is not the same as being promiscuous. Never, ever will be. If you saw two male animals (besides humans) having or attempting to mate would you think it strange? Yes, yes it would be. However, human beings are the only species that CHOOSE to have unnatural mating practices. In nature humans must mate with sexual opposites to achieve reproduction. Mr. Travolta was flat told that he had to do certain things to become really famous and he CHOSE to do it, even though he hated it, he still did it and THAT is what turned him into this. What he told one of the plaintiffs was the truth. First he said, “I have done things that would make most people throw up”. He also said that he was not gay when he started and that the “taste of — made him sick”!!! Eventually the man realized that he was stuck in the mess and DECIDED to enjoy the enevitable… “I was smart enough to learn to enjoy it”!? Just as they say child molesters are created by other child molestors. Well, just goes to show what disgusting beastiality can do to a person.

  • concerned citizen

    @leah: Wow Leah – Be sure to stay in school. Your spelling and comprehension are on the level of a second grader.

  • JC

    Gays are a plague on society.

  • Dinodogstar

    Glad to see the pretty-much-all-you-need-to-know tabloid picture of his private same-gender kiss has been brought back out for viewing…not much can or needs to be said in response really…

  • Tod meuir

    Theres an old adage that goes: “Therez no shame in my game”,and in laymans this means that I have no shame in fact that for many years I myself have been a professional escort on a par second to none in those Ive met from simple business people onto judges,attorneys, senators,congress people,celebrities,etc and Im here to tell the maszes that if you believe Travolta is gay then you are easily gullible and that lame loser making up the lies needs to be castrated! If anyone would know of any truism invoving Travolta in that scene I would because the true hidden world of circuit parties,etc dosnt lie! In irony you idiots want to believe this true,honest family man is gay yet those with major celebrity you see everyday who you have no idea they REALLY are gay sneak by you unnoticed lol.. Leave this great guy,great dad,great personand great husband alone and go back to doing what other no life having sheeple do… lol yes Imsure you flaketards will spew forth on me but thats fine because while your doing so keep an eye on your wife/girlfriend that while your busy she will getting busy with me lol

  • politically unconcerned

    Just another fag headed for hell.

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