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John Travolta Too Big A Diva To Guest Star In Glee

Britney Spears. Kristin Chenoweth. Neil Patrick Harris. Gwyneth Paltrow. All of these entertainment personalities managed to find the time, stamina, and choreography to appear on Fox’s hit series Glee for some song, dance, and good will among tweens. Not joining the list: new papa and awards show critic John Travolta. In between jetting off with his male buddies and reviewing spas around the world, Travolta just doesn’t have availability. Plus, he needs much more time to prepare, you guyz! “They’ve asked,” Travolta says of Glee‘s producers. “It’s the thing that when I do musicals I train for six to nine months, up to a year. I really have a criteria or pride. … I would wanna knock em’ dead, and I don’t think I can in a week.” A week of prep might be fine for mere mortals, but it just isn’t enough to deliver the True Travolta Experience.