John Waters, Divorce Ban Advocate

We never took director John Waters for a financial guy, but even he understands the savings that California alone would see if it banned heterosexual divorce: some $4.8 billion, according to some math I don’t full understand. Speaking at the North Louisiana Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in Shreveport, Waters told an audience, “I think we should just try to make heterosexual divorce illegal.” Who knew Waters and The Sally Kern would end up bedfellows.

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  • Queer Supremacist

    John Waters is an American hero. I’m hoping his next movie, Fruitcake, turns out well, because his last two weren’t that great. Divine is still the queen of drag in absentia.

    And I agree with him; if those breeders want it all to themselves so much like Gollum and that tacky little cracker-jack-box ring in the Lord of the Rings, lock them into it.

  • Dawson

    I strongly believe this is what we need to do in California and everywhere else. What better way to show the foolishness of the arguements for Prop 8. I understand someone is already trying to get this on the ballot. I do not believe that we should ignor this. Can you imagine what straight america would say to this?!

    And how about the church. How could they not vote for this. To not support this would show what we already know about the Catholic Church, et al.

    How about it guys/gals. Is there any way to get this on next years ballot?

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