Johnny Knoxville Got A Tattoo Celebrating His Gay Bear Fans

Last year while promoting Jackass 3-D, Johnny Knoxville took his film to the Los Angeles bar The Eagle for a screening in front of grizzlies and bears. It was so cute! But that’s not where Johnny’s affinity for his gay fans ends. Promoting Jackass 3.5 on last night’s Conan, Johnny reveals he went so far as to get some gay ink.

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  • Ross

    Good for Johnny.

    Now, I love him even more.

  • phineas

    He’s an honorary gay man.

  • Spike

    Johny rocks! Can’t say that I’ve ever heard of ‘Goldilocks’ in the bear community, and isn’t an otter a bear that is is smooth, ie latin? Regardless, nice to come across a mainstream celeb that doesn’t just support the gay community but ‘gets’ the gay community.

  • scott ny'er

    johnny is fearless. Which is awesome. Loves him.

  • Jake the libertarian

    LOL, Love it Johnny K!

  • Ian

    OMG, a straight supporter of the gay community! Where oh where are all the hate-mongering Queerty posters who have to denigrate and insult every straight ally that has a story here??

  • Bryan Irrera

    Goldilocks: a, ahem, “fag hag” into bears (I prefer the term “Fruit Fly” or “Queer Dear”).

  • CCGuy00

    @Spike: An ‘otter’ is a thin, but hairy guy in the bear community… I’m not sure what a hairless guy in the bear community would be called… Fuzzy Wuzzy??

  • Corvidae

    @CCGuy00: I believe it’s something like Fuzzy lovers.

  • jacknasty

    He was in A Dirty Shame, the John Waters movie that had those HILARIOUS scenes of the bears who just basically make terrible puns and announce to the neighborhood that they’re gay bears

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