Jon Stewart Slams Worldwide Homophobia With “The 2014 Homophobic Olympics”

We’ve been wondering exactly how Russia would respond to LGBT visitors, athletes, or activists visiting the country during the Winter Olympics beginning next month, but we didn’t even have to wait that long! Despite assuring visitors (again and again) that LGBT people would not be targeted in Russia, Putin’s anti-gay laws are clearly being enforced, as evident by the first of likely many videos to come of activists being silenced has surfaced.

To keep up with the ongoing intolerance in Russia and how it measures up to the striking number of nations currently adopting anti-gay legislation, Jon Stewart is keeping tabs on the world in a new segment called “The 2014 Homophobic Olympics”. Per usual, his commentary is sheer genius, but it’s also a great rundown for anyone that’s not up to snuff with gay politics around the world. Share it with friends!