Megyn Kelly wearing a black turtleneck and gold hoop earrings.

In her latest bid for relevance, former Fox News host/failed NBC morning show host Megyn Kelly once again attacked First Lady Jill Biden for, wait for it, having a doctorate degree. She also took a swipe at trans and nonbinary people, as well, because that’s just who she is.

On her podcast this week, Kelly ranted for three and a half minutes straight about Dr. Biden before awkwardly transitioning into a segment about an online olive oil subscription service.

While the rest of the right-wing has moved on from this topic, Kelly is still furious about Dr. Biden’s doctorate of education, calling it a “fake title” and accusing her of having an “inferiority complex.”

“That’s why she got her doctorate to begin with,” Kelly said. “She wanted to feel important. And now we all have to participate in this fiction that she’s a ‘doctor’, as we understand that word.”

On the contrary, most people don’t care. Those that do, however, understand that there are many different kinds of doctors and that the title “doctor” is used to refer to someone with a doctoral degree. The term derives from Latin, meaning “teacher” or “instructor”, and dates back to the Middle Ages.

Kelly understands this too, but she’s choosing to ignore it because it doesn’t fit into the “anti-woke” agenda she’s built her entire career on.

“It’s so typical of the left these days,” she continued. “We have to use the exact words that they tell us to or we are being disrespectful. We have to engage in their fantasies about themselves, whether it’s the men who are now women, the pronouns have to be said, words like ‘field’ and ‘rule of thumb’ have to be banned. Oh, just shut up!”

Yes, Megyn. Please. Shut up.

From there, she launched into a weird commercial for T.J. Hunter (a.k.a. “The Olive Oil Hunter”) who runs an online olive oil subscription service.

“Like many people, I am trying to eat healthier,” she said, “and that is why I love good olive oil. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

Kelly is obviously just trying to stir up hate and divisiveness surrounding Dr. Biden’s doctorate degree to keep right wingnuts tuned into her crappy podcast and advertisers like T.J. Hunter lining her pockets. Unfortunately for her, most people on Twitter saw right through her act.

Here’s how they’ve been reacting…

Since leaving Fox News in 2017 and then being let go by NBC in 2018 following racist remarks she made about wearing blackface, Kelly has struggled to find her footing. In 2020, she launched a weekday podcast from her basement that caters to the fringe right.

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