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Just How Many Deep Pocketed Donors Is HRC Willing to Lose Before Changing Strategy?


In June of last year, Queerty shared with you a letter from a Human Rights Campaign Federal Club member and donor who, frustrated over the organization’s complete lack of backbone, wrote HRC to tell them he was cutting off his cash. The major complaints? HRC was advising the White House on which types of LGBT rights legislation to push forward, but generating no movement; and that HRC was soliciting funds to “fight” Don’t Ask Don’t Tell but was actually doing virtually nothing on the subject. Here we are, nine months later, and radio host Michelangelo Signorile brings us news of another person who’s going to stop giving HRC money. For the same reasons.

At this point, it’s impossible to tell how many donors HRC is losing because of its fumbling. But HRC’s ineptitude isn’t new. This website has been calling out the organization and its leadership for years, and generating much criticism along the way. But now there are other voices out there who have finally awoken to HRC’s terrible progress record on gay rights, and its inability to generate much of a return for donors.

From absolutely bungling efforts to pass a trans-inclusive ENDA to refusing to make any shifts in its strategy (that, year after year, fails), the discontent with HRC leadership isn’t just palpable, it’s tangible.

Maybe this is why HRC, just like Focus on the Family, is falling so out of favor with its core constituency that it can’t meet its own fundraising goals.

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