gaysDo you ever fantasize about being raped? Taking advantage of an unconscious person who’s too drunk to say “no”? Or getting peed upon?

If so, you’re far from alone.

According to a new study, 30 percent of men fantasize about having sex against their wills, 23 percent secretly want to hump an unconscious person, and 10 percent would like to be used as a urinal.

A group of researchers at the University of Montreal in Quebec, Canada uncovered this information after speaking with over 1,500 adults about their deepest, darkest sexual fantasies, and they just published their findings in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

“Clinically, we know what pathological sexual fantasies are: they involve non-consenting partners, they include pain, or they are absolutely necessary in deriving satisfaction,” lead author Christian Joyal said in a statement released by the university. “But apart from that, what exactly are abnormal or atypical fantasies?”

799 men and 718 women participated in the study. Of the sample, 85.1 percent identified as heterosexual, 3.6 percent identified as homosexual, and the rest identified as somewhere in between.

Respondents were asked a total of 55 statements that delved into the nature and intensity of their wildest bedroom fantasies. From beastiality, to spanking, to having sex with a stranger on the metro, and more.

Respondents then rated each statement on a scale of 1 through 7, with 1 meaning they strongly disagreed with the statement and 7 meaning they strongly agreed. After collecting and analyzing all the data, researchers grouped each fantasy into one of four categories: “rare,” “unusual,” “common,” and “typical.”

Rare meant that 2.3 percent or less of respondents reported the fantasy; unusual meant 15.9 percent or less reported it; common meant between 50 percent and 84 percent reported it; and typical meant 84.1 percent or more reported it.

Hooking up in an usual place, having sex with someone other than one’s spouse, and bumping uglies with a celebrity were among some of the most typical fantasies.

Engaging in a threesome or having sex with a prostitute both ranked higher for men than for women. Interestingly, women ranked higher than men when it came to fantasizing about having sex with more than three people at a time, as well as being tied up to obtain sexual pleasure.

Check out the official findings of the study to see where you fantasies fit in:



h/t: Business Insider

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