On Eve Of SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling, Justice Scalia Still Railing Against “Consensual Sodomy”

scalia-gestureJustice Antonin Scalia is nothing if not consistent. Consistently an asshole, but consistent, nonetheless. The Supreme Court’s longest serving Justice — damn that job security — delivered a speech on his judicial philosophy Friday, reminding those in attendance just where he sits on the whole “sodomy” thing.

“About nine terms ago, we held laws against private consensual sodomy, laws that existed in perfect conformity with the Constitution for over 200 years, to be impermissible,” Scalia said at the annual meeting of the North Carolina Bar Association, in reference to Lawrence v. Texas, the landmark 2003 case that declared sodomy laws unconstitutional.

At the time of the ruling, Scalia bristled that the Court had “signed onto the so-called homosexual agenda” and had “taken sides in the cultural war.” Scalia’s side, however, has been clear from day one, with a strong record opposing LGBT rights compounded by truly ass-brained statements; the most recent and glaring example came during a speech at Princeton where he compared homosexuals to murderers. It didn’t go over well.

Too bad that bid for Scalia to recuse himself from the Prop 8 and DOMA cases didn’t work out. But we’ll see soon enough how the SCOTUS rules and will surely get another Scalia quote for the anals annals of history — of which he’ll find himself on the wrong side yet again.

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