Kansas Lawmaker Fears Assassination From Gays Seeking “Superior Rights”

State Rep. Jan Pauls might have sponsored Kansas’ ban on same-sex marriage, but its her own life and liberty she fears for. “I have friends who have told me they worry that I’ll be another Gabby Giffords, literally,” the conservative Democrat told the Kansas City Star.

A 21-year veteran of the Kansas statehouse, Pauls has been involved in campaigns to block job discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, to ban gay marriage and civil unions, and to keep sodomy laws on the books even after the Supreme Court ruled they were unconstitutional.

But to hear her tell it, Pauls, 59, is a shrinking violet beset by mean old gay ogres.

Her opponents, she says, have been calling people up, asking that lawn signs be removed. Fliers sent to voters used a photo-shopped trick that showed her seated and smiling next to Gov. Sam Brownback, as if the two were BFFs.

“The fliers against me were nasty.” Her supporters feel it, too. “People have been scared to speak out because of what the gay community is doing.”

Wow, it’s like Jim Crow all over again.

Perhaps Pauls is feeling anxious because, thanks to recent remapping of district lines, she’s faced a tough election cycle for the first time in her career. Her strategy over the decades has been essentially to be the bluest Democrat in the state.

But as a new generation with more progressive values emerges, he strategy isn’t working anymore: In the November election, Pauls is up against Dakota Bass, a socially liberal former Democrat who switched parties just to challenge her.

In the August primary, Paul came within ten votes of losing her seat to Erich Bishop, an openly gay maintenance worker and newcomer to politics. Running against a political dinosaur who’s never had to fight for her seat? That’s practically bullying!

With queer terrorists putting Pauls in their crosshairs, her husband, Ron, has stepped up as a kind of personal bodyguard. And his distaste for the lavender set is even more profound than hers: “Homosexuals don’t love,” Ron says. “Homosexuals are all about the sex… Not love.”

As proof of her victimization, Rep. Paul recounts a story from 2006, when she was drafting the state’s constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and civil unions:

[Rep. Paul] was at a political event called Washington Days, the annual meeting of Democrats at the Topeka Ramada Inn. Standing near a stairwell, Pauls had a view of the atrium — and was next to the meeting room of the party’s gay/lesbian caucus.“A fat guy with a red face,” she recalls, came running out, yelling, fists high in the air. She demonstrates with her own fist in the air.

“I backed up and yelled: ‘Security! Call security!’ I think he was hoping he could throw me over the stairs.” There were throngs of people in the hallway. But husband, Ron, was not at her elbow. He heard her yell and was pushing to get to her.

“I yelled at Ron not to touch him because I knew that could lead to trouble. It was scary.”

She looks at her husband now. Both seem like they’d rather not remember this. No arrests were made, because the man’s friends calmed him down, she says. In her telling of the tale, she thinks she knows who the man was: the same one now orchestrating the campaigns against her, Tom Witt of Wichita, the executive director of the Kansas Equality Commission.

Witt says Pauls is rewriting history: He was there, he admits, but just to calm the real agitator down.

“She came and stood right outside the door of the LGBT caucus. A guy named Larry Hurlbert went out into the hallway to confront her about the horrible things she said about gays. I heard him say, ‘I’m gonna give her a piece of my mind!’?”

Witt said Hurlbert hardly got past the room’s doorway, the yelling lasted maybe 30 seconds. Several caucus members dragged him back in, and no balcony was closer than 10 yards.

Maybe Pauls is so used to breezing through elections she doesn’t understand how politics works. “They’re trying to intimidate and bully people who don’t agree with them,” she moans. “[It’s] ironic, because, you know, they shouldn’t be bullying at all.”

Right, that’s your provenance.

“I think most Kansans’ concerns are not that the homosexuals want equal rights but superior rights. That’s what makes this issue so difficult,” she explains. “Homophobia here in Hutchinson? I don’t think so. We would have heard about it by now if we were.”

Um, you’re hearing about it now, lady.

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  • Roger Rabbit

    Um – Hearing about it? She’s running the homophobia….

  • Captain proton

    I’m surprised she has not complained of receiving an unmarked envelope filled with pink powder.

  • Cam

    Isn’t it funny how the attackers always claim to be the victims?

    She is breaking into somebody’s house and then complaining that she is the victim of the evil homeowner who doesn’t want to let her in.


    assassination? nah. me thinks punishment enough having to confront that much monstrosity in the mirror every day. that life sentence looks real ugly.

    but i would like to think we had a hand in that charming hairdo — now that would be wonderfully evil retribution.

  • FunMe

    She’s a LIAR and like typical of fake christians, pulling the victim card once again. Next!

  • Little-Kiwi

    i love this kind of failed logic.

    yes, sure. and lgbt children in kansas fear being disowned by their families, being beaten up by bigoted peers or even complete strangers, and being assassinated by the type of plebes who’d defend this heinous bigot of a woman.

  • Ogre Magi

    I hate Christians and all their crap

  • Charlie in Charge

    If only she had befriended us; we could have helped her do something with that hair.

  • Brian

    she clearly has nothing to fear. her eating habits at Chick-Fil-A will do her in before any gays can get to her…

  • Brian

    she has nothing to worry about…her obvious Chick-Fil-A eating habits will do her in long before the gays get her…

  • maxdadmark

    You have GOT to be kidding us!!! The neanderthal is worried about being attacked by her victims? Oh, I can hear Der Fürher screeching, “Eek! Die Juden versuchen, mich zu töten!” (The Jews are trying to kill me!). Get a life, lady, and quit trying to get press attention for your hate-mongering.

  • DarthKitsune

    We’re not going to assassinate her for being a godaweful bigot and hatemonger! We’ll bump her off for looking like a fish-dog who was trapped in burger king for a week, watch that ass miss thang, lolz!

  • Wayne_in_NYC

    So we are wanting “Superior rights”??? Would that mean that we’re wanting the right to have superior weddings to the ones straight people have? Is she afraid we’re going to have superior marriages to the one she’s had? Her calling Mr. Hurlbert “fat” is like the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. Something happened way back in 2006, 6 years ago, and she’s bringing it up now in a thinly veiled attempt to get headlines and mileage out of Gabby Giffords who loved her gay staff members and was an outstanding legislator? PUH-LEASE!!!! Get off your soapbox before you break it!

  • Charles

    Assassination seems a bit extreme, though I’d definitely fine her for misusing the word literally: “I have friends who have told me they worry that I’ll be another Gabby Giffords, literally.” Really? Like the way Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster switched bodies in “Freaky Friday?”

  • Victor_in_PA

    Can we trade Kansas for something useful?

  • Daniel-Reader

    So she bases her political ambitions on literally violating the human rights of hundreds of millions of people, and then complains that others might not uphold her human rights? That’s seriously fucked up. Kansas needs to elect some actual Christians who live up to the Christian requirement of “Do unto others as you’d have done unto you.”

  • Nikkidane

    She obviously doesn’t have a gay hair stylist!

  • Dwayne420

    What a bunch of crap…has anyone notified the Gay Mafia yet? PMSL

  • Eric Auerbach

    Stop ragging on this woman. She was great in Justified.

  • marc sfe

    “They’re trying to intimidate and bully people who don’t agree with them,” she moans. “[It’s] ironic, because, you know, they shouldn’t be bullying at all.”

    Uh, excuse me, but isn’t this EXACTLY what you’ve been doing??? Isn’t so much fun is it? Frankly, I suspect the vast majority is in your head and lady, the glbt community does NOT take to guns to take care of issues – Gabby Giffords was NOT shot by a person of the glbt community but rather your OWN.

    We can only hope you are defeated in the election. your time is over to be in office – hatred, bigotry and denial of equal civil rights is the past – that would be you.

  • D9W

    Remember that old Jim Crow Sunday school song favorite?
    IF you know you’re a religious bigot clap your hands…
    IF you know you’re a religious bigot clap your hands…
    If your head is full of religious poo through and through and you don’t know what to do…
    Just Lie through your teeth…

  • Dumdum

    I don’t even think a makeover could fix THAT damage. Probably she grew up in the hill country and never had no learnin. I bet they had to throw her on her back to get shoes on [email protected]maxdadmark: I think that is an insult to The Neanderthals, my understanding is that they were fairly peaceful. The Cro-Magnons shared the European landscape with Neanderthals for some 10 000 years or more, before the latter disappeared from the fossil record. The nature of their co-existence and the extinction of Neanderthals has been debated. Suggestions include, co-existence, competition, interbreeding, assimilation and genocide.

  • paulahare2

    no god

  • LubbockGayMale

    OMFG, this woman is crazy! Or maybe crazy like a fox… her claims probably gain her a lot of contributions from the far right, if nothing else. Here’s hoping the voters get smart and throw her out.

  • Steve Rosenberger

    Jan Pauls: Put down the doughnut and step away from the Toni Home Perm. And don’t EVER again compare yourself to Gabby Giffords. She is brave, beautiful, widely respected and loved. You are none of these. You are a pathetic loser.

  • vinceluschas

    uh….. superior rights? just who has “superior” rights in this great nation of ours?

    As a 67 year old gay man who came out in the late 50s, I can tell you without a doubt who has “superior” rights and rides the true gravy trains in our country. It surely is’t anyone not heterosexual.

    It irked my 3 long-term partners and I no end to watch straight married couples file joint tax returns when it benefited them and have all of the benefits that come with straight marriage that were denied us even though each of my long-term relationships were truly loving.

    How is it possible that straight couples think they are entitled to all of these benefits?

    I understand that once a wife is pregnant and if and only if the married couple is doing a good job raising their kids society might want to give them some governmental assistance in the form of tax breaks and other financial assistance. But if they do a bad job, aren’t paying attention to their children’s educational progress and behavior in the community, why on earth are these people given these special breaks? Why do these people think that these government handouts are Rights? Isn’t it important that these straight couples earn these tax breaks by raising children well? And once their children leave home or graduate from college (though extending these government handouts beyond 18 might be considered “superior” benefits and some might think excessive), why should straight married couples be entitled to any more benefits than gay couples living together? None, as far as I can see.

    And wouldn’t that go a very long way toward lowering our national deficit. I bet it sure would.

  • starshipcaptain

    Ms. Pauls, there is no danger of you ever being “another Gabby Giffords.” You will never amount to that.

  • Stache99

    Ugly on the inside as much as the outside. Nasty and vile.

  • BradT

    No one in the gay community is out to get her.
    The only thing we’d like to do to her is fix her hair and get her a wardrobe that’s been made since the 1950’s.

  • fagmango

    Really? I think it’s horrible that we even give this garbage media space. She is only saying this to demonize gay people. No one is attacking her. She knows it… we all know it.

  • Joel J

    @Cam: It’s an old tactic of the Religious Right to claim it is they who are the victims of persecution. When was the last time you heard of a gay person attacking a straight because of his/her sexual preference? When was the last time you heard of a straight attacking a gay because of his preference? Right. Jan Pauls is cynically appealing to the Religious Right to improve her prospects for reelection.

  • Joel J

    Insisting that our country live up to the promise of the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause by recognizing same sex marriage is not asking for superior treatment. That should be obvious to any fifth grader. What’s the matter with Kansas? Too many ignorant bitches like Jan Pauls.


    @vinceluschas: Yes it is me with new idea! Holocaust to fucking bloody Christian.

  • dbmyers

    @vinceluschas: I think a good argument could be made for the statement that the 1% (the rich) have “superior rights”.

  • Dumdum

    @KARUADAM: I am no fan of the religious right or the Abrahamic religions in general. However I find your comment to be extreme if not down right offensive. I as much as any Gay person can understand how growing up in a society than not only looks down upon you, treats you with contempt, denies civil rights and even condones violence against Gays. One might have anger issues. However your idea is hardly new as it is held by most Islamic extremists. Since everyone is so fascinated with reality T.V. perhaps we could put the extremist Christians and Muslims together on an island with no weapons and see how they fair.

  • Dumdum

    @dbmyers: There is no argument honey. It’s a given.

  • randalaw

    Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

  • streeteditions

    We now know what the “wart on the ass/face of progress” looks like!

  • Rockindad

    What the heck is the Democratic Party doing supporting this idiot? “Bluest Democrat”? She doesn’t even qualify as purple! Mirror mirror on the wall -who’s the reddest Democrat of all? Yuck…

  • Kernos

    She sure ain’t a Gabby Giffords!

  • hf2hvit

    That fat cow should be lovers with that other gay-hating fat cow, Maggie what’s-her-fat-ass…they could munch each other’s carpet instead of their own cud.

  • hf2hvit

    They just love playing “BULLY AND VICTIM”. They go chasing after people who are minding their own business and then cry when those people fight back… and their best allies? Groups full of idiots like GOProud who beg, “Can I PLEASE be a member of your club?!?!?”

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