Kelly Osbourne Is Sorry For Being An Insensitive Transphobic Jerk

When Kelly Osbourne’s boyfriend dumped her for a trans woman, Osbourne got all “tranny” this and “chick with a dick” that. But she’s sorry about all that. In fact, she’s written a totally unsolicited apology for GLAAD and The Transadvocate, explaining that she used to think “tranny” was a flattering and humorous word when called one by her friends.

That totally explains why she used it to slam her ex’s new girlfriend—she meant it as a humorous compliment, you guys!

In her apology, Osbourne says that The Transadvocate brought the issue to her attention and helped her learn the error of her ways. She then reached out to GLAAD, who agreed to publish her letter on their blog.

Osbourne admits, “I cannot deny the words; they did come out of my mouth” and then adds, “As a lifelong LGBT ally and friend, I feel it is my duty to not only apologize for my wrong but to also correct it.”

You see, she and her LGBT pals never knew that “tranny” was a slur but Google and GLAAD have both taught her just how horrible it is and so she will no longer use or allow said slur to be uttered in her presence.

Transgender people are some of the bravest people on Earth and among the LGBT community. I cannot imagine the courage it takes to live your life openly and honestly, reflecting who you truly are, or the hurt that comes from having to hide who you are because others may not support and accept you.

Due to the fact that it is Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20, I would like to raise awareness to this injustice in society. It is a day to remember those who have lost their lives due to anti-transgender violence and speak out against the fact that transgender people face disproportionate amounts of discrimination and harassment every day.

The lack of knowledge about transgender people contributes to the unparalleled number of violent acts against them every day.

A part of me is happy I’ve made such an awful mistake because I can now use this as a platform to help speak out against the use of such hurtful and dehumanizing words. With your assistance and support, we can get this word out of television/media. It is still being used today; I’ve seen it four times in the past week.

My sincerest apologies to any ally or member of the LGBT community whom I have hurt or offended. That kind of representation goes against everything I stand for and is the last thing I would ever want to do.

Both GLAAD’s president Mike Thompson and The Transadvocate editor Marti Abernathey have given  Osbourne their nod of approval and released her from further public penance for turning her ignorance into a teachable moment.

Now she can go back to her music and modeling careers and guest spots on Fashion Police, Dr. Phil and RuPaul‘s Drag Race.


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  • Allen D.

    She didn’t have to do that. But, go on gurl!

  • Childless Charles

    Another day, another cis-supremest false apology. Been there, done that.

  • Yttrium

    Has Kelly ever given any thought to her long-time boyish haircut? It’s like she doesn’t realize her boyfriend liked her for her manish looks. That’s why he cheated with a transsexual instead of a girly-girl type!

  • missanthrope


  • Carl

    A sincere apology from someone and what does the Great Daniel Villarreal do? Act like a complete, stereotypical, Quenn Bitch Gay Boy. Way to go there, Danny-boy, way to go. If this is how you treat the people who support the LGBT community (even one who screwed up and has APOLOGISED for it), I can’t wait to see how you treat those who oppose Equal Human Rights for the LGBT population…

    Kelly screwed up. She’s human like the rest of us, we all do it from time to time. Hell, I used to use “tranny” a lot myself, because I heard a couple of transgender (and it’s ironic that the queerty spell-checker doesn’t know the word transgender lol) people use it. I just thought it was their equivalent of our reclaiming ‘queer’. Once I learnt the error of my ways, I stopped. So yeah, she screwed up – at least she has the balls to step up and say “Yep, I said that. I messed up. Sorry folks” – a lesson Danny-boy could do with learning, most of the articles he publishes are full of factual and typographical errors. And that’s before we get to his attempts at humour and sarcasm, which fall flat and have led to opponents of Equal Human Rights using his posts AGAINST the LGBT community!

    In short, Go Team Kelly (who, as a bi-guy, I can safely say is well fit) and Down Team Daniel Villarreal!

  • Trent Reznor

    I bet Kelly is a closet tranny. Sucks for him.

  • JJ

    Daniel is a total a-hole. I am reminded why I no longer read this blog with frequency.

  • amo

    @Yttrium: Did you see the girl he cheated on her with? She’s probably girlier than Kelly!

  • Yttrium

    @amo: I’ve seen her. She is very masculine looking, even more than Kelly.

  • missanthrope

    Wow, someone actually does a good thing and all people can answer back with trans-misogynist slurs against Kelly and the other woman. Keep it classy troll scum.

  • That's not squid ink!

    @Yttrium: That’s right, she has a square face and a manly jawline. I personally find that attractive, but… I’m a gay man. I like manly features.

  • xander

    Good on Kelly for the apology. May she not repeat the mistake! Enuf said.

  • Abby

    Carl: can we stop pretending that there IS a GLBT community? You can’t get away with calling Daniel a bitch queen gay boy (whatever that is) and make anyone think you love or respect gay people or transpeople. You’re a sexist pig, and because you’re a sexist pig, I find it hard to believe your reply has anything to do with forgiving Kelly. After all, she didn’t “make a mistake,” as you claimed she did. It was deliberate and conscious trans hatred.

  • Allen D.

    @Abby: Ok, so there’s no GLBT community. So, shut up. There, how’s that? Each facet is on their own!

  • Abby

    @Allen D.: That’s fine with me. Gay people and trans people can continue to work together as allies, whenever it proves convenient. There’s a shared level of understanding between us. Bisexual men and women who are basically straight men and women on steroids can do their own social work. I’d like to see them try. If the bisexual people I know are any indication (including the ones who post on this site), most are in the closet out of fear the opposite sex will never date them again.

  • Carl

    @Abby: An openly bisexual (I make sure that everyone I get involved with knows my sexuality) man, someone who has marched for LGBT rights (and there IS an LGBT community, no matter what you think. One only needs to look at the sense of community at Prides to see this) is homophobic? What a load of bollocks. I used the term “stereotypical” – it was quite clear, from not just that but my overall language and the context, that I was coining an extreme example – just as Daniel does himself. I don’t see you attacking HIM for that. Daniel fulfils many of the negative stereotypes that those who oppose Equal Human Rights hold of us within the LGBT community.

    Kelly made a mistake. She’s human, we make mistakes – no one is perfect, no one has never said anything stupid, foolish or hurtful: anyone who claims they haven’t is a liar. We also have FEELINGS. She had just been dumped by a man she cared for deeply, she was hurt. So she lashed out. Whoopy do. I know I’ve said some pretty shitty things about ex’s and their new partners. She has apologised and, Daniel’s vitriol aside, it appears genuine. This was an unsolicited apology, she did it off her own back.

    And I’d LOVE to know what makes me sexist, since I didn’t address gender issues in my previous post. Maybe it was the use of “Queen” to refer to a gay man? That’s the only thing I see coming close – and that’s if you squint really hard and shut off all your brain cells. I hate to break it to you dear, but queen is a common moniker for gay and bisexual men. Can I be a queen? Oh hell yeah, from time to time. I can also be a stomping metal head. Ain’t life grand? There’s naught as queer as folk, as the old saying goes. But somehow I get the feeling I’m being Trolled here, ain’t that right Abby?

    Also, it’s good to see that I’m not the only one who thinks Elle Schneider is attractive. I wouldn’t even say she has a ‘manly’ face like some have done. I’ve always thought it would be great to date a transgender (man or woman).

  • Carl

    Sorry, getting tired, got some facts muddled – he cheated on Kelly and she dumped him. Of course she was upset. She lashed out. Not exactly a surprise in that situation. She’s said sorry, like a big girl. Bravo to her, I say.

  • Abby

    Carl, your reply is so much excuse-making. I repeat that Kelly didn’t make a mistake, and she didn’t make a rude comment about an ex, she made a hateful comment about a transsexual woman. I don’t think Daniel’s behavior is inappropriate, and even if it were, it has nothing to do with your childish and deeply insulting behavior toward both gay men and women (of all kinds). I cannot take you seriously as a person who claims to support equality or even as an adult.

  • Abby

    I realize it may sound harsh to say you made excuses, you’re hateful (specifically, sexist), and childish, but the truth can be harsh sometimes, and I wouldn’t need to say it so starkly if you were capable of admitting that you’re wrong. I do think it’s strange that you insist we all make mistakes, and then fail to own up to any of your own problems.

  • Carl

    @Abby: Abby, I think you need to visit specsavers (or a psychologist), because you’re seeing things that aren’t there. I have said nothing insulting towards gay men or women in general – I have made a comment about One Individual (Daniel Villarreal) and I am not alone in commenting on his sub-par ‘reporting’ skills, a quick browse through the comments on Queerty will reveal this. Time and again, his work serves only to support the negative stereotypes held by those who oppose equal human rights.

    I like how you think Kelly, someone who had her heart ripped out by a man she loved, should somehow behave in a saint-like manner. She was hurt, she was upset, she lashed out. I’m not saying it’s right, it wasn’t. But it was human. Human’s do things like that when they are hurt. The more important thing is that she apologised for her words. That takes courage. To admit one’s failings, openly and publicly, is a brave thing. I’m not being an apologist for her. I just see in her things that I have seen many people do, including friends.

    You question my loyalty to my beautiful rainbow family and equality? Fine, don’t believe me. I’ll wave to you from the next parade in Nottingham. Or whilst I set-up the Bisexual stall at Sheffield Pride next year. Or maybe mail you a copy of the stuff I knocked up for the stall earlier this year. I am a very active member of my community. I don’t care whether you believe me, for I know the truth and all you have are ASSumptions. In my 32 years, I’ve seen few people who jump to as many conclusions as you have – heck, even seeing things in my posts (sexism, homophobia, transphobia and so on) that aren’t even there. So, hats off to you for that. At the end of the day all I have said is that 1) Kelly is human and she screwed up, for which she has said sorry and 2) Mr Villarreal’s ‘reporting’ style is shocking.

    I don’t know why I’m trying to reason with someone so unreasonable though, it’s quite clear that you are trolling me, especially since you’ve had to start making stuff up to do so!

  • Carl

    @Abby: Oh my, I’m still sexist. Where exactly? Once again, I have not addressed gender issues. And, my dear, I’m not being childish – just a little catty, there’s a world of difference. Just because I’ve pointed out the gaping flaws in your ASSumptions about me doesn’t make me ‘childish’ – merely observant.

    I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life – and have apologised for them. Heck, if you look up you’ll see I made one when stating Kelly was dumped. That was a factual error that I corrected and apologised for. So your assertion that I haven’t owned up to any mistakes is blatantly false – either a lie or a mistake of your own. I await your apology with baited breath.

    I fail to see any other mistakes – unless you refer to our differing opinion on Kelly’s words, which I view as a heated attack by someone who was hurting greatly and you somehow, with no evidence, ASSume it was a premeditated attack on transgender individuals.

    So really, who’s being childish here? I’m not the one making stuff up about others in an attempt to detract from their comments, am I?

  • Shannon1981

    Kelly has always been pro LGBT. Now…no matter how LGBT affirming one is…straight people are not, nor will they ever be, fully qualified to tell the truth of us. I hate it, but its true. I am sure that statement sounds very heterophobic, but, it is simply true.

    Am I upset and disappointed that she said these things? Yes. But I also commend the apology without provocation. That speaks volumes.I do not believe she meant anything by this at all.

  • R.A.

    Good lord, gay men have thrown gender-bending sexist terms at each other for centuries.
    It’s part of our culture.
    For some, it’s how we deal with our own gender issues.
    Is there never to be any safe space for gay men to communicate?
    Trans or cis – all you politically correct tyrannical female thought-police can stuff it.

  • Mykey

    why do gay people pride themselves in being called degrading names: queen, queer, pansy, to name a few. for example, did you know queen was british slang for prostitute

  • Carl

    @Mykey: It’s about the power of claiming the word – take queer as an example. For decades it was only a slur, an insult. By claiming it as part of our identity, we have reduced it’s effectiveness as a weapon. A hypothetical example: someone attacks you with a knife. They have the weapon, they have the power. Now consider if you have training. You disarm the opponent. Now you have the knife, you have the power. This is a similar concept – it’s about removing the power of the weapon.

  • Mav

    It was a pretty good apology I thought. Kelly Osbourne is not one of my favorite people by any stretch of the imagination, but it seems to me that she really did sound sincerely sorry about her outburst.

    Frankly I don’t find “tranny” that offensive (as a transgendered person) but I’m not a transwoman either, and it’s a slur that tends to be used against them a lot more than it gets used against transmen. We’re more likely to get the lesbian and gay slurs because based on visual presentation alone, people can’t always figure out whether we’re an effeminate guy or a masculine girl.

  • rory

    Could you be any more sarcastic? She does a lot more than most other people so give her some credit!

  • MakesYouWonder

    Personally I’ve never been a big fan, but at this point with all the posturing that most celebrities do when in regards to LGBT’s. I’m allowing myself a little hope that people can change when shown the error of their ways. With all the bad news going around I like to shut off my inner cynic and enjoy what appears to be a genuine apology from someone who made a mistake and now wishes to apologize for it.

  • Godiva

    Um, she stole her boyfriend. She kind of gets a free pass for a bit. She’s kept that kind of language limited exclusively to this situation, so calling her transphobic is just unfair. She’s pissed, and she has a right to be.

  • Maya

    I tend to look at apologies like this with a lot of doubt but this apology is far better than what I’ve gotten even from gay men and lesbians when they have been educated on why the word “tranny” is offensive for some trans people especially trans women. While on the one hand it SHOULD be common sense that tranny is a derogertory slur the reality is that it is used commonly by many gay men as a joke including in the media (see christian sariano) and many many gay men get extremely upset and defensive when you call them on their ignorant and insulting behavior and claim because they are gay men that gives them magic “intent” powers to not be insulting to trans people cause it wasn’t their intent.

    So I have to give credit to a cisgender straight girl for listening when people told her it was wrong, publicly admitting it and pledging not ever use it again. You can’t get a much better outcome than that when someone does something wrong. So I think your snark and anger is misplaced in this case.

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