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Kentucky Attorney General Tears Up While Announcing He Won’t Defend Marriage Equality Ban

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway has just exhibited what it takes to be an ally in the most human way, definitely making fans out of us in the process.

As you know, a federal judge recently ruled that Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages from other states, and in order to circumvent that, Conway would’ve had to put extensive time and resources into what would basically be defending discrimination.

In an eloquent and emotional speech, Conway details exactly why he won’t do that and makes explicit references to those who would rather fight to keep discrimination legal.

The most powerful piece of his speech is the simplest, in which he states that “For those who disagree, I can only say that I’m doing what I think is right.”

We couldn’t agree more, Mr. Conway.

LGBT people and allies for marriage equality everywhere thank you. (The good stuff starts at the three minute mark.)

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  • Cam

    This guy needs to run for national office.

  • Louis

    Uhh he was against marriage equality at one point.

    I appreciate what he said and ultimately the compassionate response he made.

    But in the end he was against us and how can we be fully positive he still isn’t in some way or another?

    I don’t know Im very appreciative and thankful for what he decided too do as well as his eloquent and sincere words.

    Its just that it reminds me of the old saying fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on you.

    I don’t know Im grateful I just….I don’t know.

    Im torn.

  • Kamuriie

    He’s a Democrat. He’s run for national office several times, never won. Difficult for a Democrat to win in Kentucky. But, he did a very good thing in choosing to not defend their ban. Good for him, and Kentucky.

  • mrbob84

    He was tearing up because of his family, tho his dedication to the issue is also obviously intense. Being in syncopation with his wife and daughter, and how precious they are to him, was what brought the tears to his eyes. If he was another way in some past part of his life, these wonderful women now in his life will never allow him to go back there again, and have solidly opened his eyes.

    We need people like this, who believe in equality to the max, and condemn ANY form of discrimination, hands down. Martin Luther King Jr. would have been very proud.

    Louis – I think you can dispense with your suspicion and distrust now, I think the guy’s OK. (And the saying you quoted was actually quoted backwards, but I knew what you meant…)


    Bob (straight)

  • Sebizzar

    @mrbob84: Agreed. This was very moving, and I don’t know his history on equal rights but he’s clearly got the right mind about it now :)

  • Louis


    Fair enough I appreciate the intent and sincerity as I said previously nonetheless .

    I don’t know what saying you are referring too either Im afraid.

  • manjoguy

    @Louis: “Uhh he was against marriage equality at one point.” Wasn’t Barack Obama also?

  • dustashed

    I appreciate what he said and all.. but i can’t understand why he feels the need to cry though. I mean, regardless if he had any stake in it or not (maybe a family member is gay?) there’s too much drama for it coming from a family man.. then again, maybe that’s not how he really felt and he was all choked up because he had to utter words that were completely the opposite of what he wanted to say? hmm.. maybe its just a western thing I guess.

  • mrbob84

    Louis –

    You said, “Its just that it reminds me of the old saying fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on you.” The actual saying is “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.”

    Dustached –

    You said, “…but i can’t understand why he feels the need to cry though.”

    Again, private thoughts of his family, which of course we are not privy to.

    You don’t really think he intended to tear up, right? Even remotely? Seriously? We all know what happened to Dean, that politician who ran for President and let himself loose just one time during his campaign and the press never let him hear the end of it. And the public reaction to Hilary when she got the least bit emotional during an interview, which happened only one time that I know of in her career. No politician wants to allow that, it’s much too risky politically, there are always serious wolves out there who stand ready to pounce on any emotion showing.


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