Emotional Moment

Kentucky Attorney General Tears Up While Announcing He Won’t Defend Marriage Equality Ban

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway has just exhibited what it takes to be an ally in the most human way, definitely making fans out of us in the process.

As you know, a federal judge recently ruled that Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages from other states, and in order to circumvent that, Conway would’ve had to put extensive time and resources into what would basically be defending discrimination.

In an eloquent and emotional speech, Conway details exactly why he won’t do that and makes explicit references to those who would rather fight to keep discrimination legal.

The most powerful piece of his speech is the simplest, in which he states that “For those who disagree, I can only say that I’m doing what I think is right.”

We couldn’t agree more, Mr. Conway.

LGBT people and allies for marriage equality everywhere thank you. (The good stuff starts at the three minute mark.)