Killer’s Sisters Back Up “Gay Panic” Defense In Murder Of Marco McMillian

mcmillian-reedMore details have emerged in the murder of Marco McMillian, a 34-year-old openly gay politician found dead near the Mississippi River levee two weeks ago.

The man accused of killing McMillian, 22-year-old Lawrence Reed, claims he killed the mayoral candidate after he made unwanted advances on him.

Reed’s roommate, Kamillia Evans, told that if Reed did it “he was defending himself,” something his sisters also claim:

However, the sisters say Reed told them everything. Just after midnight on February 26, their youngest sister received a panicked call from Reed. One sister says, “He called at 12:11am and he told her that the dude (McMillian) was trying to rape him. He was exposing himself to him, playing with himself, telling him to do things and then he’ll take him home.”

He told the girl he was on a back road and couldn’t get away. A few minutes later a bruised, bloody and broken Reed showed up at their back porch. “He just looked like he had been through war…” one sister describes, “He was standing in the back, back here, telling God to forgive him. He didn’t mean to do it, and he was saying that he just wanted to die.”

She says when Reed couldn’t get away from McMillian, he used the chain on his wallet to choke the 200 pound politician. “He was shaking real hard, he was crying real hard, he was circling, begging for somebody to talk to him.”

The sisters say Reed was inconsolable and, they believe, suicidal. “When he left out, he just drove out, sped up and hit a white truck head on.”

The FBI is currently investigating the murder of Marco McMillian as a possible hate crime.

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  • MikeE

    Oh yes, I’m certain that the killer’s family and best friends are the most reliable witnesses to the events. Lordy, they would NEVER lie to help their brother, would they.

  • Darson

    The police need to look into an intimate relationship between the two men. I think McMillan told Reed that he was in love with him and Reed freaked out. Seeing as some men can have gay sex and not consider themselves gay hut if love and emotions come into play..they can’t handle it. The severe “overkill” in how McMillan was killed shows this.

  • Dakotahgeo

    If this little turd of a “kid” had to choke, burn, and then DRAG Mr. MacMillian to his death… sorry Uncle Jemima, that’s not panic kickin’ your butt, it’s pure hate! Life with no parole, Buster Brown!

  • RandallSM

    I wondered how long it would take for one person to make a remark in regard to Lawrence Reed’s ethnic background. Not long at all. It’s always: not long at all.

  • Cam

    So he was able to call his sister to claim somebody was trying to rape him…but apparently couldn’t dial 911?

    Yeah, nice try.


    This sounds like a fabricated story to help get their brother out of trouble. I agree with Darson–more than likely they were in an intimate relationship together, and Reed freaked out at the thought of being forced out of the closet (if your boyfriend / partner is the mayor, it is harder to hide it).

  • Teleny

    I agree with everyone else. This guy found murder preferable to being “exposed” as gay.

  • jaack

    Mississippi KILLS another Democrat, ‘dem So Baptist must keep together, God’S WORDS. Kill the Queer!

    Another case just like the 2 guys who ROBBED & MURDERED Matthew Shepard. Bring on the evil gay rape defense. This family is now wearing the Pink Sheets , where the Klan has white sheets, Don’t want to mix up hate groups.

    Just had to strangle the man to death to make sure he cant tell his side. Killing with your hands is a violent bloody messy, but not too broken to blame the victim.

    MAYBE A VICTIM Was murdered by the closeted murdering queer to shut him up. The gay rape defense is as thin as smoke and as substantial. The judge should never ALLOW a gay baiting defense.

  • RandallSM

    “Uncle Jemima, “‘dem So Baptist,” comparing a black family to the Ku Klux Klan? From an intellectual standpoint, why is the offender’s race being brought into question and in such an ugly fashion? I would be horribly remiss, as a gay, black man, to willfully ignore a cross-section of the African-American community that is vocal in regard to their homophobia, just as I would be terribly remiss, as a decent, gay, human being, to ignore a cross-section of the Gay community that is vocal in regard to their own deep-seated racism.

    I would hope, as a decent human being, that we would all be above such cancerous thoughts. A bright, young man’s life has been taken-away in a horrific crime, and all some of you can do is to is bring his ethnicity into this awful tragedy instead of focusing on what can be done to eradicate violence and homophobia wherever it occurs.

  • Charles175

    The gay panic defense is the number one excuse to assault and murder us. It has the highest success rates on murders because dead people tell no tails.

  • Daniel-Reader

    Since the victim is dead, it could be the reverse – he was murdered when he didn’t want to have sex with the killer. Never assume the survivor is the innocent one.

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