Kressley on Kressley

AfterElton talks with uber-gay Carson Kressley today. In addition to discussing his new Lifetime show, Kressley takes some time to address people who find him to be a dick sucking version of black face: “If I say I was being stereotypical and I do what “shouldn’t” be stereotypical, then I’m living my life for somebody else and I’m marching to the beat of somebody else’s drummer, and that, I think, is a worse thing.”

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  • emb

    Fine, Carson. Be proud to join the ranks of acceptably “safe”, unthreatening gay eunuchs that are permitted to romp freely on the airwaves.

  • gay as life

    I think he should absolutely be proud. He is simply being himself and in the process creating a very successful life for himself, and by extension for gay people in general. It is unfortunate that our society is still so uncomfortable with more masculine, sexualized gay people, but it is not imperative that Kressley battle to change this.

    And I think “eunuch” is far too harsh. I have heard much more gay-specific filth coming out of Kressley’s mouth on Queer Eye than I EVER heard on crap like Will & Grace. (Example: when a straight guy was putting contact lens solution in Kressley’s hand, Kressley said “Oh yeah, squirt it in my palm.” That’s pretty damn man-on-man sexual!)

    His wit and humor have done far more to advance the acceptance of gay folks in American society than any of the jerks who bash effeminacy.

  • todd

    He’s a funny sissy.

  • ajax

    You know what? The man is who he is. If he were to drop his “stereotypical” behaviors and mannerisms to appear more “manly”, wouldn’t he just be opting into a different stereotype? Stop bashing the man. It takes balls to break down the walls. Maybe you should try growing a pair yourself.

  • todd

    I have nothing against sissies. All the straights I know love him! He’s true to himself, and that should be celebrated.

  • Larry

    The sad truth is that gays are only celebrated when they are talking about fashion or hair. If you are comfortable with our only contribution to the world being what to wear, then by all means, celebrate this sad, superficial pawn of Madison Ave.

  • ajax

    Larry, here are some celebrated gay people: Cole Porter, Michaelangelo, Harvey Milk, James Baldwin, Martina Navratalova, Barney Frank, Oscar Wilde, Margarthe Cammermeyer, Dag Hammerskjold . . . Need I go on? Not a hair dresser or fashionista in the bunch. If we’re going to bash sterotypical behavior, how about bashing obvious, stereotypical comments, too?

  • timmmyk

    Hey, I have been the object of Mr. Kressley’s cruising on the streets of Chelsea more than once(I probably would have acted on the friendly smiles if I weren’t in a LTR), and he is absolutely the same guy on tv as he is in real life. I say celebrate the honesty of a big nelly queer who is obviously much more comfortable in his own skin than the nasty commenters, and he ain’t no eunuch! More power to an out proud gay man!

  • Meeg

    I find him to be annoying, but you know he is really like that. He’s not putting on an act, he’s being true to himself so kudos for that.

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