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Kristen Stewart Feels Sorry For Kim Davis, Says She’s Crippled By Fear

kristen-stewart-style-aol-build-live-interview-january-2015_1Oh my God. Did you see her come out of jail? Honestly, it makes me so deeply uncomfortable. I feel really bad for her. Anyone who’s so closed off to things that are so apparent? Imagine what else she’s missing out on in life. I’m not making any grand statements about her personally, but if something so glaringly obvious, such as this subject…That’s why I feel bad for her. It’s like, ‘Oh, buddy, that must suck.’ That fear of the unknown cripples people, breeds hate, and it’s just very sad.”


— Kristen Stewart, who mentioned that she’s not 100 percent hetero earlier this summer, asked about antigay clerk Kim Davis in an interview with The Daily Beast

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  • Emery Biggar

    Fear? More like discrimination. Kristen doesn’t know what she’s talking about

  • David Quirk

    She’s crippled by her fat thighs rubbing when she walks.

  • Alan David

    oh please

  • Douglas Schlitz

    Oh please, spare me the bullshit !

  • Daniel Lind

    I don’t feel sorry for her and she need to learn a hard lesson. And need to be fired

  • Karen Piercy

    Miss Kim is crippled by her fake Christian beliefs. Christ does not equate in her tiny,black heart.

  • Faye Denton

    Who doesn’t feel sorry for Kim Davis ? She obviously doesn’t understand how fortunate she is to be living in this country. She just doesn’t get it. Very sad. That being said, she needs to resign or be removed from her job.

  • Lisbeth Solis

    There are worthier causes/people to feel sorry for.

  • pattygale

    I could perhaps muster a little sympathy for her if she wasn’t the opposite of what she preaches and if her ignorance and fear did not so sadly impact the innocent people who want to publicly declare and confirm their love.

  • n900mixalot

    Kristen Stewart should go back to school and build up her vocabulary and lyricism. She seems to get it in her head and her heart, but putting it into words seems to be something of a challenge.

    I really do appreciate what her meaning though. People like that woman really ARE crippled by fear of losing control of the little world they live in. They aren’t smart enough to realize or understand exactly how big the world really is beyond what they’ve believed it to be. It is overwhelming, and for those who don’t have the social tools or brain lower to learn how to cope, it’s a terrifying notion.

    We need to do what we can to prevent people from growing up this way, uneducated, uninformed, and without the ability to evolve and understand or seek out the meaning of our purpose as it relates to others around us.

  • n900mixalot

    @n900mixalot: “I do appreciate HER MEANING” … The forced irony that the lack of an edit option presents is overwhelming.

  • Damon Robbins

    Kim Davis needs to resign!

  • Realitycheck

    You guys are misreading Kristen statement, She only feels sadness for some one she defines as a very limited human being, not a compliment to Davis, the opposite, an insult, LOL
    Kristen is looking down on Davis……………with pity.
    In fact Kristen define Davis as blind to what is apparent to everyone else, AKA nothing wrong with marriage equality.
    In other words Davis bigotry is derived by a lack of education and exposure to a real world, and how far is that from reality?
    Most of the time discrimination of any kind comes from lack of education and exposure.

  • Kelly Jo

    I don’t agree with Kim Davis and she has no right to push her beliefs on the marriage license but you cannot expect all people to change how they feel over night. Fire or impeache her and let her be. Alone.

  • Realitycheck

    @Damon Robbins: I would prefer the old: town out of office with force by the trumpets of her bigoted ass.
    Hopefully while the garbage truck goes by…….LOL

  • Glenys Taikato

    Kristen are you after your 5 minutes of fame now? Stop talking garbage & get back in your corner

  • Elliot Summers

    piss off stewart, nobody cares what you have to say.

  • Cam

    Oh by ALL means Kristen, turn an angry bullying hateful bigot into some simple ring little poor victim.


  • Rimminit

    “I feel really bad for her. Anyone who’s so closed off to things that are so apparent?” Young people sense the unfairness in treating gay people like second class citizens. These Christian churches that continue to call the LGBT people sinners and condemn them to hell for just being who they are, will lose the young people from their congregations and ultimately go away. Can’t be too soon for me!

  • Michael Clifford

    No, she crippled by stupidity and inbreeding.

  • Stephanie Chu

    She is crippled by stupidity.

  • stanhope

    Thank goodness Rob dumped this stupid w h o e

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