Lady Gaga Cries for Her Gays, Used to Put a Lot of ‘Judy’ Up Her Nose

lady-gagaMother Monster is a friend of Dorothy and former drug addict, just like Judy! In Vanity Fair‘s latest issue, Stefani Germanotta gets the cover-story treatment from writer Lisa Robinson, and it’s a doozy.

When she’s not showing her nipples to Tony Bennett (NSFW pic) or wearing two-foot-tall platform heels in East Village laundromats, she’s crying about her poor bullied gays and talking about how “Judy” was a code word she and her friends used to call cocaine.

The full story’s not online yet but here’s some potent quotables that Yours Truly typed up for you little monsters:

[Lady Gaga’s mother] Cynthia shows me three large U.P.S. boxes full of fan mail in the living room that she gets for Gaga every week. I read aloud an e-mail a Gaga fan sent me—12-year-old Maddie P., from Maine. She wrote that Gaga inspired her to help a boy in her school who had been harshly bullied for being gay.

Gaga held her mother’s hand while listening to this and tears rolled down her cheeks. Cynthia shows me a letter from the White House commending Lady Gaga for her work on behalf of abolishing “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” and then says that she’ll head up Gaga’s new Born This Way Foundation—a charity that will empower youth, with an emphasis on anti-bullying.

Though her somewhat histrionic moments of I-love-my-gays-so-much-I-have-to-cry-for-them come off as a bit patronizing, it’s good to have such a powerful ally. She also refused a six-figure fee for performing at the Robin Hood Foundation last May, which is commendable.

Later on in the article, Gaga discusses her politics candidly:

“I care about gay marriage. I care about immigration. I care about eduction. I care about families and what is taught in schools and what is taught at home. And I feel liberated by my ability to be political with no political affiliation.”

Guess she’s not a partisan Democrat then, though I’ve never seen her champion a conservative issue. She hasn’t spoken up on legalizing drugs, but she certainly used to use them. The writer tags along with Gaga’s friend Breedlove to Lower East Side bar Welcome to the Johnson’s.

Gaga orders a shot of Jameson and conversation gets hazy:

Breedlove talks about how they used to kill time in this very bar all day “waiting for Judy,” their code name for cocaine. Gaga talks about how she woke up one day on her tour bus and realized what an idiot she’d been and never touched the drug again.

Sounds like she needed to save face after Breedlove blew her cokey spot up.

Anywho, go buy Vanity Fair and read the whole profile. Gaga also talks about wearing a prosthetic cock and balls, so you us gays should eat that up.

Photo via americanistadechiapas

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  • Freddie

    Stop with the anti-Gaga hatred, Queerty! No-one understands why you do it.

  • bagooka

    Go Gaga go!

  • Kev C

    All New Yorkers take drugs. Why is this news?

  • RaphE

    Oh, I get it. Gaga was last year. So just sheet all over her, is that it? Or are you just too freakin’ cool to acknowledge that Gaga is a savvy business person who has honest feelings? As to the coke, that’s very old news. She’s talked about it repeatedly in the past.

    Wanna explain your anti-Gaga bias? Or are you too cool to explain your motives?

  • soakman

    Excuse me. Maybe this is a bit personal, but is Evan Mulvihill gay? Because ending a story with “you gays should eat that up” or other form of patronizing/condescending voice are not appealing to an audience.

    Maybe Evan is the kind of gay that is not “that gay” or whatever and is separating himself from the flock, but that is exactly the kind of attitude you do NOT want writing for a news site that often focuses on political issues. In these times, if we are going to do ANYTHING, we need to stand united.

    Unless he’s a straight man, it’s totally uncalled for, very unprofessional, and pissed me off enough to actually take the time to write about it.

  • Godiva

    This article was written beyond rudely. Your negative biased against Gaga has gone beyond opinion or even reason, you’re not even reacting to what she does, simply being snarky. And that final remark, “you gays should eat that up”, is shockingly obnoxious. And you call her patronizing? Unbelievable, please, grow up a bit before writing more, this article reeks of immaturity and pure lack of caring about what the readers think. News for you. If we don’t like it, we’ll complain, and you won’t get hired to write again. And believe me, this article was so shit, you hopefully won’t. Everything was written sarcastically, not even to be humorous, just like you don’t care. What gives? Don’t write pieces if you’re going to be such a poor sport that you insult the subject, the readers, and a large portion of a minority group. Stop acting like you’re better than Gaga and the rest of us, it’s really awkward to read and quite childish…

  • saghjkyk

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  • Dave

    This is starting to read like a fiercely ANTI-LGBT blog. If there are any adults working at Queerty, I hope they wake the fuck up and check in on the kiddies soon because you clowns are about a hair’s width away from permanently losing this particular reader.

    “She also talks about wearing a prosthetic cock and balls, so you gays should eat that up”??

    My sense of humor ends where comments that deserve a hearty “FUCK YOU” start. And the above quote is a great example of just where that point is. So seriously: FUCK YOU.

  • Jesse

    I like pie!!

  • Jody

    Wow – obviously someone on this site doesn’t care for Gaga. Whether or not you like her as an artist, I’d bet she’s done more for the gay community this year than the writer of this article.

    Evan Mulvhill obviously needs to do some self reflection and find out why he’s so bitter. Gaga is clearly an ally & your biased article is foolish.

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  • Kev C

    If only gays could defend themselves as much as they defend Lady Gaga, they wouldn’t be bullied.

  • Dave

    @Kev C: Huh? With all due respect, that sounds about as silly (and potentially offensive) as “If women cared as much about self defense as they do about shoes, they wouldn’t be raped.”

    I’m willing to bet that there are TONS of gays who don’t give a rat’s rectum about Lady Gaga, and I KNOW that gays who get bullied aren’t targeted because they spend too much time defending Gaga and too little planning anti-bully kung fu moves.

  • Allen D.

    @Freddie: I understand exactly why they do it. And, like it or not, Kev C’s comment makes sense.

  • Mike

    Queerty hates on Gaga for the lulz.

  • DenverBarbie

    The Gaga-hatred (I’m not a fan, myself) doesn’t bother me half as much as the Rand Paul ads I’m seeing on the side of the page. What gives, Queerty?

  • jason

    Lady Gaga sounds exactly like a politician. She’s got something to say to every conceivable audience out there.

  • James

    While I commend her for her efforts and using her star power for good. She still comes off as pretentious.

  • PitterPartyofOne

    @Freddie: +1

  • bagooka

    @James: You come off as a little whiny. I think we need less whiners and more supportive comments for Gaga.

  • PTBoat

    @Dave: I absolutely agree. Something has changed for the worse.

  • tj

    *yawn* go away.

  • Vevar

    so much senseless babbling from this articles and from the haters honestly -.-

  • James

    @bagooka: Maybe what we need is less sheep like yourself.

  • N.H.

    @James: I’m sorry, did whiner baby call someone else a sheep? Isn’t it about time you grew up and stopped sniping celebs just because they’re famous and you’re not?

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