Lady Gaga Officially Cancels Concert In Indonesia After Islamic Death Threats

After debating how to handle threats of violence from Islamic fundamentalists in Indonesia, Lady Gaga and her team finally decided to cancel her sold-out June 3 show in Jakarta.

“This is an advice from her security team. So the cancellation is purely based on the decision made by her management,” said Minola Sebayang, the lawyer for the concert’s promoters.

On Sunday, Gaga tweeted confirmation of the cancellation: “We had to cancel the concert in Indonesia. I’m so very sorry and the fans & just as devastated as you if not more. You are everything to me.”

She later posted “I will try to put together something special for you. My love for Indonesia has only grown.”

Earlier, police had denied Gaga a performance permit, claiming they could not guarantee the safety of the singer or the audience.  Extremists in the Islamic Defenders Front had branded her risque lyrics and costumes “haraam” or forbidden. Indonesia has the largest Islamic population in the world, though its considered more Western than other Muslim countries.

Gaga’s team had indicated she’d rather cancel a show than alter it to suit local morals. “We’ll skip them,” said Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter, according to the AFP. “We play the show as it is. It’s a very specific show, it’s a very specific audience.”

The Born This Way Ball has faced protests elsewhere in Asia, including the Philippines and Korea, where Christian conservatives forced promoters to block ticket sales to anyone under 18 years old.

Photo: Twitter, John Robert Charlton

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  • Cam

    That is what they hate, a woman with some power or attention. Those fundamentalist nutjobs, no matter what religion just want to keep them oppressed.

  • Randy

    Apparently there’s no room anymore for anyone who doesn’t follow strict Christian or Islamic rules. They don’t follow eachothers rules. We must learn to co-exist.

  • dan

    @Randy: Isn’t it funny, we expect to behave how we like in other countries, ignoring traditions and customs because we ourselves, don’t practice them. But when other’s come to our country with religion or customs, we expect them to comply with our rules and social measures.

    I agree: we have to learn to coexist, and we have to be equal about it.

  • samwise

    My advice to the Indonesia fans: move.

  • Brody

    That’s right, turn a story about Islamic fundamentalists (you know, the ones who would like to see you and me and everyone on this website dead) into an indictment of Christianity (those bastions of evil who want to keep marriage a hetero institution). How very bold of you.

  • tporz1995

    Lady gaga is an ISLAMAPHOBE!!! She canceld becuz she HATES ISMLAM!!! STAND WITH ME, MY GAY BROTHERz AND SISTERZ, AND BOYCOTT GAGA THE ISLAMAPHOBE!!! No room for hate in GBLT!!!

  • Red Meat

    @tporz1995: okay

  • B

    No. 6 · tporz1995 wrote, “She canceld becuz she HATES ISMLAM!!!”

    More likely, she canceled because changing the show would have meant a huge expense in both altering the show, rehearsing the changed version, and then re-rehearsing the original when shown in the next country so that the changed version doesn’t creep in. Plus, if the altered version bombs, that would generate some negative publicity that might effect her ability to do shows in the future.

  • Rod Black

    @Cam: well in their defense she is a devil worshiper and she is very anti religious. She has no business there anyway since it goes against she believes in being all demonlike.

  • Danny

    It’s obvious. People are just using religion as an excuse to violate human rights, so use religion to get revenge. The best thing about crazy religions is that they can be used to justify anything and everything. Remember if people violate your human rights using their religion, they have violated your religious freedom (your god gives you your human rights, not their god; their god can go to hell because it’s evil for violating your human rights while your god is great for giving you your human rights. See how crazy insane religion can be used? – so just one up them on the crazy scale for violating your freedom of religion and your human rights). They simply want to use intimidation to violate your human rights hoping you won’t trash the region in response. Heterosexuals do this to each other ALL THE TIME – in fact, heterosexuals mistreatment of other heterosexuals is record-breaking and impressive on a massive scale. It’s no small miracle they haven’t triggered world war three with all the crap and oppression heterosexuals aim at other heterosexuals (roughly 1 out of 7 countries force religion on people; it’s sick and warped – and the leaders of such countries are ALWAYS corrupt). Heterosexuals need the flimsy-est excuse to drop crap on other heteros and violate their human rights. It is appalling, and using religion to violate human rights is one of the most evil things of all. On the other side, thanks to the minority of people (hetero, bi, gay) on Earth who actually uphold human rights. You are the best.

  • n900mixalot


    While she is a huge turn off to me, stylistically and artistically, she definitely is smart–and at least respectful of other cultures.

    Only a selfish artist/musician would put her fans at risk by ignoring pretty legitimate threats of terrorism no matter how lame and reprehensible they may be.

    I definitely respect her for this one.

  • Velocifero

    Respectful of other cultures? Are you kidding me. This is the woman who wore Panda eye make-up on Japanese TV because she was too stupid to know Panda’s are the national symbol of China, Then she went on twitter and remarked how excited the uber rich Gaga is to go purchase fake merchandise at the “lady boy market” which is in fact in Hong Kong, not Jakarta. No this was a PR stunt by her management. Tours like this take months of planning and advance booking, reservations and getting all sorts of licenses, permits, etc. They knew about the uproar and exploited it for PR reasons like they and she do for everything. The videos of The Born This Ball coming in from Asia show a Disneyfied spectacle that is getting pummeled in the reviews. She is a hack who has ripped off and exploits th LGBT community long enough. Grow up guys and stop following pop idols as real people. They aren’t. In the 20th Century Pop Stars are Corporationsn – Just like people my friend.

  • alfie

    @tporz1995: And Islam doesn’t hate gays (a.k.a you and your gay brothers)? LOL…
    For you who doesn’t live in Indonesia, the Islamic Fundamentalist here are hypocrites bully who did these sort of things. Even the majority of muslims here hate them. And I’m glad that Gaga cancelled it because who knows what’s gonna happen if these idiots muslims do whatever they want to do. They clearly has less fear to fight ‘kafir’, and they’ll do anything to protect their religion. Crazy..

  • Lady Gaga

    Nothing of value was lost.

  • Trent

    I love that people are on here hating on Gaga. I love her, but what you guys don’t understand is that whether you love her or hate her; you are still talking about her and as long as people keep talking, she will still be in the news and book events and be able to make music. So keep on talking.

  • Anthony

    @Velocifero: So people aren’t allowed to like pandas in Japan? Isn’t it funny how the only people “offended” by her makeup were people who don’t actually live in Japan.

    As for the lady boy market, she was in Hong Kong when she tweeted that, so.

    “The videos of The Born This Ball coming in from Asia show a Disneyfied spectacle that is getting pummeled in the reviews.”

    There has been only one negative review of the show and the person complained because Gaga mentioned how everyone should have the right to buy counterfeit products.

    You’d think with the Internet being around these days, people would do a simple Google search and research before posting ignorant and false comments. :)

  • Honey

    @Velocifero: umm.. Im sorry but u shouldnt expect gaga to be the most perfect Gay Rights Advocate ever she has flaws shes human. Also I hate it when some gays complain about (insert celeb name here) exploiting us and then proceeds to crey about marriage equality. Be thankful that we have allies with huge influence

  • darkorient

    For us Indonesians is not about Lady gaga herself, but what a letdown it was to see that your government and police force turn into worthless chicken shit when it comes to dealing with extremists. Fuck you, President Yudhoyono!

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