Hopes Dems Do, Too

Lance Loves Gay Nup Equality!

Lance Bass may not be the first person when you think “politics,” but the former boy bander definitely gets political in this post over at Logo’s Visible ’08 blog.

Bass says it’s time for Democrats to take a stand for the last gay right frontier: marriage. Not only will it bring gays in line with their straight counterparts, but it may just save a life. Bass writes:

I often wonder how many teens have committed suicide because they’re struggling with their sexuality and feel the incredible weight of the shame their community puts on homosexuality? I am hoping in this election we have Democratic candidates who feel as passionately about this issue as I do.

I understand this issue isn’t going to win an election for the Democrats and may even cost votes, but supporting gay marriage is the right thing to do. I think that the Democratic Party needs to rise above the past and help all people have the right to marry whomever they choose. I want to live in a place where no one has to feel ashamed of who they are, who they choose to spend their life with and a place where everyone can make the choice if they would like to get married. Now is the time for our Democratic candidates to stand strong and fight for what’s right

Sing it loud and sing it proud, Bass!

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  • Leland Frances

    My. My. Are Lance’s testicles finally descending? Or did he simply finally retrieve them from Reichen’s ass? [“Dear Mr. Lehmkuhl. My client, Mr. Lance Bass, instructs me to inform you that this is your final warning before we proceed to court. Return my client’s balls by FedEx Priority Overnight to the address previously given or we will be forced to sue. Respectfully, Felicia Frankfurter, Esquire. Attorney at Law.”

    Alas, despite his crash and burn with the Bottom of Bottoms, Mr. Bass, while demonstrating admirable willingness to become more involved, is also still demonstrating an unfortunate susceptibility to fantasy. If Democrats endorse gay marriage they won’t get elected. Period. Regardless of the fantasies of NGLTF’s Matt Foreman. Does no one understand the concept of “Pyrrhic victory”? If the Democrats don’t get elected, not only will they be unable to work toward getting voters to accept gay marriage in the future but also will leave any type of legal recognition of same gender relationships at the mercy of Republicans, as well as DADT, ENDA, gay immigration reform, and hate crimes legislation. Anyone willing to risk all this please shoot themselves now.

  • james_boston

    There should be some form of marriage for gays because it’s the right thing to do but who the fuck is gonna take this twink-looking MOFO seriously? He’s such an empty-headed tool it’s not even funny. As for equating gay teen suicides with not having marriage rights…uh, really? You think it’s not the bullying, the parents beating on you, the drugs…you think someone’s actually killed themselves cause they couldn’t marry their partner?

    I shouldn’t be so judgemental…I’m sure Bass’s management wrote that statement for him anyway…he looks like he can’t read or write. Cross-eyed motherfucker…

  • Jack Jett

    Wow, Lance Bass is smart. I have underestimated him.

    I would listen to him over Joe Solomese anyday.

    Keep up the good work Lance, we old men love your energy.

    jack jett

  • james_boston

    Uh…not to sound like a tool, but every time I see Bass it makes me wanna go back to my teen years as a street thug and beat on him…he just has that kinda face.

  • newyorkie

    “Uh…not to sound like a tool, but every time I see Bass it makes me wanna go back to my teen years as a street thug and beat on him…he just has that kinda face.”

    Uh… not to sound honest, but too late: you are a tool. Someone speaks out and says something positive, and you want to physically harm them just because of the way they LOOK? Yeah, let’s just completely ignore Lance’s attempt at being positive about gay rights because James from Boston thinks he looks like a “twink-looking MOFO”. Get over yourself and face the fact that a lot of young people look up to this kid.

    Not only are you a tool, you’re a terrible person. Congrats.

  • Leland Frances

    As critical as I remain of Bass, your comments, Mr. Boston, reflect a greater ignorance and, re “beat on him,” a core repulsiveness that warrants therapy, or dumping Tina.

    EVERY expression, EVERY manifestation of gay inequality negatively affects not just how emerging LGBT youth see themselves but older, more out ones, too [perhaps that’s the source of your urge to beat up one of our own]. Equality encompasses all things [which is why Obama keeps pissing me off because he sets he wants our “full equality” — except for marriage] whether or not one is old enough or even interested in taking advantage of any given facet of it, e.g., not all gay couples want “marriage,” and the percentage of gays who wish to be in the military is relatively small I’d guess. But both rights should still be fought for by all gays, and that success or failure, even the need to fight for them at all, affects LGBT kids’ self-worth.

  • BillieXX

    “Uh…not to sound like a tool, but every time I see Bass it makes me wanna go back to my teen years as a street thug and beat on him…he just has that kinda face.”

    Weren’t you the same guy yapping a week back how your childhood in Boston made you sensitive to difference and all?

  • james_boston

    Whatever. Bass is annoying and needs a good bitch-slap.

  • Alexa

    Actually, james_boston, the one who needs a good bitch slap is you.

    What I’m loving about Lance Bass at the moment is that when he came out in People, he said he wasn’t going to be an activist/political, but it looks like he just can’t help himself any more.

  • Jack Jett

    hey james underscore boston;

    do you mean like you want to slap him while you are jacking your cock? like doing some poppers and slapping around your little boy toy daddy…yeah..is that what you are looking for?

    lots of guys dig that shit but i doubt that lance bass is one of them………

    so which is it….you a kinky ass bitch or just
    a tough talking boy from boston…..

    btw..how big is your dick?

    jack jett

  • james_boston

    I wanna bitch-slap him like the Southie boy I am …just to teach him not be such an annoying cunt…really it’s for his own good. And i find him to be about as attractive as Barbara Bush.

    “btw..how big is your dick?”

    Now you’re just being rude. But I’ll give you a clue anyway…I’m half Iriish, half Black. So it’s not too big, not too small. It’s just right.

  • Martini-boy

    Hey James, I thought you and I had something going on. Alas, I see now that you are genuinely a douchebag-and-a-half.

  • james_boston

    “Hey James, I thought you and I had something going on. Alas, I see now that you are genuinely a douchebag-and-a-half.”

    Awww…if I cared, that’d make me cry.

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