Lane Hudson Speaks Out On Foley

If there’s one gay hand we want to shake right now, it’s Lane Hudson. You may recall that Hudson’s been credited as the man behind the Mark Foley scandal: the mystery blogger who first posted an “overly-friendly” email from the disgraced Republican to an underage Congressional page.

Though his involvement was largely conjecture, the 29-year old former Human Rights Campaign employee’s now come forward as the homo-politico whose website helped bring down the GOP political machine. In an interview with The Washington Blade, Hudson says that he posted the emails to help thwart what he describes as known problem:

It became clear to me that there was a culture in Washington that knew about this activity and condoned it by doing nothing about it.

In his effort to expose Foley’s salacious ways, Hudson posted the aforementioned email, which later gained national attention when posted by ABC News. While he won’t disclose his sources, Hudson does say that he too had been targeted by Foley.

Hudson said his first inkling of Foley’s penchant for young men came through personal experience. Hudson said he met Foley in 1995 at a Washington bar during the time Hudson worked as a student intern at the White House during the Clinton administration. According to Hudson, Foley chatted with him and a few other White House interns at the bar, which Hudson declined to name, and asked for Hudson’s e-mail address. Hudson gave it and Foley soon began an e-mail exchange with him.

Of course, poor Mark Foley never could have known that Hudson would later play a role in the end of his political career, sparking a scandal that set of a chain of events which have helped boot the GOP.

Although, we’re not sure that would have stopped him…

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  • unpoetaloco

    My guess is the bar was JR’s, and Hudson was just one of a couple of hundred DC wanna-be’s who go there to brag that they intern (read: pick up dry cleaning) for someone important on the Hill or at the White House.

    He saw Foley and thought he’d be able to fuck his way onto a congressman’s staff.

  • Diane Morris

    I know Lane personally. From the time he was in the 9th grade, he has stood for and behind the Democratic party. I do not believe party politics played a role in this for Lane because he “acts on” what his beliefs. He has lost other battles, but he stood by his belief. I am glad that I had the chance to know him when he was 15 or so years old.

    He has not changed; he owed Foley nothing. He is for “human rights.” To be fired from a job for protecting our country from child molesting politicians is a protection of my human rights. Thank you Lane. (and I voted Republican)

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