Latin America’s 1st Gay Couple Has Married + Divorced Twice Already


In December Alex Freyre and José Maria Di Bello married in Argentina, becoming Latin America’s first gay couple to wed. Then a judge canceled their marriage in March, claiming it invalid. On April 5, another judge ruled anti-gay marriage laws are unconstitutional, so their marriage should be valid. And now a Children and Family Court judge says the marriage actually didn’t qualify, and is, in fact, invalid. Would it be declasse to ask for our gifts back?

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  • Paschal

    Dear God Queerty. Get your facts straight. The couple pictured were granted the right to marry by a Buenos Aires judge because the prohibition of marriage equality is unconstitutional . It was announced that the city wouldn’t appeal the decision. Another judge then stoppped the marriage without overturning the previous ruling and said that the Supreme Court should decide the issue, and it will. The couple then got married in Tierra del Fuego because its governor issued a decree allowing the marriage. Another couple was later married after a judge ruled that they should be allowed to marry because marriage equality would eventually be allowed but then their marriage was declareed by a judge to be invalid. A lesbian couples was recently granted the right to marry by a Buenos Aires judge because the prohibition was unconstitutional and that marriage still stands.

  • Paschal

    @Paschal: The Tierra del Fuego marriage was later annuled.

  • Paschal

    Last, I promise. Apparently the couple haven’t been informed properly of the annulment but media has reported the annulment.

  • Peter

    Queerty- they have NEVER DIVORCED. I know you your humor level is stuck at 7th grade, but at least loosely stick with the facts.

  • zenflo

    If a had a mere penny for every time this site posts a headline that appears to be WILLFULLY misleading or factually negligent, I could take every commenter to dinner at Le Bernardin.

    With cocktails.

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