Rep. Lauren Boebert pledges to "lead with grace"
Rep. Lauren Boebert (Photo: Shutterstock)

While many other lawmakers argued over gun control yesterday in the wake of the Nashville shooting, Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert had other things on her mind.

Public urination.

Specifically, the possible decriminalization of public urination in DC.

Footage of MAGA-Republican Boebert grilling a witness in congress on the issue has gone viral. And not for any reason Boebert would welcome. It’s because she manages to yet again demonstrate not having a clear understanding of a topic that outrages her.

Boebert was questioning city councilmember Charles Allen during a GOP-led “Overdue Oversight of the Capital City” session. Allen chaired a DC judiciary committee that looked at revising the Washington DC criminal code.

Watch below.

Boebert wanted Allen to explain why he had led efforts to decriminalize public urination in DC.

“You led the charge to reform DC’s crime laws. Is that correct?” Boebert asked.

Allen said: “I chaired the committee that proposal came from, yes.”

Boebert said: “You led the charge, yes sir. And these changes are now law here in DC. Correct?”

Allen said: “You mean the revised criminal code? No, those are not the law.”


Undeterred by facts, Boebert pressed on.

“Did you or did you not decriminalize public urination in Washington DC? Did you lead the charge to do so?” she continued.

Allen said: “No. The revised criminal code left that as a criminal.”

Again, Boebert asked: “Did you lead the charge to decriminalize public urination in Washington DC?

Allen said: “No, ma’am.”

Sensing her argument was going nowhere, Boebert tried another tack.

“Did you ever vote in favor of decriminalizing public urination in Washington DC?”

“The revised criminal code that was passed by the council kept it as a criminal offense,” Allen replies.

“Did you ever support this criminal” offense status?” Boebert asks, now getting desperate.

“I voted for it, yes,” says Allen.

Boebert said: “You voted to keep it as a criminal offense?”

Allen said: “That’s correct. The full council did.”

Boebert eventually gives up and yields her time.

Twitter reacts to Boebert

Online, many were unimpressed by her performance.

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