Lauren Boebert releases psychotic video attacking Nancy Pelosi and ending with gunshots

Lauren Boebert just released a truly batsh*t crazy video.

The 1 minute and 8 second clip seems to serve no purpose other than to attack Democrats and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and possibly incite another insurrection the U.S. Capitol.

In it, the pro-gun extremist demands Pelosi “tear down” the security fence that was put up around the U.S. Capitol, which she refers to as “Fort Pelosi”, after the January 6 attacks.

“It’s time to cut the crap and remember, this is the people’s house,” she says. “Madam Speaker, tear down this wall!”

But it’s the end of the video that has people most alarmed.

Just before it concludes, the sound of gunshot followed by the sound of the weapon being reloaded and fired again can be heard.

Like we said, the video seems to serve no purpose whatsoever. It’s not a campaign ad or a fundraising video. It’s literally just Lauren Boebert acting crazy and making dog whistles to violent insurrectionists.

This isn’t the first time the antigay Colorado congresswoman has indirectly threatened Pelosi’s life. During the insurrection, she live tweeted the Speaker’s whereabouts inside the Capitol building.

Here’s how people are responding to her latest video…

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