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LeAnn Rimes Cares So Much About Gay Kids That She’s Taking Cash From Anti-Gay House Republicans

On Dec. 19, days before Christmas, 28-year-old singer LeAnn Rimes appeared on stage with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles for their annual holiday concert. You might remember the evening for her “Sexy Santa” photo, or the fact that she was there with fiance Eddie Cibrian, a relationship that’s drenched in husband-stealing scandal. Or maybe you remembered the evening for Rimes addressing the crowd, in tears, and speaking about “the very tragic year for young gay men and women who’ve been taking their own lives because they can’t be themselves. … It’s really sad when people can’t be themselves, and this is dedicated to all those who’ve lost their lives, and the families, and also to those who haven’t found their way yet, but hopefully they can hang on long enough. And there’s still hope, and it does get better.” The crowd applauded, and Rimes then performed “The Rose,” beautifully, with the chorus. Magically, Rimes has managed to reconcile that sentiment — caring about young kids taking their own lives, because they are the victims of bigots and institutional homophobia — with agreeing to perform tonight in Washington D.C. for the incoming freshman class of Republicans, where tickets cost $2,500. The party is being hosted by California’s incoming Rep. Jeff Denham, who, while a state senator, did things like repeatedly vote against the recognition of gay marriages from other states. Rimes will sing music for a new generation of Republican House members who will help block things like ENDA, UAFA, and the repeal of DOMA from ever moving forward. You know, the very things that could, one day, put an end to young kids thinking they are less than, because it is inscribed that way in this country’s rulebook. So good for you, LeAnn, for having a moral conscience as flexible as those vocals.

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  • sabat

    Singers sing for money. Speakers speak for money.

    I don’t see the controversy.

  • SpiffyShindigs

    Better that that money ends up in the pockets of our side than somewhere else it could have gone.

  • christopher di spirito

    I don’t know how she landed Eddie Cibrian. He’s fine as wine.

  • jackieohboy

    she is just an attention whore, hasn’t it been like an entire decade since she had a hit?

  • scott ny'er

    @SpiffyShindigs: Agreed. Take their money and use it for good. It’s not like she’s giving them money. Money = power.

  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)

    @scott ny’er:

    What good? Can you show us proof that she has EVER given money to any progressive or gay rights [email protected]sabat: good, I hope you were not one of the ones who were having a go at Elton John singing for Rush.

    How does it end in our pockets? Can you please link us some proof that this person has helped the gay community at all and not conveniently when she is so out of favour for being a slutty b*tch?

    Does she really need the money?

    Are we that desperate as the gay community that when someone jumps on the ‘it gets better’ wagon in such an obvious and damage controlling way, we jump up and down like poodles?

    And you guys insulted GOproud for being pathetic for laughing at Ann Coulters jokes?? At least she’s honest!

  • Jeff

    @Davey Wavey’s Vagina Monologue:


    If you attend and even perform you are enabling.

    Unless she donates that money to progay cause its nothing more than anti-gay blood money.

    If her LGBT convictions were true she could play other concerts and venues not so steeped in homophobia and still make money.

  • scott ny'er

    @Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch… (John From England): OK. That’s a good point. I don’t know if she’s using the money for gay causes.

    But, I’m cool as long as she doesn’t use if for anti-gay causes.

    The thing is did she know this person was anti-gay? Will she have to do background checks on all people she does business with and encounters? What about you, me and everyone who is gay. I worked for a job that got bought out by FoxNews. So, I guess I should have just quit. Do you know who your boss, your associates, your friends, your employers give their money to and associate with. And what would you do if it was anti-gay?

    While, I personally wouldn’t perform for someone who I knew was anti-gay and used their influence against gays, I don’t mind if she did. It’s her right to associate with whomever she wants.

  • Daez

    Least she isn’t a gay turn coat getting paid $1 million to Rush!

  • Daez

    @jackieohboy: A decade from now people will be saying that about Lady GooGoo GaaGaa and they will actually be right.

    When is the last time Madonna had a hit?

  • Daez

    @Jeff: You are missing the point where she doesn’t need to justify herself to anyone including you. If you don’t like her stances, don’t buy her tickets/albums, but you don’t get to demand that she play your game or lose.

  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)

    @scott ny’er:

    Look it’s pretty simple. They are republicans. Like how singers in the UK keep on telling the Tories to STOP using their songs in political rallies and also some in the US-the guy who sang Philadelphia, Born in the USA etc(his name has escaped lol!)-told the republicans to stop using his music.

    It’s rather simple really. Leanne is a millionaire seasoned singer in the entertainment business. You and me? Well we don’t have the luxury yet to be so choosy about how we make our money. I’m involved a bit in politics here and boy do I have many issues with some of the stuff going on but I’m on the board….so I just make sure I am heard, say my bit..but it’s not like anyone disagrees-politics is just a game of chess.

    Furthermore, you and I have not physically put ourselves on the public arena to make money, off the public. We are just cogs. You with the Foxnews group and me with the political organisation.

    Singers, entertainers make their money off the public. No one else. They are a brand. A brand that needs to listen to their customers more then anybody else or else, well, people won’t buy.

    When GAP changed there logo, there was such a huge uproar that they had to change it back. I bet the executive were like-we’re GAP, a corp, we already have enough loyalty and people always buy us, we cam do what the he’ll we want-er, well no. You still need your customers.

    Now compare that to an entertainer. All we see and GET is the entertainer. Not a pair of trainers nor food to feed our family. This is not a necessity, which makes their strategy even more cautious towards the people you want to buy your work. During a customer process, buying a CD or concert ticket is n 2, 3 or even 5 in the process. It’s not vital to your life.

    But we’re vital to her life. She needs US, not the other way round.

    Well Daez, let her not give a sh*t and et her fail. The he’ll dump her ass cause the $$ aren’t coming through anymore.

    Because you are right. She didn’t care when she publicly took him from his wife and well, it was even funnier when she was put on the cover of Shape magazine and there was such an uproar, that the editor actually came out and apologised for putting Leanne Rhimes on the cover.

    Since then she’s been doing the publicity rounds and aptly did a genuine call out to gay teens in line with ‘it gets better’ project. Hmmm, cynical much?

    They need us. We buy their records so they can gloat in our faces how perfect their lives are and how sh*t ours is.

    Saying that, doing this concert is more in line with the Leanne Rhimes we know and love who used to sing for Bush going on about her republican ways back in the days.

    Funny or not funny thing is that some of you are saying gay kids will feel good or you felt good? Do gay kids listen to Leanne Rhimes? Do they even know who she is?

  • Kevin

    It was nice and all for her to perform with the gay men’s chorus, but at the end of the day she’s a COUNTRY singer. She knows where her bread is buttered.

  • GetBalance

    LeAnn could use an intimate chit chat w Barbra Streisand.

  • Davey Wavey's Vagina Monologue

    @Jeff: Wow. You’re insane.

    I’m actually a little creeped out right now. Thanks for that.

  • billygfa

    This is a non-issue. Would a gay caterer tell them no? I don’t think so.

  • Freddie

    she’s a whore. They all are.

  • asa1973

    Look, LeAnn’s performing specifically for republicans does make a statement because of her celebrity. She needs to realize that. An even bolder statement would be to relay the exact same sentiments she made in L.A. to the DC Republican crowd. But I have a feeling she’s not that courageous.

    In the end, I don’t think her doing this gig necessarily makes her two-faced. Performing is her job. Gay waiters can’t refuse to serve homophobes and hope to keep their jobs. Stage actors can’t ask that only gay-friendly democrats purchase tickets to their shows. Artists (I am one of them) tend to hold on to a hope that their message (whatever it may be) will be also be received by those who don’t belong to the choir.

    I am a realist, though. She will probably just sing pretty songs…

  • Jay

    She’s a country singer and a whore. Erego, she’s a Republican. I’d rather have a Republican who’s at least somewhat pro-gay than a modern day Anita Bryant. I’d love to bone her husband, bf, whatever he is.

  • GregorVonK

    LeAnn is marrying Eddie Cibrian? Did she and Busta get divorced?

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