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Learn How To Woo Male Escorts In Rentboy’s First “Rentboy Talk” With Austin Wolf

BT_5bxaIIAAqfmk (1)Gentle giant Austin Wolf sat down with Rentboy for the very first Rentboy Talk this week, dishing on everything from the art of choosing clients to proper hookup etiquette.

As a part-time porn model, part-time rentboy and current “Best Top” and “Best Body” in the industry, this hunky beefcake knows a thing or two about doing the deed. When it comes to interacting with a rentboy, he says “being nice” is key.

“We don’t care what you look like. Nothing is overly going to bother me as long as you’re nice,” he says.

When meeting a new rentboy for the first time, Wolf suggests sending an introductory text. Something along the lines of: “Hi Austin, I’ve seen your videos, I’m a really big fan and I’d love to set up a time to meet with you. It would be a fantasy come true.”

Flattery will get you everywhere.