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Learn How To Woo Male Escorts In Rentboy’s First “Rentboy Talk” With Austin Wolf

BT_5bxaIIAAqfmk (1)Gentle giant Austin Wolf sat down with Rentboy for the very first Rentboy Talk this week, dishing on everything from the art of choosing clients to proper hookup etiquette.

As a part-time porn model, part-time rentboy and current “Best Top” and “Best Body” in the industry, this hunky beefcake knows a thing or two about doing the deed. When it comes to interacting with a rentboy, he says “being nice” is key.

“We don’t care what you look like. Nothing is overly going to bother me as long as you’re nice,” he says.

When meeting a new rentboy for the first time, Wolf suggests sending an introductory text. Something along the lines of: “Hi Austin, I’ve seen your videos, I’m a really big fan and I’d love to set up a time to meet with you. It would be a fantasy come true.”

Flattery will get you everywhere.

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  • AxelDC

    Since when do you have to woo a rentboy? Isn’t the whole point to pay them?

  • Manchester

    Agree with AxelDC totally. Give me a break.

  • kayakriver

    He just said he appreciates when people are nice, and that he is picky because he is high demand. He is a person, and should be treated with respect especially working in such a high risk area.

  • montserrat

    I don’t understand the glorification of prostitutes. He’s a whore who sells his body for money, there is no “wooing” or courtship going on here simply a business transaction.

  • babybabybaby

    A whore is a whore stop sugar coating it….

  • Jonathan26

    Still, its a great marketing strategy.

  • tommiej

    I’m really shocked by some of the comments. All the guy is saying is please be polite when contracting an “escort’s” services. I’ve never hired an escort and don’t plan on ever doing so. That being said, I do believe all human beings deserve to be treated with level of decency. Since when is asking others not to make be complete jerks – a crime?

  • Icebloo

    I don’t buy into this treating prostitutes like famous people gay bs. They are PROSTITUTES. I don’t care what other fancy name you come up with they are STILL prostitutes.
    I am all for legalizing prostitution but let’s be honest about what they are doing.

  • enfilmigult

    @Icebloo: People ARE honest about it. They just don’t feel the same contempt you do. Maybe get over it?

  • bmwblonde

    @most of the self-righteous little twits making comments above.

    WOW, you guys (assuming you ARE gay), have the totally worst of both worlds: You’re GAY (i.e., don’t automatically get all the Amurikun Male Automatic Bennies), AND you are FFFFing little judgmental puritans too.

    I can’t imagine being Gay, Awake, and having such putrid attitudes towards your fellow man. Narrow-minded, “holier-than-thou,” sanctimonious. Time for you to head for Seminary, Preacher-Boys.

  • Icebloo

    @enfilmigult: You really think they are being honest ?! Then why do they call themselves “escorts” now ? They are PROSTITUTES. That has been the name of this profession since time began. If they are so proud of what they are doing then why do they have to change their name to make it sound better than it is ?

  • Faulk

    At the end of the day it is just a job. I personally couldn’t do it and i wouldn’t either rent one, but i have respect of these guys and for many people it is probably fulfilling a fantasy, so what is wrong about it? Cause they get paid? So what? I see so many twinks in club running and doing staff just for Champagne or something else.

    Live your life and let other live theirs, don’t bitch all the time about it. Aren’t we always talking about diversity and sexual freedom? But here you go and trash him like he is not worth a thing… you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Icebloo

    @enfilmigult: And you need to pay attention. I said I was OK with prostitution being legalized. That should clearly show I am “over it”. Maybe you should read ALL of someone’s comment before you fly into a teenage girl rage ?

  • jkb

    @bmwblonde: Ditto!

  • Danny Cruz

    I’m gonna say that some of the above comments are NOT ways to woo us escorts…

  • truckproductions

    wooing a rentboy?? lol etiquette to paying a prostitute?? Seriously the owner of this website MUST be from San Francisco.. Only in SF could anyone come up with this crap..

  • Vidontag

    He doesn’t say anything unreasonable, and has the right to be picky. I speak as someone who has hired escorts / prostitutes / whatever you wanna call them in the past, and who was once told by a professional lad I tried to “woo” on a website in Paris, “Sorry, too fat”. So I do hope that Mr. Wolf’s pickiness is a polite pickiness, because we johns have feelings, too, gosh darn it!

  • Malibu Eric

    @AxelDC: EXACTLY!

  • jwrappaport

    What appalling and shameless comments. Who cares if it’s a business transaction? Does exchanging money somehow remove an interaction from the scope of our elementary moral principles? It costs nothing to be kind to people, yet it is of inestimable value. Whether someone’s an ER doctor, a cashier, a public defender, a waiter, an escort, or what have you, they’re a human being first and foremost. We all share the same need to feel appreciated and valued not just as workers, but also (and most importantly) as people.

    I can think of no reason for why that should depend on whether or not money changed hands. Yes, Austin Wolf is a prostitute, but he’s also a person who, like all of us, simply likes when people are gracious and kind. How is this a complicated let alone controversial opinion?

  • Billy Budd

    @Icebloo: You are full of disguised prejudices. Prostitutes are human beings. Human beings who use their own bodies to make other people happy. I think prostitution is a noble activity in its core. What makes it ugly is the way people like you and the state see and treat the prostitutes.

  • gmmmmmmm

    I really shouldn’t even be saying anything. But, Justin Heath Smith (Aka) Austin Wolfe is full of it. He has came from a small town in Texas called Alverado and was in band and fat!!!!!!!!!! He moved to NY trying to be a regular model and decided to become a whore instead. I find extremely hilarious is that he tries to play off as this sweet guy that is a “Top”. When actually he is the biggest “bottom” around!!!!!!!!!! This “interview” makes me laugh……..

  • Danny Cruz

    @gmmmmmmm: I laugh at you more for hiding behind the internet to bring someone else down. We all come from somewhere and no one is as perfect as where they started, but we try hard everyday. Except for the bitter ones, of course.

  • gmmmmmmm

    @Danny Cruz: I don’t hide behind the internet. I’m not going to debate with you. But, if you knew Justin like I did. You might could come up with something else. I am not bitter. I just find it extremely entertaining ina funny way, what he says in the iinterview. Hey man to each their own. If he is happy so be it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J’s

  • Stache99

    @gmmmmmmm: “I really shouldn’t even be saying anything”

    Yeah, well that’s at least one thing that I agree with.

  • Cobalt Blue

    @Billy Budd: ” Human beings who use their own bodies to make other people happy”…And this happines only happens if the John pays for it…” I think prostitution is a noble activity in its core “…No, it isn’t. It’s a debased one because you put a price on something that is priceless. If you change your body in a stuff to be sold/rented you become something below the subhuman level: a ‘ thing ‘,a commodity. It is as imoral as to sell a kidney or a baby.

  • Stache99

    @Icebloo: Because prostitution is a very loaded word in the legal sense.

  • Stache99

    @Cobalt Blue: Thank you moral majority loony guy. Sex is priceless. Well, maybe mine but not so much with most others. Lol

    I can’t believe you’re being serious though. No one can be that prudish or willfully stupid.

  • Snapper59

    LOL, this reminds me of the AbFab when Edina and Patsy were hiring rent boys for their home orgy.

    Edina: “Does this look OK? I don’t want to appear easy.”
    Patsy: “Eddy, you’re PAYING HIM! In his mind you are already staked out on the ground naked.”

  • Cobalt Blue

    @Cobalt Blue: I forgot to say: For me ‘ noble activity ” is the kind of work made for people like Madame Curie, Doctor Pasteur, Doctor Sabin, Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa not exactly the same thing a whore do.

  • Billy Budd

    @Cobalt Blue: A doctor also CHARGES for his services, and his services are NOBLE. A guy that sells his body in order to make other people happy is, in the same way, doing a noble service.

  • Billy Budd

    In ancient Greece, men had much meaningful and complete relationships with Hetairas (courtesans). Hetairas had more independence than other women. They were highly educated, sophisticated companions.

    From Wikipedia:
    In ancient Greek society, hetairai were independent and sometimes influential women who were required to wear distinctive dresses and had to pay taxes. Mostly ex-slaves from other cities, these courtesans were renowned for their achievements in dance and music, as well as for their physical and intellectual talents. Unlike most other women in Greek society at the time, hetairai were educated. ?hey were also the only women who actively took part in the symposia, where their opinion was welcomed and respected by men. Hetairai also were the only class of women in ancient Greece with access to and independent control over considerable amounts of money.

  • Billy Budd

    It doesn’t have to be something shameful and ugly. It can be beautiful.

    The japanese have also a history of allowing, promoting and treasuring sophisticated courtesans. Men felt more at home with these women than with their own wives.

  • Cobalt Blue

    @Billy Budd: A doctor can do his work for free and still be a doctor but a whore…if she/he doesn’t receive the payment she/he becomes a ‘ civilian ‘( a libertine, a debauchee ) not a whore. The problem here is foremost the money – to receive money for something that is supposed to be given for free – and even the moral aspect is linked with money: to make sex with people that you aren’t attracted to (lots of different people and many times) because the money. Morally, not professionaly like a doctor, a whore will always be a whore ( even the retired ones ).

  • TerrenM

    These articles get DUMBER & DUMBER!!

  • Billy Budd

    @Cobalt Blue:
    The fact remains: a doctor uses his talent and charges for it, and his activity (in exchange of money) is indeed considered noble. Even when he charges for it, his activity remains noble. That is my point, and your arguments do not change it.

    We have different moral concepts. In my opinion, it is not immoral to have sex and charge for sex, using your body as a tool, with somebody whom you don´t have a sentimental attachment to. I don’t see anything necessarily wrong or degrading in it, and there are many examples in history and in other societies that prove that I am right. Prostitution may be out of fashion nowadays, but that doesn’t make it immoral, or wrong, or necessarily an ugly and degrading thing. That is MY opinion. I think it should be seen as a noble activity. It is a demonstration of extreme tolerance, dedication and acceptance to make love to people without asking for anything except a few dollars.

  • carey579

    Another scruffy burly looking gay guy who as soon as he opens his mouth – a purse falls out.

    Or those gestures!

    Not a good looking escort – forget about wooing him -__-

  • Vidontag

    Personally, I like scruffy-looking, burly guys with a touch of the soft-spoken and/or effeminate about them. Vive le paradoxe!

  • DarkZephyr

    Well look who has turned into a bunch of judgmental, self righteous fundamentalists now that we are getting more rights and more respect from those that used to treat us like filthy used mops. I am actually sick to my stomach at what I am reading from @montserrat: @babybabybaby: @Icebloo:@Cobalt Blue: and several others. What exactly makes ANY of you better than anyone else? Who do you people think you are?

  • DarkZephyr

    @carey579: You are one of the worst things about the gay community. Why won’t you stop putting down men who aren’t butch? Are you very masculine? Somehow I doubt it.

  • Billy Budd

    @carey579: You must be a self-hating raving mad, bitch. You have powerful defenses and your best strategy is to attack. To attack anything that resembles your true self.

    Love is the answer, my friend. Love and tolerance. You must evolve.

  • Billy Budd

    @DarkZephyr: Thanks for your words.

  • Cam

    @Billy Budd: said…

    “A guy that sells his body in order to make other people happy is, in the same way, doing a noble service”

    No, he sells his body to make money, just like a mechanic fixes cars to make money, or a lawyer practices law to make money. I’m not sure what your angle is here, but calling it noble? I’m seriously doubting that this guy left medical school and said “Gee, I’d really like to make people happy, I will now go on rentboy”. Obviously whatever was going on with him a few years ago when he was selling furniture didn’t work (Queerty Article link pasted below) out so he hopped over to a different job to pay the rent.


  • Billy Budd

    @Cam: The doctor also does not leave medical school and say “Gee, Id really like to make people healthier, I will now become a family doctor”. Doctors care about how much money they make.

    You are being silly. Very silly.

  • Tackle

    @Billy Budd: Having worked in a hospital setting, and being around many many doctors, I can tell you that many, if not most do get into medicine/med-school with the simple, noble, idealistic, and somewhat naive approach,( I say naive, because most do not know the link between: politics/big pharma/medical patents/
    gov greed/the suppression and buying of medical patents) of wanting to make people healthier/heal the sick. Yes like all people who have to make a living, Doctors care about money. But for most, the need and want of helping people, I believe comes first.

  • Cobalt Blue

    @Billy Budd: In your answer you said: “…using your [ their ] body [ bodies ] as a TOOL…Sorry, but it’s wrong. The ones that use their bodies as tools are people with vary special tasks like athletes, fashion models, singers…Prostitutes offer their bodies like merchandises, commodities, goods. They pervert the nature of the human body. It’s a sordid trade based on the deal: ” If you pay me $XXX…I’ll do. “

  • Ben Dover

    Wow. I’ve never done it before or even thought about it, but after reading so many hilarious prudish puritanical comments here, I want to work some overtime so I can hire an escort and be nice to him!

  • CleJoke


  • Cam


    Your response made no sense. You didn’t dispute my point at all. My point was very simple. This guy did not go into prostitution to be noble. It’s a job, he wants to pay the rent, same as a plumber. Ascribing nobility to something that simple is odd.

  • Danny Cruz

    @CleJoke: I just cut a huge check to the IRS. So… Hush

  • Billy Budd

    @Cobalt Blue: When you sell merchandise, you sell them to be used as tools for a purpose. That is what I meant. I never denied or tried to imply that people are not selling their bodies. What I am trying to tell you is that there is nothing wrong or bad about it. It is all in your precious little head. You are prejudiced against it. Like I said before, prostitutes have been highly regarded and have been literate, intelligent people who were in a higher strata of society, during certain periods and in certain societies. It only depends on the attitude that the society has towards the activity. It CAN be something noble and beautiful. It has been proven to be so.

    Please read more about this matter and try to think out of the box. You have the mind of the people who colonized New England, centuries ago. You are puritannical and maynbe even hysterical.


  • montserrat

    There’s a problem with the gay man that completely absolves themselves from the ideology that sex is related to emoticon. The type of person that purchases a prostitute must not care at all that there is no emotion involved aside from sexual gratification and has little value for their own bodies as to giving it up for a small exchange of coin. It’s just truly sad and pathetic in my opinion. I just feel sad for the kind of folk that purchase prostitutes.

  • Billy Budd

    @montserrat: Watch the movie THE SESSIONS,


    It may bring you a new light to this matter. I could suggest a LOT of other material, but this one is a movie and you don’t have to read.

  • Danny Cruz

    @montserrat: in a culture of “no fats, femmes, elders, no this no that; you gotta look this way and that before I’ll even look at you” it’s no wonder why prostitution continues to survive. People need that touch, that sense of being wanted. That fulfillment. And it’s pretty naive of you to think that it’s an emotionless or “one time” thing. A lot of us develop relationships/ friendships with the people that hire us. I have lots of guys that I’ll see regularly or who will text/call just to see how my day is going. We start to care about each other’s life beyond the transaction. We travel together, wake up next to each other. There’s a sense of validation that people get from an escort that they can’t seem to find anywhere else for whatever reason. I believe it to be therapeutic.

    I’ve been told by a more than one client that I am the best thing that’s ever happened to them or that I am the only source of happiness in their world . To me, that’s worth more than my fee.

    Open your mind and don’t yuck someone else’s yum. :)

  • montserrat

    @Billy Budd: that sounds interesting and I will definitely watch it but it only exacerbates my point that I would feel sad for this person described in the movie. I think his cause is more just but let’s be honest here most of these people in the comments above who regularly procure the services of whores don’t suffer from such ailments as your prescribed movie.

  • montserrat

    @Danny Cruz: I’m not tucking someone’s yum, I’m simply saying that no matter how you spin it, what you just described is still very sad in nature. I find it even more depressing that you have to fill that void in your life by purchasing the body of someone else. We’re just going to have to a agree to disagree because you think you’re doing some type of “public service” and I think that that type of work is destroying the sanctity of sex in our community.

  • Danny Cruz

    @montserrat: bathhouses and Grindr are destroying whatever “sanctity” is left in sex. If there’s such a thing. I’d rather you feel indifferent than feel sad for someone. If you don’t participate, then it doesn’t affect you, then it’s none of your business.

    Kinda like all those Christians and their anti marriage rants. :)

  • Stache99


    “I think that those type of relationships are destroying the sanctity of traditional marriage in our community.”

    Yes I reworded it a bit. Not so different then what that straight bigots love to say too. Who’s to say that your life is worth any more then anyone else’s. Stop being a judgmental busy body d*ck and just worry about your own life.

  • montserrat

    @Danny Cruz: I completely agree with that. Plenty of my friends as well as myself don’t use grindr and would never go to a bathhouse. That’s why I think it’s possible to be gay and not have these types of proclivities. I’m not trying to be judgmental but this is a public forum and one is asked to provide their opinions on said public forum. All I’m saying is I wish that more people invested emotions before sleeping with someone and it just seems that this is becoming a rarity. And for that person that says it’s not my business, well I would disagree because it is changing the norms of my society, to which I belong, and I would like for that not to happen.

  • Danny Cruz

    @montserrat: bless your heart.

  • Ben Dover

    @montserrat: “All I’m saying is I wish that more people invested emotions before sleeping with someone…”

    It’s funny that you see promiscuity “changing the norms of [your] society” when it’s exactly the other way around. Gay men nowadays are endlessly and futilely trying to glamorize monogamy – outside of its original religious and procreative context – in a desperate attempt to be hetero-normative and BORING.

    Personally I wish that FEWER people – men anyway – invested emotions before sleeping with someone!

  • Billy Budd

    @Ben Dover:
    Personally I wish that FEWER people – men anyway – invested emotions before sleeping with someone!

    Sex is natural, healthy, beneficial, positive, brings happiness, relief, releases the tensions and can give youe self esteem. Sex should be DONE. It should be done with or without emotional involvement. With or without vows of faithfulness or commitment. People should be free to do what they want for their lives, without being judged for it. I think it is VERY SAD that we find so many judgemental people here, an environment that in theory should promote freedom and fight prejudice. It is very disappointing.

  • Tackle

    @Cam: I wasn’t trying to dispute your point. Having worked around Doctors , I was disagreeing with @Billy Budd: where I one of his post, he seems to believe that most doctors main concern in their profession is to make money, I say it’s secondary. After their drive and desire to help people.

  • jar

    @Billy Budd: Your history of prostitution is really only your own hagiography. Please explain the societies/times when prostitution was a “noble” profession, and please include reference to the state of women during those times, particularly those engaged in the profession. Unless, of course, you are speaking of male prostitution. I have no problem with prostitution, believe it should be legalized and regulated. But I do have a problem with sententious claims.

  • jar

    @Danny Cruz: Not to be harsh, Danny Cruz, but you state that: “I’ve been told by a more than one client that I am the best thing that’s ever happened to them or that I am the only source of happiness in their world . To me, that’s worth more than my fee.” But you do collect that fee nonetheless, right? I can appreciate the value you bring to your clients’ lives, but that statement seems a bit much.

  • jar

    @montserrat: Have you lived your life under a rock? There has always been plenty of free sex, casual sex, bathhouse sex, etc. among gay men. This is nothing new and nothing to get your knickers in a twist over. One of the goals of our movement has been to change the social structure so that consenting adults can live their lives as they see fit, without social opprobrium. And that’s a good thing. If you’re not along for the ride, fine, but just step off the road as the car whizzes by you. Or stay under that rock.

  • Pajarito

    Oh god I dreaded the registration thing but I have to say this, I am a prostitute myself, in addition to other odd jobs I do on slow days. Most johns pick me up from the street, a few others call my cel and we meet at the hotel/motel. I find that the service I offer helps them, phisycally, emotionally or both. Most are very nice to me, never has one tried to hit or harm me. Having said that, I do it for the money, regardless of how the guy looks, and I feel no less of a human because of it.

  • Cam


    Thank you! That was the point I was making, when somebody was making comments about everything being noble and all to help people I’m thinking “Um, it’s a job isn’t it?”

    Thanks for the post, and glad you haven’t met any crazies, stay safe.

  • toberlin

    Reading the Comments=Diversity is an Agenda of Nature.
    In Germany, Prostitution is legal since 2002(“Prostitution in Germany/ WIKI). And I`m happy about this Law.For the following reasons:
    -I watch porn sometimes and enjoy it:).So I consume Sex Work.THANK YOU,SEXWORKERS!!! ( watch not that often and always free porn sites.SORRY,SEXWORKERS!!!)
    -I have a Human Rights Fetisch: People outside of Europe often do not understand what has meant the collapse of the USSR for Western Europe.A wave of poverty swept over Europe.This is Law was meant to protect people(mainly women)better from exploitation and to fight organized crime/human trafficking etc. and give themore rights. Does not always work but we try.There are about 400 000 Sex Workers/Escorts/Prostitutes:) in Germany(95%female/5% male).And i`m glad that they are protected by the Law.And I assume that they are like all other people: they are all different.(Just know 2 women who made Domina Jobs for FUN/MONEY). But there are a lot of dokumentarys on TV.Prostitution is still stigmatized here.But just because I don`t want to work as a Prostitute(try to destigmatize this word:)) or pay for Sex don`t mean to me to threat people with disrespect. There are tons of Jobs I don`t want to do.I don`t understand why people here belive if they pay for SEX they get the whole PERSON.If I buy a bread I don`t get the baker( even if he`s hot).Sex is mostly much more personal to me than a bread.This don`t need to be true for everybody else.
    Do not know what to say to the guy who thinks that “those type of relationships destroying the sanctity of traditionell marriage in our community”.Can`t stop laughing…

  • toberlin

    How to WOO Male Escorts?Just treat him like a man…

  • Stache99

    @Pajarito: “Most johns pick me up from the street”

    Wow. I live in LA and haven’t seen that kind of thing for at least 10 years. I really miss the trashiness of those days gone by though. Damn internet.

  • litper

    She’s bi and she doesn’t bottom on cam… pathetic

  • toberlin

    HE works under the name AUSTIN WOLFE as a male escort.HE sells Sex.I assume because of all the “NoFats/No Femmes/Don’t be GAY”-guys he makes more money as a BI/TOP.If Mr.Justin Heath Smith loves ponys or football or to bottom his boyfriend in private is none of your business .

  • nycgingr

    How to talk to an escort is a great idea. Other videos should be part of this series, like: “What the Starbucks Barista is looking for when you order your coffee” or “What your cleaning person would like you to know before they clean your floors.”. Also, and probably more appropriately in this series, “How your doctor would like you to talk to him when you come into the office complaining about STDs you got from an escort.”

  • toberlin

    Good Idea! Maybe you can catch up on where your parents failed.

  • Cam



  • toberlin

    From my point of view it sounds like people bla about how disgusting “Gay-Sex” is…(whatever that mean).Just Stop Google Gayporn/Rentboy…

  • Pajarito

    @stache99 I know, it is trashy but hey, it pays the bills… Nah but for real, the main danger is the police, not the johns.

  • AxelDC

    Where do whores go?

  • Billy Budd

    @AxelDC: They go to heaven.

  • lykeitiz

    I just love how the conversation quickly turned into a debate on prostitution. The question posed was “How to woo an escort”, and that is absolutely ridiculous. Regardless of anyone’s personal opinions on the subject, there is no woo-ing a whore, and yes, the constant glorification of prostitutes as “stars” or “glamorous celebrities” is a joke. Enough with the articles.

    And @monsterrat- yes, you do have the right to your opinion, especially since it happens to be one of the few sane ones.

  • toberlin

    Ha!Ha!Thanks Pater,for your Tuesdays Dome of Wisdom.Either”Glorified Stars” or “Whores”?.There can’t be nothing in between!I do not live in your “Heaven or Hell” Universe.Not all people have that simple view of the world. That is the reason why they discuss topics.I think to sell Sex is just a Job for a lot of people .And they are neither “Stars” nor “Whores”.

  • toberlin

    The exploitation/violence/abuse problem is generally more a girls/women problem .I
    Never read something about adult abused male escorts (just In Germany they want to reform the Prostitutions Law this year.
    -Minimum Age:21 year/condom duty/duty of health care/health controls/Sexflatrates illigal/more police controls/ better laws to fight forced prostitution etc.

    lykeititz:Because you don’t like vagina you just don’t care.That’s it.

  • Cam


    Really? You’ve never heard of all of those male runaways that get into hustling, especially kids kicked out of religious homes.

  • toberlin

    @Cam:”I never READ something about ADULT abused male Escorts!”.Surprised that you are the one who have noticed that.I read a lot about abused childs and minors (named here as”parasites who need a hard pounding”).That is why I advocated them so agessively in the last couple days.But when they get Adults they are already so f*cked up that often the only thing they are interested in is money or/and drugs.And with 18 Prostitution is legal here.”Boys don’t cry” so nobody gets accused. There are a lot of Escorts without that Background who just work for the money.Since the EU there are so many People who can just make 200 Euro/month in their Countries so they come to Germany.And there so many Children and Minors on the Streets in the poor eastern Countries.Golden Times for Pimps and Predators.
    After all I read in the last couple years I know there is statistical higher rate of homosexual Adults who are attracted to children/minors/young adults.There is no genetic cause.It is a developmental-psychologically Problem.This is caused by the often poor Integration of gay children in the society. Its so ironic that the catholic church who is so good in giving Kids neuroses with their shame and disgrace politic get them back as Adults.( All men who are gay I know personally have Sex/ Relationships with Adults.)

  • DarkZephyr

    @Billy Budd: You are very welcome. :)

  • austinwolf

    Well well. Jeez. For all of the angry out there this is Austin himself. I’ll tweet after I write this so u know it’s really me. The idea behind these interviews was not to have you “woo” me. It was just and insight to let people see that we are fairly ordinary people. We want to be treated with some respect Is all. It’s a service like any other. You wouldn’t be rude to the man that cut ur hair or that changed ur oil (though it seems a lot of you might). I do not consider myself to be famous, even though some do. I’m not better or worse than anyone else. I am just good at my job and tale it seriously.

    For all that like to use the terms “hooker, whore and prostitute”. Well this is from lack of expierience is all. If you really knew what I do you wouldn’t say such things, and I’m sorry u feel that way. Hire me. I promise 1 hour with me will change your entire perspective on what we do. It is however the oldest job. Nothing new about it.

    Now as to gmmmmmmmmmm. His real name is GINO IGNACIO MELENDEZ. he was my first bf when I was very young and obviously not too bright. Everything he said was true except I was skinny. Not fat. Truth is he is fat. Bald. And a hair dresser that to this day I hear still manages to barley make his rent. It’s been almost 16 years since we were together and he is still bitter. He was blocked on fb so he feels the need to act out here.

  • Cameron Cox

    Many people think they are experts on subjects they know little or nothing about.

    Mr Wolf who has lived experience puts forward the simple proposition that sex work is work and is met with a chorus of self righteous bigotry ignorance and #whorephobia from non-sexworkers.
    Whorephobia is an equivalent term to homophobia. Whorephobia is is the the irrational fear, hatred, aversion to or discrimination against people who are sex workers.

    As a sex worker myself I agree with Austin’s comments. The term used internationally for us and our work is “sex work” and that term is endorsed by the United Nations. In the US this work is illegal & workers often use other terms like escort.

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