Let’s Celebrate ‘National Drag Queen History Month’

drag-queenDid you know that January is National Drag History Month? Of course you didn’t, because it’s just some thing that Logo made up to try to trick you into watching their boring programming and promo the upcoming RuPaul‘s Drag Race. They went through all the trouble of creating a logo (small “l”) for it and everything, though, so let’s all pretend that it’s “National Drag History Month” for a minute or two so as not to hurt Logo’s (big “L”) feelings.

Why this sudden burst of charity? Well, with the Media End Times upon us, it just seems wrong to kick a girl when she’s down. So, this one’s for you Dying-Uninteresting-Gay-Media-Company-We-Never-Watch! Happy Drag History Month!

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First up, is a series of instructional videos that teach you how to get that drag queen look. Great idea, terrible execution. Charitably, you could say they’re going for a Brenda Dickson “Welcome to My Home” vibe, what with all the stiff-acting single-camera narration. It’s sort of amazing that you can make turning a boy into a drag queen boring, but hey, this is serious, historical stuff. No fun allowed.

<a href="http://www.logoonline.com/video" target="_blank">More Logo Video</a>
More Gay & Lesbian Video

As mentioned, the real point of National Drag History month is not to cover, you know, the history of drag queens, but to promo Logo’s latest bid to save itself, RuPaul’s Drag Race. Wisely, the network decided to farm out the production to World of Wonder, so the show looks like something created in the last decade. We’re actually totally geeked for a drag version of ANTM, and considering what a mess Ru has been every time we’ve met him, our hopes for hijinks and drama are very high. See, made up holidays do work as promotion!

And since Logo isn’t actually doing anything about actual drag queen history, here’s a short documentary called Lipstick Boys, which actually is a fascinating look at the history of drag performance, from the Elizabethan times to today. The documentary pays special attention to Julian Eltinge, the famous vaudeville female impersonator and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who have turned drag into a public service.

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  • Cobralingus

    Wow, bitter much? What drag queen bit you in the ass and squatted over your cornflakes? National Drag History is a novel idea; and frankly, I’m psyched that Logo’s taking steps to improve programming for gay folks–especially considering that not all gay people like ANTM.

  • Geoff

    Maybe more people should watch Logo…after all we should(!) support our own community rather than tear it down. Yeah some of the programming ‘lacks’…but there is some great content too. Indie short films, Varla Jean Merman is hysterical in her promos and some great documentaries.

  • Qjersey


    reminds me, cherry jubilee owes me a 100 bucks from 10 years ago, LOL

  • sparkle obama

    what is wrong you bitches, queerty?
    grow up and show some class.
    i think i hate you now.

  • sparkle obama


    wayne, you did a great job with your drag queen series!
    keep up the good work & the positive vibe.

  • sparkle obama


    thank you.
    i don’t want to hate, and i don’t want this site to hate, either.
    you guys have a responsibility to be more positive.
    please don’t put down rupaul.
    you need to get down on your knees and thank him!
    what did ian thorpe ever do to you?
    you girls need to check yourselves before you wreck yourselves.
    gay web would-be standard-bearers can and should do better.
    why did you choose to start this post with such an unattractive, irrelevant photo instead of a current mathu andersn shot of ru?
    rupaul is not a mess; he is a miracle & you are a bunch of ungrateful pieces of mess yourselves…

  • sparkle obama

    you are too cynical & it’s not pretty or cute.

  • Wayne

    @sparkle obama:

    Thanks Peejo (really).

  • Leland Frances

    Recipe for success:

    Kidnap Boy George and Alan Cumming.

    Take them to top of 20-story building.

    Drop him on RuPaul and the LOGO programmers.

    Immediate huge steps forward toward gay rights being taken seriously …

    What???? We WON against Prop H8TE? There is no DOMA or DADT? Matthew Shepard and Harvey Milk are alive and living together in South America?

    Never mind.

  • pdnoosh

    You know, despite some subpar programming (Noah’s Arc, Big Gay Sketch Show, and Sordid Lives, I’m looking at YOU) there are a few Logo shows I really enjoy (esp. Rick and Steve, and Bump). Plus, I dig a lot of their documentary programming. Anyway, Drag Race looks like a welcome, and hopefully fun addition to their lineup.

  • Monica Roberts

    This is the PROOF!
    Just because a privlege White Boy on a scholarship cut a nerf ball in half and use it as falsified titties and put on a hand – bugle beaded evening gown and piss diamonds off the stage by skating around the stage lip-syncing in flawless French in a nun habit to “Dominique”
    does not alleviate the tremendous humilating suffering endured by a black trans-vesti-sexual who does not know which restroom to use and ends up not knowing where to shave at a house party given by elite white boys at the Simi-KKK-Valley parties.

  • DeeDee

    Let up on the Q-boys – they’re just saying what everybody already knows….no one under 30 gives a frack about drag queens, kings or Logo.

  • sparkle obama

    rupaul is ruling fiercely after all these years.

    i sense some anxiety here about drag queens!
    whatever – some of you all are pretty old-fashioned, i must say.
    gay marches on and drag is real!
    rupaul says, put the bass in your walk.
    don’t be jealous.
    rupaul says we are born naked & the rest is drag.
    your gucci fannypacks and aussiebums & flap-pocketed true religion flares are simply *gay drag*, girls.
    it’s all drag, darling.
    go rupaul!

  • ashpony

    Haha, what a bitter article.
    while Logo might not be the best channel out there, especially with some of the shows they’ve started to air (Reno 911 now? wtf?) they still have some really great stuff.
    don’t knock Ru, he’s lovely ;]
    Also- maybe they made the holiday for programming, whatever. It’s still a good idea, as Drag Queens should be recognized more! Plus, it’ll help educate…so, don’t take it out on the queens, k?

  • Cherry

    @Qjersey: Really ? What’s the rest of that fantasy ?

  • Cherry

    @DeeDee: What do they care about ? Crystal Meth, circuit parties, bare-backing and Manhunt ?

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