LGBT Activist Joseph Kaweesi Arrested In Uganda For “Recruiting” Teens

ugandahoodieA prominent gay activist in Uganda has been arrested for allegedly trying to convince minors to embrace homosexuality. Kaweesi Joseph, a founder of Youth on Rock Foundation (YRF), is being held at police station in Kawempe after being arrested New Year’s Eve on charges of “carnal knowledge (homosexuality)” and “recruiting youth into homosexuality.”

Gee, and here we thought there weren’t any gay people in Uganda.

Oddly enough, according to activist/blogger Melanie Nathan, Uganda doesn’t have a law regarding the recruitment of homosexuals—just one against “carnal knowledge or defilement.”
If the Ugandan government is willing to invent laws to persecute LGBT people, why bother with  legislation like the Kill the Gays bill? Just make it up as you go along.

Source: oblogdeeoblogda.me via Gay Star News