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  • Frank

    Nice hat…

  • Marcus M.

    I feel so guilty about how much Tom Ford turns me on and this certainly did not make me feel any better.

  • mike

    Tom’s a bottom and Terry will stick that huge c*ck of his just about anywhere … love’s in the air, cowboys. yeehaw.

  • gregger

    Tom Ford skeeves me.

  • jason

    I’m sorry but I don’t like Terry Richardson. His photos are often sops to the sleazy straight guy fantasy. He serves patriarchy and not the GLBT cause as far as I’m concerned.

    He needs to stop working for grubby magazines that pander to male heterosexual fantasy.

  • mike

    I think Terry Richardson is kinda awesome!

    We need more straight dudes willing to make with other guys, for whatever reason. When high profile straight guys kiss or make out with another guy in public, then sexual boundaries get blurred, and homophobia diminishes.

    Sure, he’s skeazy, but he’s honest and knows he skeazy and makes no pretense about it. Love him or hate him, but you know what you’re getting with Terry.

  • mike

    ps – check out today … hot Marlon, hot Brad Goreski, gay sex shop stairs

    def need more straight dudes like Terry.

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